June 2017 Hot Topic Mini Haul

Have you visited your local Hot Topic store lately?  Or better yet, check out their online store?  I have to tell you, I am really impressed with their super fun, eclectic collection of goodies!  And better yet, they carry an amazing amount of plus size cute clothing items as well!!

Yes, curvy girls and guys rejoice!  We too should be able to wear our fandoms and beloved characters on shirts and hoodies and other fun wearables, and it seems like the industry is finally starting to listen to our pleas!

I have ordered Disney and Totoro and Gudetama shirts in my size from Hot Topic, and have been very pleased with the quality and the fit!  The stores are completely filled to the brim with fun treasures my entire family enjoys, even the youngest kids.

Hot Topic can definitely be pricey, but luckily they are almost always running sales and promotions, so watch for those.

I snagged a few super cute Disney goodies during a recent sale, I thought I would share with you here.


I have love all things Disney, honestly, but there is a special place in my heart for Stitch and the Disney Villains.  (My oldest daughter gasps with disbelief every time i root for the villains, hehe.) 


Are you as obsessed with blind bags as my family is?  We can hardly leave a store without grabbing one or two or sometimes a handful of these mystery bags of awesome.  Everything from Tsum Tsums, to Funkos, to whatever other little treasure we happen to find.  This time it was the Disney Princess Figural Keychains, a series I have not gotten any of yet.  What is awesome about blind bags and our big family is, if you don’t get what you want, there is definitely someone here who will claim the prize for you.


Blind bags are almost never on sale, so I was excited to grab a few on discount.  And since this is a new series for me, I was pretty excited to get any princess.  Which one is your favorite?


I got Jasmine and Ariel!  Woo hoo!!  Very excited with these two!  They are pretty heavy and feel nice and sturdy.  I don’t know that I would use them as actual keychains, I think I would be worried about them getting messed up.  But they will definitely get displayed!


Guys!!!!!!!  Oh my gosh!!!!!!!  Are you seeing these insanely gorgeous Beauty & The Beast slippers?!?!?!  I saw these and my jaw just dropped, they are soooo pretty!  I love the gorgeous stained glass art, and these are seriously comfy slippers!!!  It is way too hot to wear them now, believe me I tried, but I will be rocking these just as soon as the cooler weather hits!  So in love!


I love Ursula.  I watched the Little Mermaid in theaters with my sister, mom and grandma when it first came out.  Something about the ocean and the mermaids and all of the magic……

When my cousin was pretty little, we used to babysit her quite a bit, especially in the summertime.  She was obsessed with this movie and insisted on playing The Little Mermaid in the swimming pool all summer long.  She was, of course, Ariel, and somehow, I was always Ursula.  Haha!  Maybe that is where my fondness of the sea witch came from, but either way, I totally dig this Ursula tumbler, with the pretty purple colors and it glows in the dark!

I’m always sipping water, why not do it in style?  And the Ursula Tsum Tsum is adorable as well!  I also snagged a Maleficent hair bow, complete with horns.  So fabulous!


Besides the Stitch shirt, I also snagged a pretty eye shadow palette, a Stitch Tsum Tsum, a pretty Ohana wrap bracelet, and the super adorable stitch earrings that look like he is biting your ear lobes when you wear them.

Not bad for a mini Disney haul from an unexpected source, am I right?  We have gotten some cool Funko Pop figures from Hot Topic along with neat Batman and Joker goodies for the boys and Star Wars stuff for Abe.  They have a little bit of everything, definitely worth a look if you haven’t checked them out recently!

What do you like to snag from Hot Topic?