We survived snowmageddon!


Being in the midwest, we get our fair share of weather.  Snow, storms, tornadoes, you know, the fun stuff!  While we typically get a good snow once or twice a year, it has been quite a while since we had such a crazy storm like the one that plowed in on January 5th!

We happened to need groceries on the 4th, shopping on the day before  a big snow.  Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend it.  People go nuts.  I mean, like, end of the world, the zombies are coming, bread is the new gold crazy.  o.O

Somehow we managed to survive the crowds, just barely, and then we were home to wait for the snow.  The kids were scheduled to go back to school on the 6th, but we pretty much knew they would be extending their winter break.  Over about a 24 hour period, we ended up with just shy of a foot of snow.  It was gorgeous!  But the temperatures were far too cold for the babies to play outside, we had windchills in the -40’s.  Now, I know that’s not too crazy cold for the northerners who are used to the deep freeze, but we rarely get below 20 here in Missouri, so those temperatures were shocking to us.

So we had all of this glorious snow, no school, and the kids couldn’t even go out and play in it.  That was a bummer, but they had plenty of new toys to play with and books to read, so they didn’t complain much.

I didn’t even let Abe try to leave for work on Monday morning, the roads were a nightmare!  It was nice having him home with us, and I will admit, I enjoyed the extended vacation with the kids, which ended up being the whole rest of the week!  I was most definitely ready for the warmer temperatures to come melt away the snow though, and help us get back into our regular routines.

I haven’t had all the ingredients needed for following the 30 days of smoothies plan through Young and Raw, so I have been going rogue with what I have on hand.  I have tried to make every recipe as written at least once, so I could say I tried it and decide whether or not I like it, but I have to say, if you have been following the smoothies on the Facebook page, you now know that I hate bananas.  Bananas are a regular staple in a lot of the recipes, and I just can’t make myself even try to drink one more smoothie with any hint of that slimy abomination, disguising itself as a delicious fruit.  Blech!  And the same for cilantro!  Like, gag me with a spoon, grody to the max, and so on and so forth.

So, I haven’t been posting pictures of the smoothies because it’s pretty much the same thing every day.  I use spinach and either coconut water or almond milk, depending on whether I want a lighter or creamier smoothie, and then I add whatever combination of fruit I feel like having.  Not so fancy or glamorous, but it works for me.  Smoothies can be cheap and easy, or pretty pricey and complicated.  I think for me, where I’m at right now, cheap and easy is the way to go.  It’s tough to find a lot of the more exotic ingredients, although I will say, I also add chia seeds and or flax seeds because they are an easy add in that doesn’t affect the taste and they offer great health benefits.  I’ve never been one to follow strict rules anyway.  😉


2 thoughts on “We survived snowmageddon!

  1. Lol @ bananas!! They’re one of the only ways I can survive those smoothies, especially using kale. I feel that way about watermelon in a smoothie, watery blech! I haven’t done them like I want to either, ingredients get to be pricey when you’re blending them up and have babies that want that fruit too :X
    It’s awesome you’re drinking those though, if you make some yummy ones you love I’ll try them! Because my winging it doesn’t really taste very good ^_^

    • Yeah, babies like to eat all the good stuff, especially when you cut up fresh pineapple and whatnot! lol I will definitely share the ones I love, which will NOT include any bananas. >.< Blech!

      I haven't tried any watermelon, or any melon yet, but I have noticed that for the more water dense items, if you add them frozen, it stays much thicker and doesn't separate.

      I'm definitely very new to all of this, I'm sure I'm doing it wrong to some people, but ask me if I care. 😉 More fruit and veggies equals good in my book, no matter how you do it.

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