More Pretty Dollar Tree Candles!


Guys!  How cute are these candles?!

This is yet another super fun Dollar Tree find!  These are actual candles with wicks, not battery operated, and they smell lovely!  They each have the layered colors and a gorgeous gold lettered saying on the front.

In order from left to right they read:

  • Hello Gorgeous
  • Follow Your Dreams
  • Free Spirit
  • You Are My Sunshine

These would be so cute decorating a teen or tween’s bedroom!  Or a dorm room, or any room that needs a little pop of color and a pretty little saying to make you smile.  I grabbed one of each, they were just too cute to resist!

I am currently upgrading my girls room, and I think these would be lovely as little accent pieces!

Shark Friends

I have been supersizing lots of patterns lately by using fun and fluffy mega yarns.  In the spirit of Shark Week, and because we love the misunderstood fish so much, I couldn’t help but whip up a few shark friends for the kids.

This little, or should I say big, guy grew from ping pong ball size to softball size, simply by changing the yarn.  And the chenille yarn is so fluffy and soft, it makes him extra fun to snuggle!



This fun hammer head shark turned out even bigger than I anticipated!  Noah claimed him right away.  Notice his shark themed pjs!  Hehe!  He is super cuddly and soft, and I think he will go nicely with his shark snuggle sack!

Get the pattern for the Hammerhead Shark by visiting Jillian over at Spin A Yarn Crochet or click HERE.

I hope you have had an awesome Shark Week!

July 2017 Doki Doki Crate Review

I am super obsessed with all things happy, and find myself especially enamored with kawaii items.  This said, it was no surprise that I would soon grow unable to resist the urge to subscribe to some of the sweet kawaii themed monthly boxes.  (Kawaii means cute, and stems from Japanese culture, in case you have been living under a non kawaii rock.) 

After looking at months and months of box reviews, I decided to get a 6 month subscription to two different companies, Doki Doki Crate and YumeTwins.  They are very similar in price and both offer free shipping world wide.  July is my second month for both, and one box is definitely far better than the other so far!

That said, here is my July 2017 Doki Doki Crate Review!


July’s theme is “Kirei Kitchen” which is Japanese for “clean and cute”.  If you like to be surprised with your mystery boxes, don’t read the customs label!  Also, their social media spoils a good amount of the surprise as well, which is a bummer for those of us that like to be surprised when we open our boxes!


Included in the box is a cute little booklet that has pretty cover art matching the month’s theme, as well as info on the products and other random interesting facts about Japan.


The first item in this month’s box is a Dokodemo Calimero figurine.  This is a popular retro anime character from the 1960’s.  I have never seen or heard of this character, and the description says he is supposed to hand from cups, folders, boxes and more, but he is teeny tiny, very top heavy, and doesn’t balance on anything at all.  I’m not sure what I will do with him, I imagine one of my kids will end up with him.


Tanabata Angel Hoppe-Chan!  Okay guys, this is my favorite item in the box.  Part of my reason for choosing Doki Doki Crate, was the monthly inclusion of a Hoppe-Chan figure.  So what the heck is this blob of goo?  Hoppe-Chan is a byproduct of the decoden craze, which if you aren’t familiar, is the art of using silicon and trinkets and jewels to decorate phone cases, (decoden is short for decorated denwa, (phone).  They are super popular with little girls in Japan, and even have little playsets and video games starring the colorful characters.

This month’s Hoppe-Chan is in honor of the Tanabata, or Star Festival, which is celebrated on July 7.  Her angelic design is meant to help bring the two star crossed lovers, Orihime and Hikaboshi, together.


How incredibly sweet is that?!  I love this story and really enjoy little tid bits like this that they include in their booklets.  So cute!


Okay guys.  These two items are listed as My Melody plates, and were advertised as dishes in all the Doki Doki Crate advertising for July’s crate.  These two teeny tiny items are cheap plastic.  Yes, they are Sanrio.  Yes, they are covered in My Melody, the cute bunny character of the Sanrio family.  But dishes and plates these are not.  The sticker says they are trays, and if you considered them a jewelry or trinket tray, then yes, you would be spot on and for that application they are sweet and even adorable.  But to advertise them as dishes, and then to see this?  Well, boo!  These will not be going anywhere near my kitchen.  I already have a craft in mind for them, so stay tuned to see how I repurpose these tiny little plastic trays.


An actual kitchen item!

This is cool, guys.  It is a Panda Onigiri Mold Kit.  You use the big scoop bit to mold your sticky rice into an adorable Panda head shape, and then you use the cute little paper cutter looking dealio with a sheet of seaweed to make the details of the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

This will not get used very often, but I will definitely use it and I think it is super adorable!  What a fun way to serve rice to the kids, or kids at heart.


Hello Kitty Kitchen Cloth Set

Okay.  I feel like they are thinking if the items include Sanrio characters, they add value to the box.  However, this item is a huge dud.  Basically, it is two glorified paper towels.  The material is super thin, and distorts easily.  It is supposed to be used as a drying cloth, but I have real paper towels that are more durable than these “cloths”.  Not worth putting in the box, if you ask me.  I would have been happier with a cute spatula, or egg timer, or whisk, or anything that is actually usable.  This item was a disappointment.


My Melody Microfiber Dry Cloth

Ummmmm…….More Sanrio crap.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Sanrio.  But this is another useless item that has an overinflated estimated value just because of the brand name.  This dry cloth is micro size!!  Like, perhaps you could wash one tiny baby setting of dishes and set on here to dry, but that would be a stretch!  The only thing that makes sense to dry on these would be makeup brushes, it is that small.  This won’t be in my kitchen either and it is definitely another disappointing item.  If the Sanrio item is not usable, it is not worth including.  There are plenty of cute, kirei type kitchen items that would have been a far better value and made for a much more exciting box this month.


Piyo Piyo Apron

Nope.  First of all, this item really reeked of heavy chemicals.  Secondly, what?  Chickens walking over a sunny side up egg?  That’s kind of morbid and twisted.  This apron is super flimsy and cheap and just weird.  It is not a cute design in my opinion and will also not be making it to my kitchen.  I have received several free promotional aprons that were a far better quality than this.  Honestly, this was the very last item in a very disappointing box, so it just had no chance of being appreciated by me.


And that, my friends, was the July 2017 Doki Doki Crate.  Honestly, a big let down for me, as there were very few actual usable items.  Like I said, Hoppe-Chan was my favorite item of the box.  My second favorite would definitely be the Onigiri Mold Set, but everything else in the box was a bust for me this month.

I paid $28.33 for this box, with free shipping, because I ordered the 6 month subscription.  This box comes straight from Japan, and for me, shipping has been very speedy, which I appreciate.  I did enjoy June’s box slightly more, but so far, there is nothing making me feel motivated to keep subscribing to this crate.  I hope that changes, because I really enjoy kawaii items and was hoping to get a good stash from this subscription.  At least I know I will always have a little Hoppe-Chan waiting for me in this box!

Do you subscribe to Doki Doki Crate?  What did you think of July’s box?

DIY Ballerina Tutu!

Since we have both an existing ballerina and a ballerina in training in our house, you can bet that tutu’s are in high demand!  Heck, they’re even fun just for dress up or grocery shopping!  What, you wouldn’t let your kid wear a tutu to the grocery store?  Come on now!  They’re only little for such a short time!  And also, there’s the whole picking and choosing your battles thing, soooo….

What if I told you that you could make your very own tutu for less than $3?  Sound crazy?  How about if I told you that it could be made out of these:

Yes.  Those are stretchy head bands and shower scrubbies.  Impossible you say?  Well then prepare to be amazed!

Start by taking apart the scrubbie.  It’s easy, I promise.  Once you have it apart, cut it into 18 inch lengths.  Here is where it gets super complicated and tricky.  Are you ready?

Tie the 18 inch lengths to a headband.  And that is it, folks.  You just made a tutu for your precious little ballerina for less than $3 and in less than 20 minutes.  Wanna do it again?

I color coordinated the head bands to the scrubbies, but you can live on the wild side if you like.  It will pretty much be covered up.  I used two scrubbies per tutu and they turned out plenty fluffy.

Two tutus!  Super easy, and super popular in the fancy ballerina circles.

Doesn’t she look ready for some grocery shopping?  Or dance class, whatever.  Seriously though, these are super easy, super cheap, and you will look like Supermom (or SuperDad) when you whip one up for your little one.

DIY Hair Clip Holder

I have a baby cousin that is about the same age as my Saraphina.  We just celebrated her birthday this past weekend, which was super fun.  I knew months ago that I wanted to make her a hair bow holder, even though, as I have come to recently find out she doesn’t like to keep things on her head.  D’oh!  But babies can be trained.  Mine are.  And some day, she will wear them.  And she will have a spiffy place to store them, because I am awesome.  And modest.  Very modest.

I started with a wooden plaque from Michaels.  I drilled a hole in it for the ribbon to hang it, and sanded it very smoothly.  Then I added a few layers of paint.

I chose some pretty scrap book paper and cut it just slightly smaller than the inside oval and then used Mod Podge to hold it in place.  (Note I use Mod Podge, not Modge Podge.  There is a difference.  Crazy, anal crafters never use Modge Podge.)

I added letters for her name, and then I added several more coats of Mod Podge.  Once dry, I added the cutie patootie little owl and flower as embellishments.  Her birthday party was owl themed, so it was a perfect fit!

I glued a ribbon to the back of the plaque for the hair clips to get clipped to and I also added a ribbon to the top for hanging purposes.

I think it turned out super cute!  I also made the little flower hair clips, including one with a “C” for Celia, and the others had pretty jewels.  The flower clips are super easy, I’ll have to put up a tutorial for them soon.  My girls wear them all the time.  With Sara, I just clip them to her head bands, because her hair isn’t quite long enough to hold the clips yet.  It will get there soon enough.

Pretty simple, but a nice little decorative way to store those hair clips.  I had fun making it, I hope little Celia enjoys it!