Thankful Thursday 7/13/17


I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed by life and forget to appreciate the small things we have in our lives that are true blessings.  Sometimes, just being mindful of what you have can help you to take a breath and reset your entire way of thinking.  With that said, I thought I would share a few things that I am thankful for today.

1. Air Conditioning.  It is hot, friends.  Over 100 degrees with heat index well above that.  I am so lucky to have a home with air conditioning, and the ability to pay the electric bill to run it.  I won’t lie.  There have been times in my past when I had air conditioning and simply couldn’t afford to run it.  I have also had a broken air conditioner with a house full of pets and babies that suffered from the sweltering heat.  Today I sit in a beautiful home with a brand new air conditioner and I feel very blessed.

2. Tomatoes.  This year, being back in our home, we were able to plant tomatoes again!  What a luxury, being able to step outside and pick fresh fruit to eat!  And how delicious they are!  So flavorful and sweet!  And the accomplishment of growing them ourselves, well, that is pretty awesome too.

3. Summer Vacation.  I love having my kids home for the summer.  The school year is so busy with dance and sports and scouts, you name it.  To have them home, without having anywhere to rush to, is simply lovely.  We do crafts and read books and even do workbooks to be ready for the new school year, but we are all together.  We can wear jammies all day, play outside and make sand castles all morning and stay up late playing board games.  It is relaxed and precious to me.  And it goes by too quickly!

I hope you all have a fabulous day, and that you can take some time to reflect on the things you have to be thankful for.  Until next time, my friends!

The Money Pit

Abe and I joke about our new house being a money pit, it’s not.  Our home was built in 1977, and obviously, is due for updates here and there.  We have already done quite a bit, replacing the ancient stove and dishwasher, along with that scary kitchen sink plumbing I told you about with the electrical tape.  Eek!

Next on our list is a new air conditioner and furnace.  Yuck!  I mean, the units we have are old.  They need to be replaced.  We already had to have the ac serviced, and with winter coming, we certainly don’t want to wake up to furnace problems.  But replacing them is not going to be cheap, and there are so many other things that would be more fun to buy!  This is when it sucks to be a responsible adult.

I know we’ll save money with a new system, and honestly, the peace of mind knowing that everything is under warranty will be well worth the cost.  It’s just a scary about of money to plunk down, ya know?

Another scary aspect of replacing our heating and cooling system, is trying to figure out who the best company to work with is.  We have already had two companies come out with estimates, but with further online investigating, one company kinda has crappy reviews and the other, only has a handful of reviews, though they are all good.

This would be a good time to have a friend in the heating and cooling profession, but alas, all our friends are geeks.  Fun, but not helpful in this situation.

I don’t believe in paying to read reviews on companies, like certain awesome named “list” sites, and the internet, while totally useful for most research, just doesn’t have the amount of reviews that I would like to see to try and gauge a local company’s worthiness of our hard earned money.

I guess this is going to be a learning experience!  I will definitely share an honest review of whichever company that we use, be it good or bad.  I think more people should do that!  Give local reviews of services and companies for your fellow locals!  It’s too hard these days, knowing who and what to trust, and you want to be as well informed as possible when so much money is on the line!

Hopefully I have an awesome review to share with you from a local HVAC company in the coming weeks!

Heating Up

Very Hot Weather Warning

So, here in the lovely Midwest, we are expecting to reach 107 degrees for our high temperature today.  Umm, last time I checked, we weren’t living on the sun, so what gives?

The hot days were exciting as a kid when we were in school because we would get sent home if it got up to 100 degrees.  Now all the schools have air conditioning, so they just skip the outdoor recess on the blistering hot days like today.

Have you ever tried frying an egg outside on the asphalt in the hot weather?  I always wanted to, but I could hear my abuelo in the back of my head, shaming me for wasting food on such a silly thing.  He has a point.  Plus, eww.

Icky hot days like today also make dinner planning a pain.  Who wants to slave over the stove or turn the oven on when it’s a billion degrees outside?  Even using the crock pot sounds too hot, because who wants to eat hot food when it’s already balmy as it is?

I guess being hot makes me crabby, since this entire post is one gripe after another, huh?

Wherever you are, I hope you are keeping cool.  I think today calls for lots of freeze pops.  Or margaritas.  You know, to keep cool.