July 2017 YumeTwins Box Review

I have mentioned before how much I love the kawaii trend and became obsessed with research for the best kawaii themed subscription boxes.  I chose two, YumeTwins and Doki Doki Crate.  I got a six month subscription to both, and July is my second box for them.

So far, YumeTwins is winning the battle of the boxes for me, which surprises me because I thought Doki Doki would reign supreme for me.  This month it blew Doki Doki out of the water with it’s Summer Holiday theme.  Let’s jump in and see what we got!


Like Doki Doki Crate, YumeTwins also ships directly from Japan.  I have been receiving my YumeTwins box about a week and a half sooner than my Doki Doki Crate each month.


The box is  even cute on the inside, with unicorns and hearts and stars, just super adorable!


Included each month is a booklet, describing the items in the box and usually also includes some info on places to see or things to do in Japan.


Disney Suiashy “Potemochi” Plush

This was the very first item in the box, and it is super cute!!!!  There were five different plushes you could have received, and I will admit, this alien from Toy Story was not one that I was hoping for, but he is so stinkin’ adorable!  He is so squishy and soft!  The Potemochi get their name from the Japanese word “potteri” which means plump, and “mocchiri” which describes a soft, glutinous texture.  These really remind me of the Ufufy Disney plushes found in the Disney Store Japan.  He is quite large, and everyone fights over who’s turn it is to squish and cuddle him.  Love!

My Melody Dental Travel Kit

Staying true to the summer holiday theme, they included a Sanrio My Melody Dental Travel Kit, complete with travel toothbrush and toothpaste.  There were two different color variations you could have gotten, and I am happy with the one I received.  In the Doki Doki Crate, they seem to throw in random Sanrio junk, just to seemingly bump the value of their box, but this item actually makes sense and will be used.  It is also, obviously, very cute!


Sailor Moon Playing Cards

This is a special 20th Anniversary edition of Sailor Moon playing cards, by Ensky.    This looks just like the Sailor Moon characters we know and love from the 90’s!  This is a great item for playing with on long car rides or just to play with anytime.  Very cute and great item to fit this month’s theme.


Kawaii Adhesive Bandages

Brought to you by Kamio Japan, Japan’s leading stationary maker, we have a set of 15 cute bandages.  This is a perfect size for keeping in the car or your purse or even throwing in a beach bag.  There were 4 different designs we could have gotten, and I got the one I wanted, so yay!  In a house with 4 kids, you can never have too many bandages, and these are so cute, I look forward to using them for myself as well!


Re-Ment Sanrio Japanese Goods Blind Box

I love, love, love Re-ment!!!  They make teeny tiny miniature collectibles, with gorgeous attention to detail.  I made the mistake of showing some kits to my kiddos, and now they are just as obsessed as I am, they want to collect them all!


How adorable is this?!  *squeeeee!!!*  I hope to see many more Re-Ment boxes in these subscriptions, they are insanely adorable and such a fun, cute find!


Thus concludes my July 2017 YumeTwins Box.  So much better than the July Doki Doki Crate!  I paid $28.33 for this box with free shipping, because I ordered the 6 month subscription.  YumeTwins is definitely winning the battle of the boxes for me right now.

Do you have a YumeTwins subscription?  What was your favorite item this month?




June 2017 Hot Topic Mini Haul

Have you visited your local Hot Topic store lately?  Or better yet, check out their online store?  I have to tell you, I am really impressed with their super fun, eclectic collection of goodies!  And better yet, they carry an amazing amount of plus size cute clothing items as well!!

Yes, curvy girls and guys rejoice!  We too should be able to wear our fandoms and beloved characters on shirts and hoodies and other fun wearables, and it seems like the industry is finally starting to listen to our pleas!

I have ordered Disney and Totoro and Gudetama shirts in my size from Hot Topic, and have been very pleased with the quality and the fit!  The stores are completely filled to the brim with fun treasures my entire family enjoys, even the youngest kids.

Hot Topic can definitely be pricey, but luckily they are almost always running sales and promotions, so watch for those.

I snagged a few super cute Disney goodies during a recent sale, I thought I would share with you here.


I have love all things Disney, honestly, but there is a special place in my heart for Stitch and the Disney Villains.  (My oldest daughter gasps with disbelief every time i root for the villains, hehe.) 


Are you as obsessed with blind bags as my family is?  We can hardly leave a store without grabbing one or two or sometimes a handful of these mystery bags of awesome.  Everything from Tsum Tsums, to Funkos, to whatever other little treasure we happen to find.  This time it was the Disney Princess Figural Keychains, a series I have not gotten any of yet.  What is awesome about blind bags and our big family is, if you don’t get what you want, there is definitely someone here who will claim the prize for you.


Blind bags are almost never on sale, so I was excited to grab a few on discount.  And since this is a new series for me, I was pretty excited to get any princess.  Which one is your favorite?


I got Jasmine and Ariel!  Woo hoo!!  Very excited with these two!  They are pretty heavy and feel nice and sturdy.  I don’t know that I would use them as actual keychains, I think I would be worried about them getting messed up.  But they will definitely get displayed!


Guys!!!!!!!  Oh my gosh!!!!!!!  Are you seeing these insanely gorgeous Beauty & The Beast slippers?!?!?!  I saw these and my jaw just dropped, they are soooo pretty!  I love the gorgeous stained glass art, and these are seriously comfy slippers!!!  It is way too hot to wear them now, believe me I tried, but I will be rocking these just as soon as the cooler weather hits!  So in love!


I love Ursula.  I watched the Little Mermaid in theaters with my sister, mom and grandma when it first came out.  Something about the ocean and the mermaids and all of the magic……

When my cousin was pretty little, we used to babysit her quite a bit, especially in the summertime.  She was obsessed with this movie and insisted on playing The Little Mermaid in the swimming pool all summer long.  She was, of course, Ariel, and somehow, I was always Ursula.  Haha!  Maybe that is where my fondness of the sea witch came from, but either way, I totally dig this Ursula tumbler, with the pretty purple colors and it glows in the dark!

I’m always sipping water, why not do it in style?  And the Ursula Tsum Tsum is adorable as well!  I also snagged a Maleficent hair bow, complete with horns.  So fabulous!


Besides the Stitch shirt, I also snagged a pretty eye shadow palette, a Stitch Tsum Tsum, a pretty Ohana wrap bracelet, and the super adorable stitch earrings that look like he is biting your ear lobes when you wear them.

Not bad for a mini Disney haul from an unexpected source, am I right?  We have gotten some cool Funko Pop figures from Hot Topic along with neat Batman and Joker goodies for the boys and Star Wars stuff for Abe.  They have a little bit of everything, definitely worth a look if you haven’t checked them out recently!

What do you like to snag from Hot Topic?


Little Box Play Things

As we are oh so quickly approaching the holidays, it seems to always bring on the panic of gift hunting.  We are constantly bombarded by ads for the latest, greatest technology, or this fad toy, or this awesome gadget, it’s easy to overlook the beauty in simplicity.  This is where my awesomely talented cousin comes in and I tell you about her gorgeous gifts that can be custom tailored for any kid, big or small!

Please meet Little Box Play Things, artfully crafted by my cousin, Ashley.








She creates these amazing, personalized treasure boxes, perfect for keeping all kinds of goodies in!  You have the ability to choose colors, names, themes, whatever your little heart desires!  Princesses, Mickey Mouse, Avengers, Game of Thrones even! If you have an idea, I guarantee you that she can run with it and leave you amazed. What a great gift idea for the hard to shop for guy!  Or girl!  She has lots of themes to choose from, and an amazing knack for really getting even the tiniest details in.  My girls keep all sorts of fun things in their boxes, anything from jewelry, lip gloss, pretty rocks, you name it!

After you pick out your amazing treasure boxes, how about fill it with imagination building toys?  She also custom makes gorgeous magnet play sets with lots of fun themes including big Disney favorites!  My kids have had hours of fun with the magnet sets, playing out favorite stories or episodes or even making up their very own stories to go along with their favorite characters!  So cute, so fun, and no batteries required!!





To round out the fun themes, you can even have a mini bowling set created to match everything and provide lots of fun and giggles with the little ones.  Everything is gorgeous, and made with love!


So many cute things to choose from!  Make sure you stop by and say hi and tell her what kinds of fun themes would make the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season or any time at all!  Nothing beats handmade with love!

Check out Little Box Play Things Etsy shop by clicking HERE.

Check out Little Shop Play Things Theme Ideas by clicking HERE.

Follow Little Shop Play Things on Facebook by clicking HERE.

March 2014 Nerd Block Jr Girls Review!

Woo hoo!  We got TWO Nerd Blocks at our house this month!!  As you have heard me gripe before, the regular Nerd Block, while definitely awesome and highly loved by all the stinky boys in my family, does not have enough girly stuff!!!  Like, we don’t need tampons or makeup or anything, but how about some awesome Disney Villains, or even women super heroes??!  Just sayin’.  It definitely seems geared towards the boys.

That said, when I saw that they were now offering Nerd Block Jr for Boys and Girls, I was excited to give it a try!  Of course, I opted for the Girls version, and it had some super cool stuff inside!  I have high hopes for this box, I hope it continues in it’s awesomeness!  Take a look!


*Mega Blocks Moshi Monsters 73 Piece Katsuma estimated value $8.00

*Disney Pixar Brave Triplet Bear estimated value $10.00

*Funko My Little Pony Tin-Tastic Creative Activity Set estimate value $15.00

*My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Slap Band estimated value $5.00

*Mega Blocks Hello Kitty Series 2 Collectible Figure estimated value $3.00

Lot’s of awesome, right?!  Admittedly, more for my girls than me, but so much fun and what a value!  Nerd Block Jr, both for boys and girls is only $13.99 plus shipping!  You can see by the estimated values, taken from Amazon.com searches, that the products value far exceeds the monthly subscription price!  I am very happy with this month’s Nerd Block Jr for Girls and am definitely looking forward to more!

Wanna get your paws on your very own awesome Nerd Block Jr?  CLICK HERE! You can choose between a Boys block or a Girls block, each catered especially for kids between ages 6-11 (and their parents, if they so choose….).  Each box is filled with fun toys and collectibles from some pretty awesome brands like Disney, Nintendo, My Little Pony, Adventure Time, etc.  Win/Win!

Feliz Aniversario!


Last weekend, Abe and I celebrated 12 years of marriage.  I was given 12 gorgeous roses, a home made breakfast and, knowing me as he does, a  beautiful, glittery Disney anniversary card.


My husband is awesome.

We had the tiniest of weddings in a tiny little Las Vegas style wedding chapel in St Louis city.  When I say tiny, I mean, we were scrambling to make sure we had enough witnesses to sign the papers.  I had my brother, a friend from work and her two little girls as my flower girls, and that was it.  I had invited my sister, but she declined.  Yeah.  So…..

After our quick ceremony, we hopped in the car and headed to Destin Florida, where we spent a few lazy days at the beach before we headed down to Disney World.  I had never been to Disney World before, and even though I was a grown up, it was still magical and amazing.  Disney never disappoints.

12 years later, and through all kinds of crazy ups and downs, here we stand, stronger than ever and more in love than that rainy July morning when we said “I do”.  My husband really and truly is my very best friend in this world.  He is my soul mate and as hard as it is for even me to comprehend, I love him more each and every single day.



Quiero estar contigo para siempre, mi amor.

Saint Louis Zoo

This weekend we visited one of the most popular, and free, attractions in the St Louis area.  The Saint Louis Zoo.   The most exciting part, for me anyway, was seeing the new baby lion cubs!  What is it with women loving babies?  I don’t know, but prepare to fall in love!

There’s Mama with one of her babies!  All together now, Awwwww!

Napping, because being this darn cute is hard work!

Oh my goodness, what a precious baby!  This looks like a Lion King in real life pic if I ever saw one!  Where are Timon and Pumba?  Okay, Disney dream killer, let’s not dwell on the fact that the lions would eat them for lunch.  No, let’s pretend they are all good friends that enjoy breaking into song to make even the tough times more enjoyable.  Thank you.

Did you know that every zebra’s stripes are completely unique, just like a finger print?  It’s true.  The striping kind of looks like a finger print, doesn’t it?  Also, this zebra is rocking a killer goatee!

A fat, happy jaguar, sleeping in the grass on a hot, sunny day.  Even the big cats are lazy.  It’s a cat thing.

I am obsessed with owls, so of course I’m always happy to see one in real life.  This one is a Burrowing Owl.  Probably.  I think.  Abe and I are arguing over the owl pictures, trying to decide what they are and Google is not being as helpful as I would like.  *le sigh*

This pretty little guy is a Blue-Crowned Motmot, from Central and South America.  “Mot-mot” is an American-Spanish word that was coined as an imitation of the sound this bird makes.  Mot-mot, little dude.  Mot-mot.

Okay, I love this guy.  He is fuzzy and adorable, and his expression, oh, I just love him.  I have no idea what he is though.  We think he is an owl, but can not figure out what kind!  I don’t know if he is still young, and that’s why he is kinda fuzzy, or if that’s just how he rolls.  If I figure out what he is, I will definitely update this post.  If you know what he is, please share!  Inquiring minds and such!  *UPDATE!*  It is a Tawny Frogmouth, an Australian bird, and it is not an owl.  But, I still love him.

Okay, this was adorable.  This is one of the older male chimpanzees.  He came up to the glass, right next to Noah and was chewing on a piece of banana.  Once he had it good and chewed, he stuck out his tongue, offering it to Noah.

When Noah didn’t take it, he chewed it up some more and then offered it again.  (So that’s where Alicia Silverstone learned how to feed her baby!) Believe me, if Noah could have taken the chewed up nanner, he most definitely would have!  He is the banana killer in our house.

Rawr!  You know what I would love to see at the Saint Louis Zoo?  An expanded bear exhibit.  A large, natural environment for them to explore and be happy in.  I can’t help but feel sad when we see what bears they have left pacing around and looking sad in their tiny little dwelling.  This needs to be a priority on their To Do list!  This is a Grizzly Bear, by the way, and he was pacing and looking sad in my humble little opinion.

Beautiful mariposa!

The Black Rhino!  I know all the animals have names, but I don’t know this guys name.  He looks like a Gus to me.  Gus is native to Africa and weighs more than one ton!  He also has a habit of charging at objects, as do all rhinos.  They have poor vision.  Perhaps if they had fashionable eyewear with corrective lenses, they wouldn’t be so quick to charge.  Right, Gus?  I’m certain he agrees with me.

O hai!  Hippos scare me.  One too many Discovery Channel shows talking about what vicious killers they are, I suppose.   Did you know, even though they can top the scale at 6,000 pounds, they can run up to 30 miles per hour?!  And their massively sharp canine teeth can be as long as 20 inches?!  Also, their bellow can be louder than a heavy metal band playing 15 feet away.  Yup, still scared.  Not that I plan on running into any, but you never know…

It was a sweltering hot day, so the elephants were all headed to la aqua!

When I see a mama and baby elephant, I always think of Dumbo.  Uh oh…..I feel a song coming on…

Baby Mine

Baby mine, don’t you cry
Baby mine, dry your eyes
Rest your head close to my heart
Never to part, baby of mine
Little one when you play
Don’t you mind what you say
Let those eyes sparkle and shine
Never a tear, baby of mine
If they knew sweet little you
They’d end up loving you too
All those same people who scold you
What they’d give just for
The right to hold you
From your head to your toes
You’re not much, goodness knows
But you’re so precious to me
Cute as can be, baby of mine

*sniff*  So sweet.  Why do you have to make me cry, Disney?

Oh, baby animals are just the best!

So that was our Saint Louis Zoo trip in a nutshell.  And that was not even the tip of the iceberg as far as attractions and animals available at the zoo. They have a large Children’s Zoo area and an area where you can pet sting rays and even feed sharks in the summer.  This day was hot though, and the babies were melting in the sun, so we didn’t get to do much more than what was represented in the photos here.

Abe did take some disgusting spider photos.  Funny, since he is a self proclaimed aracnaphobe.  I “accidentally” erased them though.  Taking an extreme close up photo of a native spider is one thing, but the horrific monstrosity that he captured on camera….*shudder*  Well, let’s just say I saved all of us from the horrendous nightmares that would have surely followed after viewing said monsters.  I was only thinking of you.  You’re welcome.