After Christmas Sales!

Do you go shopping for after Christmas bargains in the days following the big event?  As you may know, I have a passion for clearance, and often score amazing holiday deals by scoping out the stores in the few days after holidays.  This includes Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, and of course, Christmas!

My personal store of choice is Target, mainly because they are really generous in their markdowns, but also because they tend to have just the absolute cutest things.  This year, we waited longer than usual, totally skipped the 50% off sale and went in when things were marked down 70%.  I’m glad we waited!  There was way more stuff left that I would have imagined, things I definitely would have snagged at 50% off and ending up paying more!

Abe loaded up on LED Christmas lights for next year,and I got loads of fun decor and even, dare I say, a few gifts for next Christmas!  Yes, I am a planning kind of girl, I love to have things planned out as far ahead of time as possible, so you can trust and believe that this mama always has a fully stocked gift closet!  I’m able to give my friends and family really nice gifts for a tiny fraction of the original price!  And when the kids spring a last minute birthday party invitation on me, I can go shopping in my gift stash to find the perfect gift, no stress involved!

If you can stomach the holidays for a few more days past their prime, clearance sales are the place to be!  Best of all, our cashier told us we saved $242!  Happy dance!



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