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Isn’t winning fun?

Easter Fun

We made the best of our piddly little spring break here over the weekend and actually crammed a lot more fun into the weekend than I expected.  (Always a pleasant surprise.)

This year, I decided that we would make our own Easter Baskets.  We have a small home, and are planning a move for next year, so we just don’t have the space to store the big fancy baskets I want to have for the kids.  They don’t care about the big fancy baskets anyway, they just dig the loot inside.

Nothing fancy, we made our baskets totally free from paper grocery bags, paper lying around, stickers and markers.  Oh, they also cut out some pictures from ads for added embellishments.

That’s Bella, concentrating on her work of art.

Matt made one for him and one for Noah, while Bella made one for her and one for Sara.  I love how she wrote at the bottom, “Plez come Easter Bunny.”

I surprised them with a plate of plastic Easter eggs with their lunch on Friday.

The eggs were filled with little snacks like raisins, goldfish crackers, kiwi, you know, kid staples.  They were so excited, they were literally jumping up and down and squealing.  *smile*

So easily amused.  I’ll take it!  Any excuse to hear how awesome I am…

Matt just dumped it all into one big pile, while Isabella carefully organized her goodies.

We spent the afternoon reading Easter books while Noah had two year old tantrums in between stories.  Fun.


And we made bunnies from a little craft kit.


There really weren’t many choices on how to decorate.  They came with pants, shirt, bow tie and pink for the ears.  Bella made girls and used the bow tie as a hair bow.  Matt….well, Matt is awesome.  We decided to think outside the box and cut the little slivers off the pants to make a beret.  Then we used the slivers as blue for the ears of one bunny, and used the pink to make a paint brush for our little artist bunny.  Love it!

This year, the Easter bunny, as per tradition, decided to bring the kids mostly art activities and toys rather than a big basket full of candy.  The kids each got one chocolate bunny, baggies of Annie’s Organic Bunny Cookies (omg so stinkin’ cute!) and then lots of neat activity books, art supplies, etc.

Admittedly nothing at all like Easter when I was a kid, but then, when I was a kid I got my first dental crown when I was five sooo….change is not always a bad thing.  The kids don’t miss the candy, they get loads of it from Grandma.  We let them eat some and then Abe takes the rest to work for his communal candy dish.

No, I don’t believe candy is evil.  Everything in moderation.  I just don’t want the celebration to be about the candy.  I’d rather have them remember all the neat crafts and activities when they think of all the awesome Easters they had with their totally awesome mom.

We had a great Easter.  I’ll be posting some groovy recipes this week for the breakfast casserole and bunny rolls we had.  Yum!