Good luck? Sure, I’ll take some!


I was sitting outside on the back steps this morning, listening to the bugs chirping and admiring the crappy job the tree guys did when a very large thing started to buzz around my head.

I will readily admit that I am scared of bugs.  Hate them.  I possess the unique ability to be all chill and pretend that they don’t bother me around the kids, because I don’t want them getting my irrational fears, but I am slowly dying and screaming on the inside.

So I am about a millisecond away from jumping up and screaming, acting all a fool, when the ginormous thing lands on the fence, just a few feet away from me.

My heart stopped as I held my breath, prepared to see some mutated gigantic insect from hell, moments away from sucking my soul with it’s ghastly, buggy evilness.

As I opened my eyes through squinted lids, do you know what I saw?

A hummingbird.

*giant sigh of relief*

I let out a nervous laugh as the tiny, gorgeous little bird looked over at me as if to say, “Really?”  He sat for a few seconds and then flew away, probably to tell all his friends about the ridiculous loca mami that was so scared by the little hummingbird, she almost fainted on the back steps.


Completely ignoring the embarrassment of my little freak out, it is said and believed in many cultures that seeing a hummingbird is good luck.  Many Native American tribes and Mexican folklore tell of the hummingbird as having mystical powers, carrying our prayers to God and promising good fortune for those lucky enough to be visited by them, scared half to death or not.

Have you ever had a hummingbird buzz by your head before?  To be fair, they do sound like a massive insect, that buzzing noise their wings make, and their flitty, fast movements.  It’s not completely irrational to assume that it’s a bug.  I mean, it makes sense.  I see bugs far more often that I see hummingbirds.

Anyway,  yadda yadda yadda, good luck, yeah, I’ll take it.  Maybe I won’t nearly pee my pants next time I get buzzed by a hummingbird.  That really would be some good luck!



We get a lot of visitors in our yard.  I have a bird feeder that I try to keep filled to bring birds to our yard.  The kids and I love to stare out the window and see what types of feathered friends come our way.

The biggest enemy to our bird feeder is a rotten little squirrel we like to call “Buschy”.  (It’s a St Louis Cardinal thing, in case you were wondering.)  When Buschy first started attacking our bird feeder, Abe offered to shoot him.  They are nasty little tree rats, after all.  There are hunting shops that will reimburse you the price of the bullet per squirrel tail you bring in.

I couldn’t let him kill the rotten little thief though.  As annoying as it is to find our bird feeder emptied and seed scattered all over the ground, I couldn’t justify killing a cute little innocent creature that had simply found himself an easy lunch.  So I decided to feed the squirrel, in hopes that he would leave the bird feeder alone.

Well, what he likes to do now, is empty the feeder, eat all the yummy seed, and then, when the birds are left hungry with nothing to munch on, he will go to his feeder and happily nibble away at his corn cob.


Here he is, wondering why the feeder is empty.

And checking to make sure he didn’t accidentally drop some seed somewhere.

So, securing my bird feeder from Buschy is a work in progress.  I have looked at the feeders that are surrounded with the cage that call themselves squirrel proof, but they wouldn’t allow for our larger bird friends to feed, so they are not an option.

The Blue Jays, Mourning Doves and the Grackles love it when Buschy has been by because he makes a huge mess of seeds on the ground.  Easy pickins!


While looking out our window, we see a lot of other wildlife too.

I believe this little guy is a Southern Prairie Skink.  We see him pretty often, darting around, climbing the wall and hunting.  He was enjoying the warm sun when I snapped this picture.

Turtles are always an exciting find for me because I didn’t see them very often when I was a kid.  I snapped a photo of an alligator turtle zipping down our hill rather quickly for a turtle a few years ago.  He looked prehistoric, I was in awe.  I am a very easily amused girl, I realize.

I decided that the turtle was too exciting to keep to myself, so we ran inside and got Noah to come check him out.  He thought it was pretty cool too.

Being easily amused certainly helps the day go by.

Dream Meanings

Purple-throated Carib hummingbird feeding phot...

I had a dream last night that a hummingbird landed on my lips.  It was so delicate and beautiful, I held my breath so it wouldn’t get scared and fly away.

What does that mean?  I like to delve into the meanings of my dreams, sometimes I just analyze it myself and sometimes I like to look in a book or online to get inspiration for what it may mean.  Heres what I found online when I looked up the meaning of the hummingbird in my dream:


You are searching for the
sweetness of life. You may be literally focusing on how
to work with flowers or aromatherapy. You are learning
to be flexible and adaptable, making the most of
new circumstances. Your body is sensitive and intense
now, and you are focusing on your fierce appetite for
life experience. You need to raise your energy level
and have freedom from restriction. You are
looking for joy, and need to spread love and happiness
to others. You need to find the beauty and good inside
yourself and others, going deep, beyond the outer
layers. You are focusing on how to
live in the present moment and maintain inner stillness
while in action. Small ideas and concepts possess
much power. You are trying to shift away from having
flighty thoughts and frivolous ideas. Hummingbird is a
magical messenger, bringing special messages from
high spiritual levels.
So, there are a lot of things in that paragraph that could be relevant to me right now.  Maybe all of them are, a little.  Maybe I just dream about things I love.  I do love hummingbirds.  I like to think dreams have a deeper meaning though.  I have found that for myself, when I am able to analyze my dreams and try and interpret what they might be telling me, I often come to some surprising and often eye opening realizations about myself.
I’m all deep like that.

10 Random Things While Waiting For My Dad To Call

On Monday my mom had surgery.  My dad had the job of calling me after the surgery to update us on my Mom’s status.  *le sigh*  There is something non functioning in a man’s brain that doesn’t allow them to consider emotions.  At all.  Ever.  The surgery was in the morning.  I expected a call by mid afternoon.  It was well into the evening, long after the surgery, before we actually called the hospital room to get an update ourselves.  That is a whole lotta time in between for worrying.  Also, for noticing random things.

1. Do you remember the Kenan & Kel show from Nickelodeon?  Do you ever wonder what happened to Kel?  (Kenan is currently on SNL)  Well wonder no more!  He is the voice of T-Bone on Clifford The Big Red Dog on PBS.  I always thought that voice sounded familiar….

2.Watching my bird feeder, something I love to do, I see a lot of male birds feeding female birds.  The female will sit on the fence, or otherwise nearby, and the male will go to the feeder, grab some seed, and then proceed to feed the female.  Awwww!  Its a courtship ritual, and I think it is adorable!

3.Coffee with cream and sugar.  Yes.  I can drink it black, but the cream and sugar make it a religious experience.

4.It is an unwritten law that if the baby wipes box is empty, you won’t discover this until you are elbow deep in the messiest, nastiest diaper you have ever seen.  Also, you can almost guarantee that it is your husband’s fault if it is empty.  Even if it’s not, blame him anyway.

5.Speaking of poo, something about emptying their bowels seems to make potty trained children forget how to flush the toilet.  Or wash their hands.  Seriously.

6.Dog hair splinters are real, and they are the craziest, most painful little boogers!  I get them often, walking around barefoot all the time.  (Yes, we vacuum on a regular basis, I swear.) No one else in the house seems to be inflicted….yet.  I predict the laughing will stop once one of them gets one for the first time though.  Muahahahaha!

7.Do not ever, ever, ever go to Web Md, or any other search engine for that matter, when you are awaiting a call from the hospital.  Don’t do it!  It is not as reassuring as you think it may be.  Also, I’m pretty sure I’m dying from about thirty different rare diseases now, so there’s that.

8.Mourning Doves really do sound like they are mourning.  Their coos are so sad!  We have quite a few around here, there is an especially loud one cooing just outside my window right now.  Perhaps I should scatter some Prozac in with the bird seed….

9.I am admittedly solar powered.  On gloomy, dark, rainy days it is a chore for me to even get out of bed.  I don’t feel like doing anything.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Then the sun comes out and I can see all the dust and crap that needs to be cleaned and I am in overdrive, cleaning, cooking, organizing, crafting, you name it.  Yay sun?

10.My dad has had daughters for over 32 years now.  When the hell is he gonna learn that girls worry and need to be reassured asap?!    It’s a man thing, I doubt it will ever change.  No le pidas pera al olmo.

(The surgery went as expected.  They removed the thyroid and one enlarged parathyroid gland.  The pathology report should be in early next week, and my mom is already safe at home resting.)

Farm Living Is The Life For Me!

These chickens create the beautiful free range...


I can’t say I used to watch Green Acres, but the theme song certainly plays in my head as we are getting closer and closer to buying our house.  We will have our current home paid off early next year, so by this time 2013 I should be griping about packing or unpacking boxes.  Oh yes, there will be griping.  But it will be with a smile.

The last few years we have been growing more and more of our own fruits and veggies.  My dream house will have ample land to venture out even further into our home garden.  I dream of fruit trees and rows and rows of homegrown goodies.  I also want chickens.

Que loca!

Yes.  Chickens.  Just a small flock, probably a fancy mix of about 6-10 hens.  They will be free range, they will be beloved pets, and they will give us yummy, fresh, organic eggs.

Don’t you wish you were my future neighbor?

In all honesty, I know what you’re thinking.  You hear the word chicken and you are thinking of dirty, gross, noisy birds.  You know what?  That’s not true.  They are loving, nice little creatures that flourish when properly taken care of.  Roosters are noisy.  Yes.  I won’t have any roosters.  At least not until we live on an actual farm, which probably won’t ever happen.

But a small flock of hens probably wouldn’t even be noticed by the neighbors, except for when I am bringing them free fresh eggs.  Hard to complain about that.  Add in some fresh tomatoes, pickles, apple butter, you name it and you really are wishing you were my future neighbor now, aren’t you?

Backyard chickens are actually gaining popularity right now.  And we’ll have the benefit of checking city ordinances before we even purchase our new house, so ideally, that won’t ever even be a problem.  Plus, the benefits of having free range chickens are overwhelming, not to mention that the eggs are even healthier for you.

Okay, jumping off the soapbox now.

You know whats awesome though?  I tell Abe all my kooky ideas, like wanting to have chickens when we move, and he doesn’t even blink an eye.  I guess after 17 years of being together, he’s gotten immune to the crazy.  Its a good thing, as Martha would say.