The Neverending Sick Day

"Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases - As ...


Since my last update, every single person in this family has come down with the cooties.  I’m not sure if it is a really bad cold, or a mild flu, but what a miserable week and a half this has been!

I currently have an ear that is completely clogged, driving me insane.  I had no voice at all for about four to five days, sore, swollen throat, congestion, nasty cough.  Just feeling really awful.  And so has everyone else in the house.

I try to avoid medication whenever possible, so there has been a lot of vapor rub and humidifier action going on.  We have been using Mucinex though, which is amazingly awesome at helping to make coughing more productive.

I *think* for the most part, everyone is on the mend.  Matthew never really was very sick, just the carrier to this lovely super bug.  Noah and Sara are leaking a lot less snot, and if my ear wasn’t so dang clogged, I dare say this is the most alive I have felt in over a week.

I don’t remember the last time every single person was sick at the same time in this house.  Matthew gets the monster cootie award for managing that one.  Him and his mighty super immunity.

Looooong weekend

"Cover Coughs, Cover Sneezes" - NARA...

As I posted in the wee early hours on Friday morning, my poor babies have been miserably ill the last several days.  I believe it all started with Matt about a week and a half ago.  He has an amazing immune system and very rarely gets very sick at all.  I am pretty sure he had a cold, but his only symptoms were a few sniffles here and there.  No coughing, no congestion, no biggie.

The problem is, he and Noah are buddies.  Noah loves Matt to pieces and is constantly attached to his hip.  That means any germs that Matt may have are very easily shared with Noah.  Now, if Noah would get a cold like a normal kid and not instantly just come down with moderate to severe cases of croup, well then, that would be fabulous!  But, that’s not how he rolls.

Noah came down with a nasty case of croup and a pretty nasty cold.  Coughing so much he was gagging and just miserable.  He couldn’t eat or drink or even smile.  If you know Noey, you know he is a goofy little boy who is always smiling and happy.  (Well, unless he is crying and miserable, but generally, he is a very happy little boy.  🙂  It was so bad we were considering an Urgent Care visit.  It was a Saturday, of course, and he was just so ill, I felt utterly helpless.

The miracle in a bottle that helped him was Delsym.  Oh my goodness!!!  Within 10 short minutes, the coughing had subsided and he was smiling.  SMILING!!!  Now, this is not an official review of Delsym, and I have not been compensated in any way, whatsoever, but I am telling you, our medicine cabinet will NEVER be without it again!

I should mention that we only decided to use it because of the severity of the cough and because it was not a productive cough.  If the kiddos are coughing up goobers, it is best to let them cough because they are clearing their lungs of mucus, etc.  I usually only treat coughs in my house with honey and Vicks Vaporub, but this cough was just too tough for my home remedies.

Somewhere in the middle of the croup and cold, Bella added to the party with a stomach bug.  Not sure where it came from, but it was a nasty little speed bump in our week.  Now, I know I frequently mention grape juice to prevent stomach bugs,  but I need to tell you all about another amazing preventative measure.  Apple Cider Vinegar.  We were out of grape juice when she fell ill, but I had remembered the ACV tip I read online that is said to work as well if not better than the grape juice.  You simply add about a teaspoon to 8 oz of water and drink it three times a day.  You can add some honey if you like, or even add the ACV to juice to mask the taste.  I honestly don’t mind it, but then, I would drink just about anything if you told me it was a proven way to prevent worshipping the porcelain god.  🙂

Now, Abe and I both came down with a little intestinal discomfort, but never more than that.  He drank grape juice, I took ACV.  He was still pretty miserable yesterday, whereas I felt 100% awesome again.  I am an ACV convert!  There are loads of other benefits to taking ACV, which I am eager to see if they will apply, but for now, I think I will be keeping this as part of my daily routine.

So we escaped a mass infection of the stomach bug, but Noah and now Sara still have nasty colds.  Stuffy/runny noses and coughs, low fevers, just generally miserable.  Does anyone know a magical cure/prevention for the cold?  I’m on board if you do, hit me up!  🙂

I am grateful the long weekend is over and I am eager for all my babies to be 100% healthy again.  Especially Noah and Sara, there is just something so sad and heartbreaking when the littlest ones get sick and can’t really tell you what’s wrong.

Stay healthy!

Why do kids never get sick on weekdays during business hours?

Seriously.  After enjoying the mid season finale of The Walking Dead last night, (omg it was AWESOME!)  we were soon made aware by Dr Isabella that she had diagnosed Noah with croup.

I’ll admit, at first we kind of blew her off and figured she was just throwing the word around trying to be all smart and stuff.  Well, minutes later, we realized she was very much right and Noah was very sick, with croup, at 10 pm on a Sunday night.

Now, Isabella and Noah are the only two kids who have ever had croup so far, but they don’t just get that yucky sounding seal bark cough.  Oh no, these kids know how to get severely ill at the most inconvenient, and therefore stressful of times.  We’re talking full on stridor, that horrific squeaky noise they make just by breathing in because their airway is so swollen and retractions, the skin between their ribs and on their chest that pulls in with each breath as they are working hard to breathe.

Yeah, pretty much hell on Earth for a worry wart mama.

Urgent Care closed at 8 pm, so the only option was the dreaded ER.

After four and a half hours and an oral steroid dose along with a prescription, Noah was sounding better and could finally get tucked into bed.  Now I am just hoping that we can manage to keep Sara from catching it.  This mama has had enough worrying for the rest of the year, thank you very much!



Look at him, acting all chill while his mama has a nervous break down.

I am happy to say that he seems to be doing much better today.  Croup is scary.  For us, it always shows up completely unannounced and always late at night.  He has not been sick, no fevers or runny nose, nothing at all until he woke up “barking” last night.  Thank goodness for Urgent Care and ERs!

Now, I wonder how much we owe Dr Isabella for her house call?

Stop coughing, Honey!

Honey bee

I like using natural remedies for the kids, and myself, whenever possible.  Sure, there are a million drugs out there for whatever ails ya, but I really try to do whatever I can naturally before resorting to the medicine cabinet.

One trick that seems to magically work really well for coughs, even better than the over the counter stuff, is honey.  Just regular old honey, nothing special.   My kids are pretty dramatic as it is, and often cough to the point of gagging, so anything to help calm the cough is welcomed.

I believe the technical dose is 1 teaspoon, but I just call the kid over, tell them to open wide and squirt some in.  It’s sweet, and they love it, so I have no complaints like I would if I were trying to give them actual medicine.

One very important thing to remember, do not give honey to babies under the age of one ever!  They are at high risk for infant botulism, which is a rare but very serious form of food poisoning.  Also, not all coughs are bad.  If the child has a wet, productive cough, you know the kind where you can hear the nasty goobers they are coughing up, it is better to let them cough it all out.  Cough suppressants, which honey has proven to be, should only be used for the dry, non productive cough.  The kind that keeps the poor kid up at night or has him miserably coughing (and gagging in some cases) all day persistently.

I can’t ever seem to make myself try the honey trick for coughs on myself.  Something about a mouthful of bee vomit just does not sound yummy to me.  Crazy, right?