The Walking Dead Season 4 Begins!



You guys!!!  Did you watch the season premier of season 4 of The Walking Dead last night?!  I have been waiting for this since the finale of season 3!  We are HUGE Walking Dead fans, so as you can see from the grody/yummy pic above, I decided such an important event required a special treat.  What better that bloody brain cupcakes for the new season of the best zombie show ever?

The kiddos loved them, I mean, what’s not to love?  The cupcakes came in a kit, but Abe came up with the awesomely disgusting idea of adding the bloody icing.  I think they turned out awesome!

Sooooo…….How great was last night’s episode?!  As soon as they showed the new character of Patrick being super nice and likable to Daryl and Carl, I immediately said to Abe, “They are making him too likable, if he live through this entire episode, I will be shocked.”  Gut feeling, what can I say?  On a side note, did you know that the actor who played Patrick is also the voice of Phineas from Phineas and Ferb?  Crazy, right?

So two things they definitely focused on last night was the pig, Violet, being sick and acting strangely and water.  Not so much saying anything in particular about the water, but they showed several characters washing their faces with it, and in the end Patrick hacking all his zombie virus cooties in the shower water supply.

What does it mean?  Are the animals going to start being infected with the virus?  Pigs are close to humans, what with the pig organ transplants and whatnot.  Maybe they are carriers?  Was Patrick somehow bitten or scratched without telling anyone?  Or is the zombie virus contagious?

Big questions, and I’m sure this season will bring up many more before answering any!

Awesome season opener, definitely left us wanting more, but then, we are total zombie geeks, so no surprise there!  That said, is it Sunday yet?  🙂


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