The Crud

Oh, that lovely time of year, when the weather fluctuates between blizzards and teases of the spring to come!  Stuck indoors, on gloomy, icky days, sharing books, the couch, and inevitably, germs.


We have a nasty case of the crud in our house that is finally starting to pack it’s bags and go away.  Coughing, stuffiness, runniness, and phlegm.  So much phlegm.

Everyone got it this time, the boys, on death’s door, as usual, and the girls, just grabbing an extra tissue or two and going about their day.

I don’t know about you, but I am SOOOOO ready for spring!!  And also Mucinex.  Yes, I’m due for my next dose.  *sniffle*


3 thoughts on “The Crud

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