House Hunt On!

Moving Day (book)

Moving Day (book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Well, yesterday’s cold, dark and gloomy weather certainly matched my mood!  We found out that our *dream house* was in a flood plain.  Boo!  The insurance alone was going to be more than twice the cost of just the home insurance with no hope of it ever going down, only up!

Today is sunny and beautiful, a new day and a new look on our journey.  I know that house simply was not meant to be and honestly, I am okay with that.  We already have two new homes we would like to go look at.  I felt defeated yesterday, but today is filled with hope and excitement.  I have trust in my guardian angels that are obviously looking out for us.  What a blessing!

My blogging has slowed down, I’ll admit I have been pre-occupied with all things house!  I have even started packing, something I don’t regret because I know there is still a move in our near future!

I will definitely update again soon, hopefully with news about an even better house!  🙂


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