February 2014 Nerd Block Review!

Time to share the awesomeness that was our February Nerd Block!


*Metroid Shirtpunch Nerd Block Exclusive T-Shirt

*Collectible E.T. Figurine

*The Smurfs Tag-Athon Collectible Game Figure

*Star Trek MiniMates 2 pack

*Power Rangers Mash-em’s Collectible Figure

*Playful Gorilla Presents The 80’s stickers (JEM!!!<3)

*Halo Action Clix Trading Figure Battle Pack

LOTS of collectible figures this month, with a definite 80’s vibe that I enjoyed.  Nerd Block has just recently added the option to get a Nerd Block Jr, either with a boy theme or a girl theme.  Now, I have definitely enjoyed our Nerd Blocks, but I can’t help but feel like they are heavily catering more to the fellas than the ladies.  Sorry, the black Brony figure last month does not count as a girl toy.  Had it been pink or rainbow colored, then hells yeah, I’m a happy girl!  Not even any awesome Disney figures yet, mostly gamer or boy themed stuffs.  For the girls that like that kinda thing, good for you and don’t be hatin’ on me cuz I like the stereotypical girly stuff!  But it is for this reason that I added the Nerd Block for girls for March.  Technically, it is supposed to be for ages 6-11, but come on, who are we kidding here?  lol

Look for my March Nerd Block Review coming coon, along with my March Nerd Block Jr Girls Review!  In the meantime, if you are interested in trying Nerd Block out for yourself, CLICK HERE!!   Each Nerd Block is only $19.99 plus shipping, and comes with a t-shirt that you can get in a huge variety of sizes, from kids to plus size adults.  It’s also easy to switch the size every single month if you like, so everyone in the family gets a turn at receiving a new, Nerd Block exclusive tee!  The Jr boxes are only $13.99, and though they do not include a t-shirt, that leaves more room for awesome toys!


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