Home Sweet Home


In these last several months, we have been on the vomitrocious roller coaster known as buying a house.  From finding the perfect home, and then finding out it was in a flood plane, to finding a second, even more perfect home and realizing it was no longer available.  We were up, we were down, at one point, I was ready to just give up!  I was perfectly happy where I was, why inflict further pain?


Then it happened.  Again.


We found the perfect house.  Everything just came together, and we were at the highest high, foolishly believing that the worst was over!  Nevermind that we had yet to sell the home we were living in!  We just kind of assumed it was smooth sailing once we found “the house”.


Oh, friends, was it anything but!


Can I just say, I have not had a more stressful time in my entire thirty plus years of existence?!


Suddenly, everything came down to delicate timing, we had to sell our house to show we had the funds available, to be able to move, to even be eligible to buy a house.  Miraculously, we were able to sell, and quickly too!  But the paperwork, the red tape, the heartburn and the headaches!


It was hoop after hoop, and after you just barely made it through one, they lit the next one on fire.  There were times I didn’t think it was going to happen.  There were times I wanted to give up.  I spent months unable to sleep, feeling constantly on edge, worrying about every little thing.  I developed a rather funny little eye twitch, and I drank much more wine.


Just when things looked as though they may all fall through, we did it!  We got a closing date!


And then it was cancelled.


More papers, more red tape.  It was all out of our hands, there was literally nothing we could do but sit and wait.  At this point, our house was sold and we needed to get out or face paying rent to the new owners.  This, when we were expected to have this stockpile of cash, just sitting on the ready for signing.  Oh, it was a nightmare!!


At the very last possible moment, before our amazing interest rate and loan guarantee expired, we got another closing date.  This time, it was meant to be!


We signed papers on July 26th, and we moved into our new home two days later, on Abe and I’s 13th wedding anniversary.


This was the fifth time in my life that I have moved, and it was by far the most stressful of moves, with four children.  All of that pain was nothing though, compared to the entire house buying process.  If you are in the process of buying a new home right now, you have my deepest and sincerest sympathies.  Stock up on antacids and learn to embrace the eye twitch, she is a comin’.


All that said, we are oh so blissfully happy in our new home!!!


We have a nice sized, fenced back yard that we quickly set a pool up in, swimming away the heat of the summer.  The kids have started their new schools and they love it!  Their new mascot is the owl, how awesome is that??


Everything else is slowly but surely coming together.  Of course, there are a million things we want to do with the house, and already, we have done quite a bit.  I think we are finally starting to relax and recover from the last several months, settling into our new home.


Thank you for all the thoughts and well wishes, I should be easing back on, now that my eye twitch has mostly disappeared and I find myself with a few extra moments to sneak away and visit with you all!


I’ll be sharing lots of pictures in the coming weeks of things we’ve been doing around the house!


Have an awesome weekend, friends!


10 Storks Review!

Today, I have an exciting new subscription box to share with you, designed especially for the expecting mama!  What a perfect time to pamper yourself, and look forward to a new box of goodies each month throughout pregnancy!  This would also make an amazing gift for that special mama to be in your life (hint hint to all the expecting papis out there!).  Better still, with every single paid subscription, you also receive a free baby box filled with items valuing $30!  Let’s dive in, shall we?



I received Box #4 for review, this is the magical time in pregnancy when the morning noon and night sickness starts to wear off and you can finally start to enjoy the ride a bit!



The box was oh so lovingly packed, seeing all the pretty tissue paper and the neat little bow just made me smile instantly, such a nice way to package everything!



And the box was packed full with all kinds of awesome, pregnancy stage appropriate items!



Orchard Valley Harvest Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

This was the first thing to catch my eye, yum!  Almonds are a great, low carb food, perfect for storing in your purse for snacks on the go.  The added dark chocolate is a great bonus, filled with antioxidants and yummy goodness for the perfect treat during pregnancy or anytime.



Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Heartburn Tea

I love Earth Mama Baby Angel anything, so having the yummy heartburn tea was a welcome addition to this month’s box!  Pregnancy comes with lots of fun little discomforts, one of the biggest for me is always heartburn.  This delicious organic tea is the perfect herbal blend with a soothing mellow mint flavor that helps ease the discomfort of heartburn.  The tea is also caffeine free, so no worries!  Drink as often as needed!




Mambino Mommy & Baby Calming Aromatherapy Oil

This tiny bottle is serenity in disguise.  Apply a small dab to each temple for relief with nausea, and continue use for calming effects both for mom and baby.  Organic oils are very potent, and just the tiniest of amounts proves very effective, so even in a small package, this bottle of magic will last a good while.  Also included were sample sizes of a few other products, Youth Glow Face Serum and Oh Baby! Belly Butter.  Awesome, pampering products that are safe and organic for the mama to be.



Eucerin Travel Size Lotion

Perfect for throwing in your purse and moisturizing on the go!  During pregnancy, your skin can tend to be more sensitive and dry.  Having this in your purse is a great way to help keep that dryness under control in between doctor’s appointments and busy schedules.  Moisturized skin is happy skin!




Neutrogena Age Shield Sunblock Lotion

Having more sensitive skin, means being more susceptible to sun damage and even sunburns.  This is a great, generous sized product from a big name brand known for keeping your skin healthy.  Remember to apply daily, even in the colder months!




Oral-B Complete Glide Dental Floss Picks

During pregnancy it is super important to keep up with your regular dentist appointments and teeth cleaning routine.  You are more susceptible now than ever to bleeding gums, so keep ahead of it and keep those gums clean!  This is an awesome product to take with you on the go as well, great for a quick cleaning and breath freshening any time of day.




Mayo Clinic Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy

The pregnancy Bible.  Seriously.  This book was written by doctors who are also parents, and covers absolutely everything you could ever want to know about your pregnancy.  Everything is explained very well, no confusing clinical terms, and being well informed will squash any fears you may have during your pregnancy.


Pretty awesome stash, wouldn’t you agree?  I think this would be a great box to look forward to each month, pampering during pregnancy should be a rule!  You can subscribe to 10 Storks for as many months as you like, start at anytime!  Each month is $40 and shipping is always free!  Don’t forget that with each paid subscription, you will also receive a free baby box filled with great products valuing $30!

You can get your very own subscription by going to the 10 Storks website HERE.  Enter code MOMLOVE for $10 off your first box!

If you aren’t ready for a full subscription, there is also a pregnancy survival kit available for purchase.


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I received this box from the awesome folks at 10 Storks free of charge for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any other way and I really do think this is an awesome subscription box!