Potty Tots Giveaway Winner!

No, I didn’t forget about my winner!  We had a computer meltdown over the weekend.  Literally.  We woke up to the smell of burning plastic.  When we got up to investigate, it turns out the fan on the graphics card had stopped working, and thusly started to melt.  Not the best thing to wake up to, but, ya know.


My Potty Tots winner is……………….


Ashley K.!!!  Yay!!!


A great big congratulations to her, she will be getting her Potty Tots potty training kit in the mail very soon!

Didn’t win this time?  No worries!  You can still get your very own Potty Tots Potty training kit through the Potty Tots website!  Have your little one with you when you explore the site, there is a lot of fun, interactive stuff to do!


I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!  Can you believe it’s October already?!  My goodness, how time flies!

Potty Tots Review & Giveaway!

I will be completely honest with you all and just say that I hate potty training.  I dread it.  The Pull Ups Potty Dance?  Ridiculous.  We have books and DVDs and I even sat through Dr Phil’s Potty training in one day deal.  You know what all of these things are lacking?  Focus on the child!  This is where Potty Tots is completely different.  Everything is all about full immersion of the child into the realm of using the potty.  There are adorable characters, cute songs, fun games, even an interactive website all designed to help get your child excited to use the potty.  Brillante!

Potty Tots was invented by a mom, Jill Leech.  I love that.  Who better to know what’s best for our children?  She saw a need for this in the market and so she made it happen!  Her philosophy is to make learning fun, and she did exactly that with Potty Tots!  The characters are multi-ethnic, easy to relate to, and honestly, they really are adorable.

Through the Potty Tots website, once you go through all the amazing information and fun activities, you can order a Potty Tots kit for a boy or a girl.  Each kit is specifically geared towards your child, getting them excited to start potty training.

The kits include a potty training guide book, an illustrated potty chart, a progress chart with clings, and an animated DVD with bonus music videos!

The kit is literally jam packed with all kinds of goodies that are perfect for helping you and your little one gear up for potty training with as little stress as possible.

Something super cool and unique with this system, is the progress chart that is included.  There is a large sheet with tons of adorable vinyl cling Potty Tots that are used to show your child’s progress.  Ideally, this would be hung in the bathroom, but we use ours on the refrigerator, where everyone can see Noah’s progress and cheer him on.  The more cheering and excitement there is, the more interest and success there is, trust and believe!

Noah would literally run down the hallway to move his little Potty Tot down the field, it was cause for celebration!

And of course, he also loved the book, which not only stars the Potty Tots, but they use the very same system in the book, showing the chart in use and everything, which is even more exciting for the child because they get to do exactly the same things as their favorite characters in the book.  Kids like to imitate, the awesomeness here is just, well, awesome.  This system has worked wonders with Noah’s potty training.  We have tried several different methods, taken several breaks, even assumed the kid would wear diapers into his teens.  Well, maybe not that bad, but potty training can be a stressful time.  Anything that helps encourage your child, and you for that matter, is worth it’s weight in gold.  Potty Tots is most definitely worth it’s weight in gold!

This is a system that you will use now and then pass down to the next child or share with your friends and family.  No silly gimmicks, no complicated maneuvers, just plain, simple, tried and true methods that make potty training something that does not need to be dreaded.

Check out Potty Tots for yourself at there website by clicking HERE.  They even have diplomas that you can print out for your little one!

“Like” Potty Tots on Facebook by clicking HERE.

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Did you check out their website and “Like” their Facebook page?  Once you do both, leave me a comment or send me an email to let me know and you are entered to win a Potty Tots training kit of your very own!  Share this review with your friends on Twitter and Facebook, and I’ll let you have an extra entry.  Hey, I’m cool like that.

I’m telling you, this system is effective!  I really wish I had had it for my oldest two, but now I know where to go when Sara is potty training next year.  Now go enter and good luck!  Winner wlil be announced Saturday, September 29, 2012.

The awesome folks at Potty Tots provided my with a Potty Tots kit free of charge for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any other way, and Potty Tots really did make potty training fun in our house!  They are awesome!

Bum Boosa!

Can I just start this review by saying how fun it is to say Bum Boosa?  Try and say it without smiling.  Impossible!  You’ll be smiling when you hear about this awesome company too.

As parents, how many baby wipes do we go through while our little ones are growing up?  Too many to count!  Well, Bum Boosa happens to make non synthetic, tree free baby wipes.  What do they make it out of?  100% viscose renewable bamboo!  Their wipes are alcohol free, paraben free, sulfate free and are formulated with gentle ingredients that include organic aloe vera and calendula extract.  They have a very lovely, mild scent of lavender and sweet orange.

Bamboo is completely renewable and sustainable, requiring no pesticides or insecticides, things I don’t care to wipe my baby with.  And with every purchase of the 80 ct wipes, Bum Boosa, in partnership with Trees For The Future, will plant a tree, helping to restore deforested regions around the globe.  Ummm…..that is really amazing.  Buy wipes, which you need anyway, and plant a tree, rebuilding a forest.  Yup, sounds like a plan for me!

I have been enjoying the wipes with my babies, they are soft and strong, and leave a very pleasant scent.  They are also very gentle and soothing on delicate baby bottoms, which is very important especially when you have babies with sensitive skin.

Speaking of sensitive skin, Bum Boosa also has an amazing diaper rash ointment.  It is 100% natural, made with nourishing plant based ingredients. A soothing formula of zinc oxide, vitamin E, lavender and chamomile make this powerful, effective and again, very pleasantly scented.   It is also made at a factory utilizing 100% wind power!  Bum Boosa isn’t just talking the talk, they truly are giving back and doing their part to make this planet a better place to call home.

Check out Bum Boosa on their website by clicking HERE.

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The awesome folks at Bum Boosa provided me with a sample of their wipes and diaper rash ointment free of charge so that I could share their awesome company with all of my readers.  I was not compensated in any other way, and I really do think their products are awesome.

Toilets are overrated.

So says Noah.

“Do you need to go potty, Noah?”

“Uh, NOPE!”

And that’s pretty much how the weekend potty training mission went.  We sat him on the potty, we let him wear his new Mickey Mouse underwear, we asked him often if he needed to “go”.  The answer was always “Uh, NOPE!”, followed soon by wet underwear and crying Noah.  He was horrified at the thought of being wet, but the connection wasn’t there yet.


He will learn eventually.  Probably.

For now we are scaling back and just having him sit on the potty in the evening after dinner.  We’re planning on slowly building up to the full scale training.

Yeah, I had grand illusions of a great weekend of potty training, but I also came down with a cold Friday evening, so my enthusiasm plummeted and quickly became rather lackluster.

So for the record, two babies still in diapers.  But that’s cool.

Am I excited to go forth on the potty training adventure?  As a wise, handsome little boy once said, “Uh, NOPE!”


Potty Training

I believe I have avoided it as long as possible.  It’s time.


Potty training sucks.  It just does.  Noah is 2 1/2 now, and showing signs of readiness.  I have waited for the warmer weather, because I have found that if you just throw them in some actual underwear, they seem to catch on faster.

Pull Ups are great for overnight, nap time, or even errands during the early stages of training.  But Pull Ups are basically diapers.  They look like diapers, they feel like diapers, they work like diapers.  My kids don’t care if the designs change, or if there is a “cooling sensation” when they wet.  The Pull Ups just soak it up like a diaper and they merrily go about their day.

That is why I jump in head first and just put them in their new, fancy underwear.  When they pee, they will be wet and uncomfortable.  Same goes for poo.  The first time they have an accident, they are dumbfounded.  Then they usually catch on pretty quick after that.


Noah likes to take his sweet time with things.  He was born a week past his due date, didn’t get his first tooth until he was one, and didn’t start walking until he was almost 18 months old.  Yes, this boy has his own schedule of doing things.  Perhaps I should see if he can squeeze in some potty training before I clear my schedule?

Have an awesome weekend.  I hope its less pissy than mine is guaranteed to be.  (Seriously, I crack myself up.)