November Citrus Lane Box!

Middle of the month means a box of sunshine at our door, otherwise known as Citrus Lane!  For those not in the know, Citrus Lane is a subscription service that delivers a box of specially curated items for babies from newborn to age 3 every month.  Each month has a theme, and this month, unsurprisingly, the theme is “Fun With Food.”  Let’s dive in!

This month’s box was full of fun, food related goodies!

As always, each box comes with a sheet that explains each item, tells you where to find more, and often times includes some awesome, exclusive coupon codes.

Goodbyn Small Meals $6.49

This BPA free container is perfect for packing snacks for on the go and keeping them from getting all squished like they would in a baggie.  This one in particular also has two separate compartments, which is awesome for making a complete meal for your little one and easily toting it mess free.

Plum Organics Training Meals $1.49

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal.  Yum!  This is a perfect way to start the day, keeping baby nice and full before a long car ride to grandma’s house for turkey and all the fixins!  I like to mix in some fresh fruit, upping the yum factor and adding even more nutrition.  No complaints from my kiddos!

Green Eats Set of 4 Snack Bowls $6.99

Just the right size for the Plum Organics oatmeal!  These bowls are actually made from recycled milk jugs!  Even better, for easy clean up, they are dishwasher safe.  Something to remember though, they are not microwave safe, so while they are great to serve snacks in, remember not to warm anything in these bowls.

Tiny Prints 20% off plus free shipping

Tis the season for fun holiday cards, and this coupon code is just in time for making some awesome cards of your little ones to send to friends and loved ones.

“Look Mommy!  Something for you!  In my box….”

Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer $9.00

Yes, included in this month’s box was a special treat for the mamas!  All natural, hydrating and full of antioxidants.  Great way to wind down at the end of the day, especially during all the chaos of the holidays!

Plan Toys Fish Castanets Set of Two $10.00

How stinkin’ cute are these?!  Two, very brightly colored wooden castanets, perfect for little hands and pleasant on the ears!  It is a soft, pleasant sound that these fishies make, and they are FUN to play with!  I find myself grabbing them every time I see them, clacking out a little beat before one of the kids steals them away.  Very well made and well loved in this family.

“Time for a jam session, Mama!”

Try out your very own subscription to Citrus Lane by clicking HERE.  Once you follow that link, enter coupon code 10TODAY to save 10%.  Or, enter code 10MONTH for $10 off one month.    When you subscribe for a full year, they also give you two months free.  Who doesn’t love free?!

We love Citrus Lane in our home.  As I have said before, the value of the products each month for the small price paid is just fabulous.  And much cheaper than a “quick” trip to Target for me.  I love being introduced to new brands and companies, and we have loved everything we have gotten so far.

September Citrus Lane Box!

It’s mid September, and that means it’s time for our monthly Citrus Lane box!  For those who don’t yet know the awesomeness of Citrus Lane, basically it is a monthly subscription service, curated to your little one(s) from newborn to age 3.  Each month is centered on a theme, and the boxes are filled with fun, age appropriate goodies from brands that you may not have known about before.

This month’s theme is “Animal Parade”.


Sara was eager, as always, to dig right in!


Included in every box is an insert that tells you more about each of the items and often includes Citrus Lane exclusive coupon codes and offers from the featured companies.


It also includes the websites to the brands, so you can look up even more cool products that they may have to offer.


Green Sprouts Long Sleeve Bib $20.00

Have you ever dreaded meal time because of the inevitable mess that would explode as your toddler fed him or herself?  Yeah, me too.  Heck, half the time, we strip them down to the diapers, knowing that they will end up wearing most of their dinner.  This bib is waterproof, has a velcro closure to stay in place and it even has a flip pocket to catch anything that would otherwise slide down into baby’s lap.  Oh yes, this ranks high on the awesome meter!


HappyBaby Happy Tot Pouch $1.75

Bib firmly in place, now let’s eat!  HappyBaby makes yummy organic food pouches that are easy to store, easy to carry and easy for little ones to feed themselves with.  The pouch is BPA free and has a resealable top for preserving any leftovers.  This pouch is long gone, Sara loved it.


It’s like she’s anticipating the mess she is going to make with that fruit pouch.  What a thoughtful girl!


BabyGanics Toy & Table Cleaner $3.99

This item was in another box a month or two ago, but let me tell you, it is great to have several!  I like to keep one in the diaper bag, and now I have one next to the high chair.  This cleaner is paraben, sulfates and pthalates free, a perfect way to clean baby’s highchair tray at home or on the go.  It is also handy for wiping down restaurant tables, or anything that you want to make sure is nice and clean before your baby decides to gnaw on it.


I think Sara approves of her cute little puppy bath sponge!


Rich Frog Tub Sponge $5.95

Bathtime will be even more fun with this adorable little puppy dog sponge!  It has a very soft terry cloth covering that is soft on baby’s skin, a handy dandy loop to hang it to dry, and it stays afloat in the tub, so it is always easy to find and play with!


The cuteness of this book is almost too much!


InnovativeKids Faces Book $6.99

This book, as you saw, opens up to several, adorable and fun masks!  Talk about making reading fun!  This book was hugely giggle inducing for the whole family.  What a fun idea, we love it!

Try out your very own subscription to Citrus Lane by clicking HERE.  Once you follow that link, enter coupon code 10TODAY to save 10%.    When you subscribe for a full year, they also give you two months free.  Who doesn’t love free?!

We love Citrus Lane in our home.  As I have said before, the value of the products each month for the small price paid is just fabulous.  And much cheaper than a “quick” trip to Target for me.  I love being introduced to new brands and companies, and we have loved everything we have gotten so far.

Baby Cubes Giveaway Reminder

Have you entered to win the three pack of Baby Cubes yet?  Click HERE and get yourself entered!  There are lots of awesome ideas floating around in the comment section of that post, and all it takes is a comment to enter yourself to win!  Did I mention that there will be ten winners?!

Go enter!

I have gotten an inbox full of emails as entries, which is cool, I will still enter all of those into the giveaway.  But share your ideas in the comments section too, so everyone can see what you’ll use your Baby Cubes for!  Sharing is caring, ya know.

Baby Cubes Review & Giveaway!

As I have mentioned several times before, I like to make my own baby food.  It’s cheap, it’s easy, and I control exactly what goes into it.  My previous method was to make my batches and then use ice cube trays to freeze serving sized portions.  I then dumped the frozen cubes of baby food into a gallon size freezer bag to keep them fresh.

One problem with the freezer bag method, was a lot of ice crystals inevitably formed inside the bag, which could affect the taste and quality of the baby food.  And using the ice cube trays, while convenient, was a pain in the behind trying to pry the frozen food out to store.

I assumed the little annoyances were just a part of the game, until I was recently introduced to Baby Cubes.

First things first, let me assure you that Baby Cubes are BPA and Phthalates free.  Also, let me just say, they are AWESOME.

Baby Cubes come in three different sizes for perfect portion control and less waste.  There are 1oz, 2oz, and 4oz cubes, and each little cube has the lid attached directly onto it, so you never have to worry about losing lids!  Also, they snap into place on the trays, so you don’t have to worry about them tipping over while you are filling them or even while they are in storage.  The cubes are also microwave safe, and being separated into single portion sizes, you will never have ice build up or freezer burn affecting your homemade baby food!

I think if people realized just how incredibly easy it is to make fresh baby food, the baby food companies would go out of business.  Don’t believe me?

This is a halved butternut squash.  Place it in a baking dish, cut side down with about 1/2 inch of water in the dish.  Cook at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes, or until easily pierced with a knife.  Here’s where it gets tricky.  Scoop out the flesh and you are done.  Seriously.

Leave it lumpier for older babies and make it smoother for younger babies.  That is it!  No seasonings, no preservatives, no chemicals.  Just simple, healthy, fresh baby food!

How about peas?

I like to use a blender for my peas to get a smoother consistency.  Just take fresh cooked peas with some reserved cooking water and toss it all in a blender.  Then blend it all up until you get the texture you want.

See how easy that was?  And cheap and awesome?  So why not make your own fresh baby food?  And Baby Cubes is the absolute perfect way to store them!

Two more awesome features of Baby Cubes, they stack perfectly on top of each other, no matter what size cubes you are using and they have removable plaques that you can use a dry or wet erase marker on to write exactly what kind of baby food that tray is holding!

Look how nicely and easily they fit into the freezer!  They have a tiny footprint, and it is super easy to grab a serving as you need it.  Don’t have any ninos in the baby food stage?  Not a problem!  Continue making the fruit and veggie purees and sneak them into your regular cooking.  Throw a serving of sweet potatoes into the macaroni and cheese or a few servings of cauliflower in the mashed potatoes.  Everyone will get extra servings of veggies without even knowing it.

Baby cubes are also awesome for storing serving sizes of sauces,stews,rice or soups, you name it.  There is no reason to stop using these once the baby is out of the pureed food stage.  Hey, anything that makes cooking and storing healthy food easier and more convenient is always welcome in my cocina!

Give Baby Cubes a try, I’m sure you will find endless possibilities in your kitchen as well.

The awesome, and I mean awesome, folks at Baby Cubes have very generously given me a huge stash of Baby Cubes to share with my readers for a massive giveaway.

We’re talking 10 winners here amigas!

Ten of my readers will win a three pack of Baby Cubes.  That is one in each size, a 1 oz, a 2 oz and a 4 oz tray!

Are you excited?  Me too!

Leave a comment in this post as your entry.  Tell me what you’ll use your Baby Cubes for if you win.  That’s it.  Easy peasy!  I’ll be announcing the winners, all 10 of them, on Friday, September 14, 2012.

In the meantime, if you can’t wait to learn more or get your hands on some Baby Cubes of your own, check out Baby Cubes website by clicking HERE.  You will find more information on this awesome product as well as where to buy them in your local area.

The awesome folks at Baby Cubes provided me with free products for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any other way, and I really do think that Baby Cubes are an amazing, useful product that no home made baby food making mama should be without!

August Citrus Lane Box!

Just in time for back to school, this month’s Citrus Lane box has some fun goodies for the little ones not yet in school.


I love how Sara likes to inspect the insert of each box, like she is reading about all her new stuff!  Smart baby!


Lots of stuff that will be great for our little “filed trips” and errands while the big kids are at school.


As always, each box includes this insert which tells you more information about all of the products, includes websites and coupon codes and even little tips and tricks in line with the month’s theme.  Also, as you saw, this is one of Sara’s favorite parts of the box, even more than the yellow tissue paper!  Now that’s saying something!


Skip*Hop Zoo Lunchie Insulated Lunch Bag $14.00

Okay, I have to admit, I am in love with and completely obsessed with owls, so when we opened this box, my eyes immediately went to this super adorable lunch bag!  Love it!  It has an easy wipe clean interior, along with a little mesh pocket for hand wipes or napkins or utensils, you name it.  It also has an awesome clip on the handle, so it easily attaches to a backpack, stroller, diaper bag, etc to maximize space.  BPA and Phthalate free, this lunch bag is perfect for toting snacks on the go and keeping bottles, sippy cups, juice boxes etc nice and cool.  It’s so adorable, I think Mama may want to pack her lunch in it….


Andy Warhol’s Colors Board Book $6.99

Books are one thing in our house we can never have too many of.  My husband and I are bookworms, and we have passed that trait onto our children.  Literally, my kids would rather sit and read than play with toys.  Yes, they are awesome.  So is this bright and colorful board book!  Totally modern, totally colorful and totally fun, this is the perfect size for little hands and nice and sturdy for the roughness it is bound to experience.  It isn’t very long, which makes it perfect for little ones with short attention spans or for that last “one more story” at the end of the day.


Carefully going through each and every item.


DP (de-pee) Stain & Odor Remover $3.99

Oh, I could have used this yesterday!  Let’s hope I don’t have to use this anytime soon, but boy, am I glad to have it on hand!  DP is an eco friendly biodegradable enzyme cleaner that is tough on stinky, icky messes.  Anything from spit up to food disasters to even……poo, it is all blasted away with this product.  If you haven’t experienced an insanely stinky, icky mess with your child yet, just wait.  That day is coming, and now you can be prepared.


Keepin’ Fresh Baby Food Storage $3.75

This is adorably sized just right for kiddie portions, and it is made completely leak proof, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe.  It is also BPA free, phthalate free, PVC and lead free.  These are made sturdy and can definitely take a beating and not look or perform any less than perfect.  I think I need about twenty more…


Sara found food!


Plum Organics Tots Yogurt Mish Mash $1.69

Included with the yummy Plum Organics this month, was a nice $2.00 off coupon for another Plum Organics product.  I love the convenient pouches and the replaceable cap to save any uneaten portions.  And of course, Sara loves the yummy flavor.  This is a great way to sneak in a serving of fruits and veggies if you have picky eaters.  It is also an awesome, healthy snack.

Lots of good stuff this month!  These things will all come in handy for play dates and trips around town.  What is Citrus Lane, you may ask?  It is an awesome subscription service that curates boxes to your specific baby’s age and the monthly theme and then ships them to your door each and every single month.  No leaving the house, no research, it’s all done for you!

Try out your very own subscription to Citrus Lane by clicking HERE.  Once you follow that link, enter coupon code 20TODAY.  This will save you $15 on a 3 month subscription, $25 on a 6 month subscription, or $50 on a 12 month subscription.  When you subscribe for a full year, they also give you two months free.

We love Citrus Lane in our home.  As I have said before, the value of the products each month for the small price paid is just fabulous.  And much cheaper than a “quick” trip to Target for me.  I love being introduced to new brands and companies, and we have loved everything we have gotten so far.

Citrus Lane Deluxe Shower Box!

In addition to Citrus Lane’s amazing monthly subscription boxes, they also have a really cool Deluxe Shower Box that would make the perfect baby shower gift!  What a great way to help prepare for the new bundle of joy and be introduced to the awesomeness that is Citrus Lane at the same time! Shall we dive into the Deluxe Shower Box and see all the fun goodies that are included?  Vamanos!

The Deluxe Shower box is full of essential goodies for keeping both mama and baby happy.

Included with every Citrus Lane box is this handy insert that gives you all the details of the products inside, along with handy tips, tricks, and even some unique coupon codes just for Citrus Lane subscribers.  Gotta love a coupon code!

Swaddle Designs Marquisette Swaddle Blanket $15.00

Let me tell you right now, swaddling your newborn baby will be a lifesaver!  There is magic in the swaddle, something that instantly soothes and calms a fussy baby.  Now, swaddling can be tricky.  It can be tough to remember how to fold the blanket, and near impossible if your blanket is too small.  This awesome swaddle blanket is 46 square inches, plenty big, and has a sewn on tag that reminds you, should you ever forget, how to properly swaddle your little blessing!  Swaddling your baby makes them feel secure, which makes them calm, which makes you calm.  It also reduces the risk of SIDS, and, when not being used to swaddle, can easily be used as a lightweight nursing cover!  This swaddle blanket is awesome, well made, and will be used well past the swaddling stage of your baby.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep Rattle $4.95

First of all, how adorable is this little sleeping sheep?!  It is velvet-y soft and sized just right for tiny baby hands.  It is also a muted rattle, meaning when you accidentally drop it on your way to put your baby down for an afternoon siesta, it won’t make a sudden loud noise, waking the baby up.  Why aren’t all baby toys muted?  And kids toys?  And the world in general?  At any rate, this rattle is just precious and sure to be a favorite lovey.

Bathtime Baby Bathing Baby Hair & Body Wash $9.50

Bathing Baby was founded by a mom who wanted healthy, safe skincare products for her own baby.  This versatile hair and body wash is very gentle, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.  Newborn babies smell amazing as it is, why cover up that magic?  You won’t find any parabens, glycols, sulfates, dyes, BPA or phthalates in this wash or the packaging.  Just a healthy, organic wash that is perfect for a brand new baby.

Minted Gift Card $50.00

Now that you have a brand new baby, it’s time to announce it to the world!  At Minted, you will find amazing, high quality artwork and customized announcements, thank you cards, stationary, you name it.  There is no end to the amazing things you will find on their website, the hardest part is choosing what you want!  This very generous gift card will definitely come in handy for announcing your little prince or princess or even for purchasing an amazing art print to decorate their nursery.  Warning: This site is highly addictive!

Pearhead Babyprints Tin $14.95

Babies grow so quickly!  It will amaze you how fast your little pumpkin will grow just in their first year of life!  Maybe you have had a not so fun experience with hand print kits in the past?  You know, the messy plaster kind where you have to mix the powder with the water, let it set for the magic amount of time when it’s not too wet but not too hard?  Goodness, I know many a tear has been shed in my casa alone trying to use one of those kits for my babies.  Here is where the brilliance of Pearhead Babyprints comes in.  There is nothing to mix.  No mess.  Dare I say, no tears!  It is an air dry clay!  You simply roll the clay out, press the hand or foot into it, and walk away, smile still firmly intact as your print air dries.  That’s it!  True magic!  Love it!

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water $11.99

There will come a time with your new baby, when no amount of swaddling will make them stop crying.  Maybe it’s gas or an upset tummy.  These moments sneak up out of nowhere and can leave a mama, and papi, feeling pretty helpless.  That is when it is a true blessing to have something like this on standby!  Gripe Water is alcohol free and contains naturally soothing fennel and ginger.  It has even been used for teething related tummy upsets and colic.  Trust me when I say you definitely want to have this waiting in the medicine cabinet before you need it!  It is a very stressful thing when baby is crying and you have exhausted all your tricks.  It’s usually these times when it’s a tummy ache that can be very quickly and effectively treated with Gripe Water.  It’s a good thing!

Have you been keeping count of the amazing value of the Citrus Lane Deluxe Shower Box?  My calculations put the value of this box, not counting the peace of mind and convenience, at $106.39.  Wow!  This box is available directly through the Citrus Lane website for only $35, with free shipping!  If you want to order a gift subscription, you can add the Deluxe Shower Box for only $25!  Pretty impressive!  It would make an amazing shower gift, or even a great gift to yourself as you await you little one’s arrival.

Have I convinced you of the awesomeness that is Citrus Lane yet?  Click HERE to check them out and buy a Deluxe Shower Box or subscription of your own.

Citrus Lane has very generously provided a 10% off discount code for my readers!  Just enter 10BLOG during checkout. (good until 8/14)

Another neat little feature Citrus Lane has recently started is the Pop-Up Shop, where they make items from the most recent box available to you through their website for a limited time.  This is a great way to snag extras of your favorite items or even to score some items that were included in other boxes.  You have to act fast though!  The Pop-Up Shop is only open for one week, and this month’s Pop-Up Shop is due to close on Friday, August 3, at 9am PDT.

“Like” Citrus Lane on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Follow Citrus Lane on Twitter by clicking HERE.

Watch Citrus Lane TV on Youtube by clicking HERE.

Check out Citrus Lane’s Pinterest Boards by clicking HERE.

Citrus Lane has an amazing community of moms that share ideas and tips with each other, along with their love of the awesome boxes that arrive on their door steps each month.  Have I told you how awesome Citrus Lane is yet?  Because they really, truly are.

The awesome folks at Citrus Lane sent me a Deluxe Shower Box free of charge so that I could review it and share it’s awesomeness with you.  I was not compensated in any other way, and as I have said about a million times now, I really do love Citrus Lane!

July Citrus Lane Box!

It’s the middle of the month, and that means we had our favorite box on our doorstep once again!  If you haven’t heard of Citrus Lane, well then, where have you been?  Long story short, they curate boxes for babies from newborn to age 3 and include several items to match each month’s theme based on your child’s age.

This month’s theme is Bon Voyage, and included several items to make traveling with your little one just a wee bit easier.

Sara is always quick to dive into her box each month!

As always, Citrus Lane includes a flier that tells you all about the items in the box, where to find them, and even special coupon codes for discounts on more.

Someone has her eyes set on a yummy snack…

Ella’s Nibbly Fingers $3.99

From Ella’s kitchen, this box included a package of five snack bars for babies.  Made with organic fruits, veggies and wholegrain oats, these make the perfect snack for baby in between meals when meltdowns are just around the corner.  There are no nasty chemicals, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners or preservatives and they are just the right size for little hands that insist on feeding themselves.  They are pretty yummy too. Hey, what can I say, Sara likes to share and I was intrigued.  Two thumbs up.  Well, two mommy thumbs and two messy baby thumbs.  That’s how you know they’re good!

Green Toys Race Car $8.99

Making yet another appearance in our box this month is an awesome Green Toys item.  This time, it’s a race car!  This car is nice and chunky, the perfect size for little fingers to grab onto, and even cooler than that, like their other items, this toy is made 100% out of recycled milk containers!  I am amazed every time I read that.  Don’t be fooled thinking that makes for a flimsy car!  No, this is very sturdy and thick, well made for all the inevitable crashes it will have in a house full of kids.  This car is also BPA, PVC and phthalate free with no metal axles or small parts.  Vroom vroom!

Baggu Standard Bag $9.00

This is a handy dandy reusable bag, made from ripstop nylon which is capable of holding up to 50lbs!  I wouldn’t load it with 50lbs of anything, but I am guessing my hubby would in his neverending quest to carry all the groceries in with one trip.  This neat little bag folds nicely into the perfect little pouch when it’s not in use.  It’s so small, it would easily fit into a purse, diaper bag or even the glove compartment of your car so you always have a large, sturdy grocery bag with you should you need it.

Notice how she is consulting the insert as she inspects her goodies.

On-the-Go Baby Laundry Detergent $1.99

I think every mother has had the not so wonderful experience of heading out with her baby, dressed quite adorably, and then having a massive diaper blow out, thus ruining the cute outfit.  Perhaps you have tried to rinse it in a sink with handsoap?  Yeah, that doesn’t work too well.  Believe me, I know.  With the Dapple sink packets, you can literally wash a sink full of soiled baby clothes.  There are no parabens, no toxins, and it is completely hypoallergenic.  These would also be awesome for hotel stays when you aren’t close to a washer, especially if you want to be sure and clean the clothing before stains have a chance to set in.  Always be prepared!  This package has 3 packets for three sink fulls of cleaning power.

Me4Kidz Medi Buddy $5.95

This is brilliant!  I am guilty of having a ratty old ziplock bag of bandaids and cleaning wipes stashed in my diaper bag.  This compact little kit has 40 items inside!  Bandages, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, even stickers!  Everything you can think of, in a hard plastic case that protects the items inside and makes it easy to always be prepared.  This would fit easily in a purse, diaper bag, car, back pack, stroller, just about anywhere. Plus, you will be the cool mom, handing out boo boo stickers to the kiddos when they get cuts or scrapes.  Who doesn’t want to be the cool mom?

California Baby Travel Set $10.50

You may have seen California Baby items on the shelves of your local Target while perusing the baby aisles.  This company is committed to creating toxin free skin products that are both healthy for kids and the environment.  The formulas are tear free and contain natural plant extracts that are calming and soothing to young skin.   They smell pretty amazing too.  I can’t wait to try some wacky do’s on Noah’s hair with the Jelly Mousse!

Included in this month’s box was also a coupon code for Sincerely Inc.  10 free Postagrams, a $10 value.  I think this is super cool, and I truly wish that I could use it, but Postagram is an app for smartphones, something this old school mama doesn’t have.  Cry me a river, right?  I wish it could be used online through a computer as well.  I like to think I’m not the last person in the world to not have a smartphone.  It’s a cool little bonus though, and if I don’t use it, I know plenty of people living in the here and now that could certainly use it with their fancy phones.

UPDATE: It appears that you can indeed use the Postagram feature online!  Yay!  See?  We don’t need no stinkin’ smartphones!  lol

So add everything together and we are looking at a box worth over $50!  And it is all delivered straight to your door, no packing up the kids in the yucky hot weather and wasting gas to go shopping.

Try out your very own subscription to Citrus Lane by clicking HERE.  Once you follow that link, enter coupon code 20TODAY.  This will save you $15 on a 3 month subscription, $25 on a 6 month subscription, or $50 on a 12 month subscription.  When you subscribe for a full year, they also give you two months free.

We love Citrus Lane in our home.  As I have said before, the value of the products each month for the small price paid is just fabulous.  And much cheaper than a “quick” trip to Target for me.  I love being introduced to new brands and companies, and we have loved everything we have gotten so far.


Finding natural bath products for kids is, surprisingly, not as easy as a quick trip to the store.  A lot of products that are marked “natural” actually have some pretty nasty chemicals in them that you may not care to bathe your babies in.  And if you have your children with you when you are looking for bath products, well then you know that they are immediately drawn to the fun, colorful bottles.  Aren’t we all?

So what if you could find a product, actually a whole line of products, that are natural, organic, cruelty free, BPA free, eco friendly and come in fun bottles in bright colors that kids are drawn to?

Allow me to introduce you to TruKid, All natural body care for kids!

TruKid is a company that truly wants to make you and your children’s lives healthier.  Their website is filled with information and tips and tricks to keep you healthier, along with fun songs and rhymes for your kids to sing while they wash up.  Oh, and the songs are kid pleasers, for sure!  What kid doesn’t want to sing about stinky feet?  There will be lots of giggles while they are learning healthy habits, and that, of course, is awesome.

We had fun with the Bubbly Body Wash in the tub, Noah was instantly drawn to the bright blue bottle.  I have to say, the scent is really nice!  Very fresh, kind of citrus-y.  And it made plenty of nice smelling bubbles for washing up.

The sunscreen smelled just as wonderful!  It went on really nicely, not greasy and no funky chemical smell like you typically find with kid’s sunscreen products.

Another neat thing about TruKid, is that they have color coded and marked their product bottles with the “TruKid Learning System” symbols, which helps children to instantly identify what part of their body each product is for.  Little ones love to be independent, and TruKid is helping them to do that while they learn good hygiene habits as well!

TruKid has very generously offered a coupon code to my readers, so that you can all try out their awesome products for yourselves.  Just visit their website, and with an order of $30 or more, you will receive a FREE Bubbly Body Wash!  Just enter coupon code “bubblymom”.  (Limit one use per customer.)

Check out TruKid’s awesome line of products on their website HERE.

“Like” TruKid on Facebook HERE.

Follow TruKid on Twitter HERE.


The awesome folks at TruKid provided me with samples, free of charge, in order to write this review.  I was not compensated in any other way, and I really do think their products are awesome.

June Citrus Lane Box!

Well, it’s that magical time of the month again!  No, not that magical time….  It’s time for another Citrus Lane Box!  Yay!

Sara hears noise coming from her box this month, so she is trying to rip that package open asap!

The June theme is “Little Artist”.

Look at all those goodies!  Well, let’s dive right in and see what we got!

Every box starts with a little piece of paper, giving you a little overview of what to expect for this month and then going over each product individually, telling you where to find more and often offering exclusive discounts and coupon codes just for subscribers.

Next we see our Putumayo 2012 Playground Sampler CD, valued at $5.00.

This CD offers up some new music with styles from all over the world for you and you kiddos to boogie and sing along with.  Bonus, it’s not Barney or Wiggles!  Now, come on, sure, we all love Barney and the Wiggles are great, but it is so nice to have something new to listen to for a change!  And this sampler also tells you exactly which albums and artists these tracks are from, so you can easily pick up more non Barney/Wiggles music to listen to from time to time.  My kids love to dance, even little Saraphina, so music is a big win in our casa!

Babyganics Toy & Table Cleaner $3.99

This is going straight into my diaper bag!  This is a safe, nontoxic cleaner, no parabens, sulfates, and no phthalates, that you can use for quick, easy clean ups.  I am planning on using it for out and about, you know like at a restaurant where the table or high chair is iffy, or even a quick spray to the shopping cart handle.  Having four babies, I know that if there is any way at all that the kid can get his or her mouth on something, it’s going to happen.  And with this awesome spray, at least I know that they will be chewing and drooling on a clean surface.  That is awesome in my book.

It looks like Sara found something delicious…

Wee Can Too Veggie Art Kit $19.99

Well, it is made from veggies, and Sara is a girl that loves her veggies…  This art kit is eco-friendly, organic, and completely edible.  Which is good, because Sara already got a head start…  Made from real veggies, these crayons and finger paints are a safe way for baby to have her very first go at a little masterpiece.  Since I have a whole gaggle of babies here, I think this would be an awesome project for all of them to partake in.  Outside.  Where they can get hosed down afterwards.  But seriously, getting messy is fun, and I can not wait to try these out!

Minted $35 credit.

Wow!  So, included in our box this month is an offer for a $35 credit to Minted.  This is a site where you can find invitations, birth announcements, stationary, art prints and more.  Their stuff is just gorgeous!  Pricey, but gorgeous!  Here is a thrifty tip for those wondering what to score at a good deal with their gift credit.  They have beautiful journals for $16.  Now, my head races with all sorts of awesome ideas to do with those journals!  First of all, journal in them!  Not your thing?  Have your kids journal!  They can write about their day, write stores, draw pictures.  Use it as a thankful journal as a family.  Write down five things that you are thankful for each and every day.  Gift them!  I think they would make beautiful, thoughtful gifts for teachers or tweens or teens, or anyone really.  When your mind is open, the possibilities are endless!

Another thing you can do, is click HERE, and use this referral credit for $25 added to your account.  Stack those two together and now you’re cooking!

Pop & Lolli Decal

I’m not sure how to value this one, except I can say that when I saw this adorable owl decal, I squealed with joy!  These decals are made from fabric, they are beautiful, reusable, and even recyclable!  Though, how you could part with any, I’ll never know!  Want to know something else completely awesome about this company?  With every set purchased, Pop & Lolli will provide educational materials and resources to a South African child in need.  Ummm……win-win, am I right?  Love it!

Hohner Kids Musical Instruments $7-$10

Last but not least, this month’s box contained a little baby tambourine so Sara can get her little groove on while she dances to her new cd.  This is what was making noise in her box that made her especially excited to rip it open!  This musical instrument collection is completely BPA and phthalate free, and I have to say, their packaging was minimal and very easy to get the toy out of.  Thank you for that, Hohner Kids!  So, on the one hand, Sara has this awesome, very well made, great quality musical instrument to play with and really spark her creativity with, thank you Citrus Lane!  On the other hand, Sara has a tambourine.  Thank you Citrus Lane?  This is a sometimes toy.  Mostly because of Sara’s siblings that like to shake it as loud and as hard as possible to see which kid gets ringing in the ears first.  Fun times!

So have you been tallying up the value of this box?  I come to roughly $70.  Holyawesomedeal Batman!  The regular price for this awesome subscription service is $25 including shipping, and as you can see by the value of this box, the contents far exceed that $25!  But I can help you save even more!

Try out your very own subscription to Citrus Lane by clicking HERE.  Once you follow that link, enter coupon code 20TODAY.  This will save you $15 on a 3 month subscription, $25 on a 6 month subscription, or $50 on a 12 month subscription.  When you subscribe for a full year, they also give you two months free.

We love Citrus Lane in our home.  As I have said before, the value of the products each month for the small price paid is just fabulous.  And much cheaper than a “quick” trip to Target for me.  I love being introduced to new brands and companies, and we have loved everything we have gotten so far, four months into our subscription.

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