You can’t get pinkeye from someone farting on your pillow. Probably.

Poor Matt.  He had a rough last day of school.  He came home looking worn out and kind of sad.  I asked what was wrong and he just broke down.  His two very best buddies are moving away to a different school districts.  At 10 years old, that is pretty much the end of the world.  I remember that sucky feeling.

Later that evening, he complained that his eyes were sore.  I assumed they were dry from crying and told him he would be fine.  He persisted, so I gave him some eye drops.

By bedtime, it was unmistakable.  He had pinkeye.


And the very first case of pinkeye in our 10 years of parenting.  Weird.

His eyes were glued shut with crust this morning, and as you can see, he is very swollen and just kind of pathetic looking.  He will see the doctor today and hopefully get some eye drops to ease the pain.  Meanwhile he is oh so very quarantined.