DripJoy Coffee Subscription Review!!


I love, love, love coffee!!  The look, the smell, the taste….anything coffee is pretty much amazing to me.  I enjoy it hot or iced, black or flavored, any way you serve it, coffee make this girl happy!

In our home, we have a Mr Coffee brewer for making full pots, and our Keurig Brewer for the convenience of single servings.  I really love the convenience of grabbing a pod, throwing it in the machine, and having an instantly fresh, hot cup of coffee.  But, finding a really good quality coffee pod is not so easy!

I have taste tested many, many different brands of coffee pods for the Keurig, and very few deliver truly delicious cups of coffee.  They are often too weak, or just oddly flavored.  We have also purchased the reusable pods, where you can brew with your own coffee of choice.  Meh.  I don’t know why, but the magic promised with those gadgets just does not deliver.

When I was asked to test and review DripJoy Single Serve Coffee pods, I was excited, because coffee, but wasn’t expecting anything different than what I am used to.  I was very pleasantly surprised!

First, lets talk about what exactly DripJoy is.

DripJoy was started with the frustration of single cup brewers.  Realizing there is no need to sacrifice quality for convenience, DripJoy started with constructing a brand new brewer, a machine that is available directly through them, that solves many of the frustrations of clogged and faulty brewers.   But they also chose not to chance just any coffee with their newly designed brewer, and went straight to the source, working with farmers across the world to get the freshest, highest quality coffee for their pods.

These awesome, high quality JoyPods work with Keurig machines, but you can also sign up for a greatly discounted Premium Brewer when you sign up for a subscription.  In the higher tiered subscriptions, you even get the brewer for free!  The website walks you through your order, helping you to decide what monthly plan works best for you.  You tell them whether it is for home or business, how many coffee drinkers you have in the home, how much coffee you drink, etc, and they come up with a plan best suited for you.


Plans start as low as $14.99 a month, which is billed and shipped every other month, so one charge of $29.98 for two months of premium coffee shipped directly to you.  The price per cup goes down as you choose larger plans, but even at the lowest tier, it’s only $0.62 per cup!  Way less than a cup from the local coffee shop, more convenient and quicker than brewing a whole pot, and the coffee tastes amazing!!!  You can even try out a sampler pack for just $1.00, which includes a mix of  the different varieties so you can see how great the quality is and also taste the amazing brews!

There are seven different roasts to choose from: Morning Joy, Dark Bean Daydream, Colombian Cheer, French Elation, Vanilla Jubilee, Happy Hazelnut, and Delightful Decaf.  I chose Dark Bean Daydream and Colombian Cheer for my review, and I could not be more happy!

First of all, the package is designed to fit perfectly in your cabinet, unlike many other packages from other brands.  I love this!  And the cups have a happy little face on them, preparing you for the bliss you are about to experience.

As soon as the cup began brewing, my entire kitchen was filled with the amazing aroma of the rich, dark, intoxicating loveliness.  It even smells better than those other coffee pods!!  But the real test was in the taste, and let me tell you, DripJoy passes with flying colors!  I haven’t brewed coffee this good in ages!  Certainly not from a coffee pod!  It is strong and rich, but not bitter at all.  I enjoyed it hot and fresh and even as a nice refreshing iced drink.  Of all of the coffees I have used in my iced drinks, this is by far superior.  It is truly coffee house quality, in the comfort and convenience of you own home!


I am a huge fan of DripJoy, and can’t wait to try even more of their yummy varieties.  This is a company that not only cares about giving you a delicious, convenient cup of coffee, but they do it sustainably,  harvesting only at the ripest moment, ensuring maximum yield and the most robust flavor.  Only the highest quality beans are used, which guarantees the best cup of coffee every single time.

With your subscription, you can change your roast preferences at any time online.  If you get their brewer, they guarantee it!  If it should ever break, they will replace it for free!  Your subscription will automatically renew, so you never have to worry about forgetting to pick up or order more pods.  They also send you an email before they renew your subscription.

Shipping for DripJoy is just $9.99 per order in the contiguous U.S.  But they also have a program called Shipping+, which entitles you to free shipping when you commit to subscribe for one full year.  This saves you over $115 a year, and makes it all an even better value!  There is a fee if you decide to cancel before your 365 days are up, but when would you ever not want to get amazing coffee delivered for free right to your doorstep?

Click HERE to check out the DripJoy website and customize your very own yummy coffee subscription!

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The awesome folks at DripJoy provided me with free product for review purposes only and I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own, and I really do love their products!


Marley and Me

I am a coffee girl.  I love coffee.  It makes me happy.  Somewhere, somehow, several months ago, I requested a sample of Marley Coffee.  It arrived, and mayhem ensued.   I’m not sure what happened that morning, but I thought it was funny, so I shared that story with all of you awesome people that happen to read my awesome blog.

What I did not expect, was to hear from the good folks at Marley Coffee.  You see, they saw my post and immediately offered to replace my sample. That’s cool.  As I said, I love coffee, and I was bummed that my sample, for whatever reason, did not get along with Mr Coffee.

Another thing that I did not expect, was the extremely generous box of coffee that arrived at my doorstep just last week.

Four, half pound bags of coffee!  To replace my tiny little sample pouch!  Que bueno!

I didn’t even let Mr Coffee see the Marley Coffee crew.  No, I introduced them to my Keurig instead, and let me tell you, they get along quite nicely! (Especially when I remember to put a mug on the machine!)

Here is a very nice quote from Marley Coffee’s website:

“My father came from the farmland in Nine Mile. There, he learned a deep respect for nature and humanity that helped guide his life. His dream was to return one day. Our coffee was founded to honor my father. In your hand, you are holding a piece of our dream. One Love” – Rohan Marley, founder of Marley Coffee
Bob Marley always said he would return to farming one day. With Marley Coffee, Bob’s son Rohan fulfills the dream. Rohan remembers his grandmother drying their wild coffee berries in the sun, then hulling and roasting them for her own cup of coffee each morning. Marley Coffee is determined to deliver that same intoxicating aroma and rich smooth flavor into every cup.

And Marley Coffee is 100% Arabica coffee that is sustainably grown, ethically farmed, and artisan roasted.  Certified organic, and donating partial proceeds to Kicks For Cause, a youth soccer program.

The coffee is good.  It is smooth, it is rich, it is really great for those of you that enjoy your café black because you are really able to appreciate the different flavors.

Why do I feel the need to jam to some island music now?

A special thank you to Marley Coffee, and most especially to Mike from Blue Wolf Communications that went above and beyond to keep me as a happy, Marley Coffee drinker.  As if I needed a reason to keep drinking good coffee…  🙂


It was not Rohan Marley or Mr Coffee this time…

But you can read about that nasty event HERE. (By the way, the Marley Coffee people contacted me right away through that post, as you can see, promising to send a replacement coffee.  That was two months ago, still no Marley Coffee…Just sayin’.)

This morning was hectic.  I had four kids hooting and hollering while I tried to quickly get my morning coffee.  I was distracted, doing too many different things at once.  Answering questions, diffusing fights, tripping over the dog, all while wiping down the counters and anxiously awaiting my caffeine fix.

And then I saw this:

I had forgotten to put my coffee mug on the machine.  My coffee filled the overflow tray, as you can see, and then trickled over to the counter, wasting a river of perfectly good coffee.  I almost just grabbed a straw and sucked it up anyway.  But it was bus stop time.


The Keurig needs a dumbass sensor.  When you attempt to brew coffee without a mug, a voice in a Dutch accent needs to say, “I can’t help but notice you forgot to place your coffee mug in position before attempting to brew your coffee.  You are too dumb for my excellence today.  Try again some other time, sukkel.”

At least then, maybe one could be shamed into remembering to use a mug next time.  Just sayin’.

Rohan Marley & Mr Coffee: Not Friends

I expected peace, love, harmony and a buenisimo cup o’ joe this morning.  What I got was…..an ugly, nasty, messy……well, what I got was this:


Not exactly peaceful or harmonious.

I received a sample of Marley coffee in the mail last week and decided to try it out this morning.  I prepared the coffee maker as I do every morning, turned it on and then went to work on Bella’s hair.  (Back to school today, yay!)

A few minutes in, I thought the coffee maker was making a strange sound.  I looked over, but it seemed to be operating fine.  I blew it off and continued with the Bella ‘do.

I stopped a few minutes later and again looked at the coffee maker.  This time it was making an angry sound.

“Mommy?  Why does it sound like the coffee maker is on fire?” Bella asked me with a look of concern.

“Its not on fire,” I answered her, only half believing myself as I quickly finished her ponytail and sent her for her backpack as I jumped up to look at the coffee maker.

It was not on fire, but holy crap Mr Marley!  What did you do to Mr Coffee?!  I turned everything off and unplugged it, just in case.  The pot was only about half way full, with a mound of grounds sitting on top.  The grounds were mixing with the overflow and making a nasty sludge.  As you can see from the above picture, it was just a hot mess.

“Stir it up”?  No, Mr Marley.  I did not get to stir up your coffee this morning.  But I do have a rather long morning of cleaning up a rather nasty mess. Perhaps one day you can sing me your “Redemption Song”.  But this mama will be going back to Maxwell House manana.