Abe took a long weekend this past week, and so I convinced him to take on a project I have been wanting to do forever.  One that he did not want to do.  See, we have this nice kitchen table that wasn’t as nice as we thought it was.  Within two months of buying it, it was pretty much crap from a water spill that bubbled up in the middle of the table.  Soon after, other marks started showing up from moisture, splitting the wood and just making it look junky.

That was depressing.  We spent good money on what we thought was good furniture, and come to find out, what was advertised and what we were in fact told was solid wood, was actually a very thin piece of wood over what I presume to be MDF.  Why would we think Weekends Only would sell crappy furniture?  Lesson learned.

Regardless, we spent the money and I was determined to make this table look awesome again.  I did research and studied tutorials over the last several months and felt confident that we could fix the table.  We sanded, we prepped, we stained.

Here’s a fun fact.  When your table top is all dusty from sanding, and you want to wipe it off really well before staining it, DO NOT USE A DAMP CLOTH TO DO SO!!!!

Is that common knowledge?  Because I didn’t know that, so maybe I’m just a dumbass.  Apparently, when you get even the teeniest tiniest amount of moisture on the raw wood, that opens up the pores and gives it super stain soaking powers.

Wanna guess how I got the excess dust off?


Wanna see a picture of how I ruined all our hard work?


See those purdy finger streaks on the table?  The super dark marks where I opened up the wood pores with my damp cloth?

*le sigh*

So, this left us with some fun options.  One included completely re-sanding and then re-staining.  That would be the right way to fix it, on a normal table that wasn’t crap.  See, the tiny sliver of wood left on top of the MDF is more than likely not enough to last another sanding.  Soooooo…..

We painted it.  You can still see the wood grain through it, which is cool, and once we get it good and sealed/lacquered, hopefully it will be gorgeous and well protected until we buy a new set, not from Weekends Only.

It will either be cool, or require tablecloths until we get our new set.

Oh well, live and learn I suppose.  I’ll share more photos of the disaster once we have the clear coats on.  Woo hoo!