ShaveMob Review!


Okay, I have an awesome new subscription service for you that is completely necessary and also brilliant!  Who doesn’t shave?  I mean, honestly, everyone buys razors, men and women, and I don’t know about you, but it’s not the most fun thing on my list!  It also seems to be the one thing that never makes it on the list, making it easily forgotten until it’s time to shave again and all you have is a dull old razor to work with.  Ouch.  Plus, have you been to the razor aisle lately?  Razors and replacement blades are crazy expensive!  The price alone makes me often suffer through a dull blade longer than I should!

In comes ShaveMob!

Through their website, you choose either a men’s or women’s package, and from there, you get to pick exactly which blades you prefer.  3 blade, 4 blade even 6 blade is an option!  More blades equal less swipes equals less irritation equal shorter shave time and happy shaver!  Like an extra trim blade or flex head?  You can choose that in your options!

Here’s where it gets really awesome.  You can keep your razor supply stocked for as little as $2 a month!  Two dollars, my friends!  And the super fancy 6 blade options?  Yeah, as low as $3.33 per month!  That is crazy!  So the blades must suck, right?  Wrong!  These blades are stainless steel, precision cut, non clogging flow through design with a lubricating strip and  easy grip, ergonomic handle.

You can buy a 2 month supply, which consists of one handle and 4 cartridges, a 6 month supply, which consists of one handle and 12 cartridges, or get a full 12 month supply, which consists of a handle and 24 cartridges!  You are saving 70% over those other brands, many of which are far inferior!


When ShaveMob contacted me about reviewing their service, I requested a men’s kit because Abe was looking pretty shabby and overdue for a shave.  I asked him not to shave while we waited for it to arrive, and soon I had a lumberjack in the family!  Well, when the kit finally arrived, the lumberjack beard became a playoff beard, and now there is no convincing him to shave!  At least not until after the Cardinals win the World Series here in a few more games.  😉

So, that being said, I totally stole his kit and used it for myself.  Yup, you snooze you lose in this house!

Let me just say, I have super dark, thick, coarse hair and I have sensitive skin.  Cheap-y razors do not work with me.  I jumped right into the super deluxe 6 blade razors, and wow!  Just, wow!  Super smooth results, single swipe efficient, and no catching, ripping or pulling.  I had zero razor burn, zero irritation, just baby soft, smooth skin.

These razors are top notch, high quality.  To get them delivered right to your door without having to navigate the dreaded razor aisle at the big box stores and dropping big money is a huge luxury that just makes sense.

As an added bonus, and in support of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ShaveMob is donating twenty-five cents ($0.25) of every woman’s razor sale to Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance through their “Pink Razors for Pink Ribbons” donation effort.  Read more by clicking HERE.

Okay, so they have an awesome product, they save you time money and hassle, and they are passionate about making the world a better place through charitable donations and awareness.  What are you waiting for?!

Try them out for yourself and join the mob!

Click HERE to go directly to the ShaveMob website and get your own subscription.

Click HERE to follow ShaveMob on Twitter.

“Like” ShaveMob on Facebook by clicking HERE.

The awesome folks at ShaveMob sent me a kit for review purposes free of charge.  I was not compensated in any other way, and I really do think their service is awesome!


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