I’m a sucker for dream interpretation, and I have to admit that I have had some pretty significant breakthroughs by taking the time to really dig into the possible meanings of my dreams.  Of course, there are those, like my darling husband, who think that dreams are just dreams and mean nothing, but isn’t that a boring way to live?  🙂

So I had a dream this morning, that I went into a small town cafe.  It was an older building, not fancy, definitely needing upgrades.  I was meeting my grandma, her friend, and a few other people that I remember working with in my past, all supportive maternal figures who hold warm places in my heart.

As we met, and found our seats at a long table, some who had chosen a seat with their back to the wall got up and moved so that they were facing the wall from their seats.  In front of the table, on the large, plain wall, was an array of gorgeous art frames, all empty, waiting for their masterpiece.  We all took seats, looking at this wall, these empty frames, anticipating the greatness that was coming.  There was no other indication that anything was going to happen, or a time frame in any way.  We just all knew that something awesome was coming, and we all wanted good seats for the action.

So, interpretation time.  Obviously this has to tie into the new year, new beginning.  I have had such a sense of relief with this trying year coming to an end, I am practically giddy that it’s almost over!  I have only the highest and most positive of hopes and dreams for the coming year, I know big things are coming, and they are worth waiting for.  I think all of the maternal figures sitting and waiting with me are there for my support.  Even with those who have passed, I know that they would be cheering me on and encouraging me, offering invaluable wisdom for overcoming the darkest times that have been smothering me, making it very literally hard to breathe.

The overall feeling was love and hopeful.  I felt taken care of, I felt safe, and I knew good things were coming.

This dream was very therapeutic for me, I need this in my life so much right now!

Maybe dreams don’t really “mean” anything, but for me, I have always felt like dreams hold the key to better understanding where I am in the world, and often times, they have the ability to show me things I’ve been to frantic to see in waking hours.  However you choose to see it, here’s wishing you sweet dreams!


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