Brown Eyed Girl

I had my re-check at the eye doctor yesterday for my kerititis.  After the very first day of using the antibiotic/steroid drops, I was feeling so much better.  The redness quickly went away and I was ready for contacts again!

She had suggested last week that I may need to switch contact brands.  No big deal, but definitely weird for me.  I have been wearing Freshlook Colorblends for sixteen years.  I’m only used to seeing my naturally brown eyes when I am wearing my glasses.  Even my own kids think I have blue eyes.  As you can imagine, it will be a bit of an adjustment.

I left the doctor’s office yesterday with a new pair of contacts to try, along with some name brand saline solution.  Apparently generic isn’t so great, which sucks because you can get two big bottles of generic contact solution for about $1.99, compared to paying roughly $6.99 or more for one bottle of name brand.  But, the name brand is supposed to be better about not drying out your eyes or contacts, and better at helping remove deposits and disinfecting, etc.  Since it’s my eyeballs, and something I kind of like to use for sight and whatnot, I guess I can splurge on the name brands.

See that teeny tiny eye drop bottle?  The one where the cap is literally bigger than the bottle, containing the antibiotic/steroid eye drops?  Yeah, so  the doctor had given me that itsy bitsy sample to get me started on the drops before I could get to the pharmacy to pick up a full size bottle.  The full size bottle, name brand of course, was $40 with insurance. Holyexpensiveeyedrops, Batman!  And here’s the really annoying part.  The mini bottle was enough for my full course of treatment.  I didn’t even break the seal on the new bottle.  The overly priced $40 bottle.  *le sigh*  I guess I’m prepared for next time?  Good Lord, I hope there’s no next time!

So, my eye is doing great, I am wearing my new contacts right now, which also, by the way, are impossible to see in the solution since they aren’t colored!  I have one more re-check next week to see how I’m adjusting to the new pair, and I’ll order more from there.

Gotta say, I am oh so happy to not be wearing my glasses today!

And the doctor said….


I Need a Doctor

Keratitis.  She thinks I may have gotten a sudden allergy to my contacts, even though I’ve used the same brand for 18 years.  Just one of those kooky things, apparently.  I left with the teeniest tiniest sample bottle of a combination antibiotic/steroid, and a prescription to get a full size bottle from the pharmacy.  No contacts for a week, re check, and then we will discuss a new contact brand.  Should be interesting.


I have used Freshlook Colorblends forever.  I have naturally brown eyes, but with the colored contacts, I have had grey, violet, blue,  green, and my current favorite, turquoise.  I’ll be a little sad to see the pretty colors go, but holyeyepain Batman, I will be relieved to hopefully not have this problem again anytime soon.


So glasses for now, re check next week, and then new contacts that show off my chocolate browns.  Could definitely be worse.