Message Received

I should have known when I planned out every penny for the year that we would hit a speed bump.  What’s that old saying?  The sure fire way to make God laugh is to make plans?  Something like that.  I must be a favorite comedienne to the big guy.  lol

So, we somehow avoided crazy repair charges on Abe’s car earlier this month, and soon after, my car started making an annoying squeaking sound.  Turned out to be brakes.  Got new brakes and an oil change, and then soon after, I notice a spot in the driveway from underneath my car.  At first I assumed it was melting snow, we have an abundance of that here, but yesterday, I noticed it was alarmingly large, and upon closer inspection, it was most definitely not water.


Being the super good worrier that I am, I started thinking of all the worst case scenarios that could be causing my car to bleed in my driveway.  A quick Google search had me scared enough to go inspect the puddle closer, so I grabbed a paper towel and sopped up what I could to get a good gauge on the color, consistency and smell (weird, I know) of the fluid.



There is a green print on the paper towel, so ignore that green color showing through the yuck.

Definitely a dark brown color, thin and watery, with a very faint smell of gasoline, mostly smelling like, gosh, I don’t know, car gunk?  I snapped the picture and showed it to Abe, but was already pretty sure it was oil.  Having just had the oil changed when we got the brakes fixed, we were hoping and praying that it was a super simple thing, like not tightening some doo dad enough, or whatever.  The car was running fine, so it was our hopes that it wasn’t serious.

Now, again, being the full time worrier of the family, and taking my job very seriously, I refused to drive the car.  Not even the super short drive to pick up Bella from school.  It is a real fear of mine, having grown up driving an old 1974 Monte Carlo that broke down regularly, that my car will break down in the middle of the parent pick up line at school, and I’ll be trapped, no way out, blocking all the cars behind me and having no clue what to do.  (I told you I take my worrying job very seriously!)  So Abe volunteered to leave work early, pick up Bella, and take the car into the shop to see if it was in fact a quick and easy fix.

It never is quick and easy, is it?  I mean, it never is for us.  Always lots of fun little detours and usually lots of unexpected money.

Again, ugh!

It would appear that my car has a blown head gasket.  Boo!  We’re looking at repairs well over $1000, closer to $1500 or more and several days of mechanic labor, not to mention the fun of being a one car family in wicked cold temperatures, making walking to school kind of out as an option for the moment.

Yeah, so, I need to learn to quit making plans!  Haha!

In all honesty, I complain, but I still know we have it good.  We are so blessed, with our health, our safety, the roof over our heads, my amazing friends and family.  It is a small, albeit expensive bump in the road, and definitely not something I had planned on, but I know we’ll get through it.  Everything for a reason.  Some reasons are more fun than others, but yeah, you get the idea.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Message Received

  1. “mostly smelling like, gosh, I don’t know, car gunk?”

    LOL! Is there any other way to describe it? Just had to be the most expensive repair, besides maybe a new transmission, JEEZ! What cruddy luck, I hope it’s not too hard on you guys, besides being a royal pain in the rear! 😦

    • lol I paint pictures with my words, I know! 😉

      We just lucked out of a catalytic converter with the Lancer last month, only because the battery died, so when we replaced it, it wiped the computer history clean, no longer showing that spiffy expensive repair needing to be done. Passed inspection, got the new tags, now the service engine light is back on, prompting the catalytic converter replacement. Now this, I guess we were just destined to drop over a grand on car repairs! Haha!

      We should be fine, like I said, I really have no room to complain, it’s just a hobby of mine. 🙂

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