Foul Play

Thursday evening, Abe headed out to Busch Stadium with Isabella, Noah and free tickets to the ballgame that we had won the week before.  It was cloudy and threatening rain.  By the time they got there, in their amazing seats, it was raining pretty good.  Typical, party pooper weather!

The game was delayed.  It was starting to look like it might get cancelled.  One hour and 25 minutes after the game was scheduled to start, the tarps were removed and the game officially began.  Hallelou!

Here’s where the story gets interesting.

In the very beginning of the game, Matt Holliday catches a foul ball right by Abe and the kids.  Do you know what Matt Holliday did with that foul ball?  Something pretty awesome.  He threw it right to Abe!

Abe is a crazy, loyal baseball fan, this man lives for Cardinal baseball.  Catching a foul ball?  Heaven on Earth.

So, he catches the foul ball, and immediately gives the ball to Noah.  He was grinning ear to ear, very happy to be holding a piece of the game.  That’s when some butthead a few seats down starts yelling at Noah, a 2 year old, to “throw it back!”  Do you know what a 2 year old does when you tell him to throw a ball?

Do you see where this story is going?

Noah threw the ball back on the field.

Oh, yes.

I think Abe died a little when that happened. Luckily, an usher was able to retrieve the ball, which Abe promptly handed to Isabella before safely tucking it away into his backpack.

So other than almost losing the ever elusive foul ball, they had an awesome time!  Abe got a lot of amazing photos that look like they were taken right on the field!  They didn’t get home until almost midnight, but they were wide awake and excited to tell me all about the game when they got home, which was adorable.

Thank you, Matt Holliday, for giving my husband and kids an amazing baseball story to tell their kids one day!  They had the time of their lives, it only could have been made better had the Cardinals beat the Diamondbacks, but hey, there’s always next time, right?