House Hunt On!

Moving Day (book)

Moving Day (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Well, yesterday’s cold, dark and gloomy weather certainly matched my mood!  We found out that our *dream house* was in a flood plain.  Boo!  The insurance alone was going to be more than twice the cost of just the home insurance with no hope of it ever going down, only up!

Today is sunny and beautiful, a new day and a new look on our journey.  I know that house simply was not meant to be and honestly, I am okay with that.  We already have two new homes we would like to go look at.  I felt defeated yesterday, but today is filled with hope and excitement.  I have trust in my guardian angels that are obviously looking out for us.  What a blessing!

My blogging has slowed down, I’ll admit I have been pre-occupied with all things house!  I have even started packing, something I don’t regret because I know there is still a move in our near future!

I will definitely update again soon, hopefully with news about an even better house!  🙂

House Hunt Over?

We decided to plunge into our home search just recently, and made an appointment to see our very first house.  The original home that we planned on seeing looked and sounded great on paper.  They had recently dropped the price by about $15,000, it had a full basement, 2 car garage, over half an acre of land, etc.  We were very excited to go look at it!  So much so, that we drove by the house the evening before to scope it out and get a better feel for it.

What an eye opening experience that was!

Before we ever even found the house, I was dangerously close to an anxiety attack just driving through the “subdivision”.  The roads were one lane!  And yes, cars came from both directions!  There were no shoulders to pull off into to let the other cars pass, and the roads were covered in falling branches from the recent snow we had just days ago.

When we finally did find the house, it was at the top of a very steep hill.  Just pulling into the driveway, our car scraped the pavement.  The driveway was a major hike, not flat at all, not even when we pulled up close to the garage.  The land, as you can imagine, was all hill.  I mean, there was not one single place you could step where you weren’t bracing yourself not to roll all the way down to the street.  Not cool.

Another not cool part of the house, you had to climb a massive deck staircase to get to the front door.  And the deck?  Yeah, completely rotten and falling apart.  Scary stuff!

Peeking inside the windows showed an okay interior, but nothing that could possibly make you forget the terrible outside.  We got back in the car and scraped out of that driveway and hilly neighborhood as quickly as we could.

That trip was really discouraging.  There aren’t a whole lot of houses in our price range and desired area right now.  After we went home, I played around on some real estate apps I have on my iPad.  There was this one house, not too far away, that we had looked at a few times online.  They recently dropped the price almost $15,000, and it was in a very desirable area for us, same school district for the kids and not too far from shopping and grandmas.

We knew that the home was bank owned, and from the pictures, you could tell that the carpet was missing.  I was still feeling pretty discouraged, but we decided to drive out to take a look at the house and see if it was worth scheduling an appointment.

What a difference!

This home is in a brand new subdivision, they are still building homes all over the place.  The house itself is on a nice, flat, quiet cul-de-sac and there is even a decent sized flat yard that backs to woods and a creek.  We decided to make an appointment to see the house and called our realtor.

We had to bring flashlights with us because the utilities are off in the home.  Once we walked in, it was obvious that the previous owners had a decent sized temper tantrum when they left the home.  All the carpeting was ripped out, all the door knobs were missing, and the light fixtures were but a memory.

I don’t understand why people do that, but at the same time, it may work out in our favor.  As we looked around the house, which is only four years old by the way, we could tell that it was well built and had a lot of potential.  Honestly, in one weekend, we could have it looking brand new.  Carpeting, lights, door knobs, paint, those are all relatively easy fixes.  We would have to get shelves and rods and even tracks for the closets, because they ripped all of those out.  Our realtor thinks that we can get the house for about $20,000 less than it’s already greatly reduced price.


We had planned on getting a house that needed a little work anyway, so this might just be the perfect fit!