Patience is a virtue….

The Origins of Virtue

The Origins of Virtue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One that I have never claimed to possess.  Here we are, five long months after our house hunting officially began.  The good news is, we found a house!  Again!  Hey, and this time, it’s not in a flood plane!  It even has light fixtures and flooring!  And door knobs!  We put our offer in mid May and it was accepted the very next day.  Since then, we have been waiting.  And waiting.  Annnnnnd waiting.  Ugh!

All of our papers are in order, all of the inspections, appraisals, pest checks, you name it, have been long done.  We have written checks, so many checks, so much money!  And now we are simply at the mercy of the underwriter, the one that is backed up and taking their sweet time.  Awesome.

We sold our current home, and if we aren’t out by the first, we owe the new owner rent for the month of August.  Ummm….no thank you!

Meanwhile, there is absolutely nothing that we can do.  We have done everything in a timely manner, now all we can do is wait.  I am so not good at waiting!

The house is in a new school district, so we have school registrations coming up fast.  I had hoped to get moved and settled well before that, so the kids felt less rushed and more at ease with all the changes.  I guess I just need to stop planning things.  Pffffft!

We’re hoping to hear good news this week.  We had a closing date of the 12th, which came and went because of the backed up underwriter.  Our loan officer *thinks* we should hear something this week, he said it’s all “clean” and that we need five days notice to schedule the closing with the title company.  Abe already took off a few days next week in anticipation of closing next week, so any thoughts, prayers or good wishes that everything stays on track would be greatly appreciated!

We have a new house, just waiting for us.  For that, I feel blessed and excited.  Honestly, I do.  I just need everyone on my frantic time schedule.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue….

  1. I feel ya on the waiting! This month has been rough for getting things done :X Hope you hear back soon, moving time is coming, sending happy thoughts and wishes that everything goes smoothly 😀

    • Thank you, thank you! I know it’s coming, but it drives me nuts to sit here, doing nothing while everyone takes their sweet time! ARGH! lol Here’s to safe, happy, easy moves for both of us!! ❤

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