November Citrus Lane Box!

Middle of the month means a box of sunshine at our door, otherwise known as Citrus Lane!  For those not in the know, Citrus Lane is a subscription service that delivers a box of specially curated items for babies from newborn to age 3 every month.  Each month has a theme, and this month, unsurprisingly, the theme is “Fun With Food.”  Let’s dive in!

This month’s box was full of fun, food related goodies!

As always, each box comes with a sheet that explains each item, tells you where to find more, and often times includes some awesome, exclusive coupon codes.

Goodbyn Small Meals $6.49

This BPA free container is perfect for packing snacks for on the go and keeping them from getting all squished like they would in a baggie.  This one in particular also has two separate compartments, which is awesome for making a complete meal for your little one and easily toting it mess free.

Plum Organics Training Meals $1.49

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal.  Yum!  This is a perfect way to start the day, keeping baby nice and full before a long car ride to grandma’s house for turkey and all the fixins!  I like to mix in some fresh fruit, upping the yum factor and adding even more nutrition.  No complaints from my kiddos!

Green Eats Set of 4 Snack Bowls $6.99

Just the right size for the Plum Organics oatmeal!  These bowls are actually made from recycled milk jugs!  Even better, for easy clean up, they are dishwasher safe.  Something to remember though, they are not microwave safe, so while they are great to serve snacks in, remember not to warm anything in these bowls.

Tiny Prints 20% off plus free shipping

Tis the season for fun holiday cards, and this coupon code is just in time for making some awesome cards of your little ones to send to friends and loved ones.

“Look Mommy!  Something for you!  In my box….”

Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer $9.00

Yes, included in this month’s box was a special treat for the mamas!  All natural, hydrating and full of antioxidants.  Great way to wind down at the end of the day, especially during all the chaos of the holidays!

Plan Toys Fish Castanets Set of Two $10.00

How stinkin’ cute are these?!  Two, very brightly colored wooden castanets, perfect for little hands and pleasant on the ears!  It is a soft, pleasant sound that these fishies make, and they are FUN to play with!  I find myself grabbing them every time I see them, clacking out a little beat before one of the kids steals them away.  Very well made and well loved in this family.

“Time for a jam session, Mama!”

Try out your very own subscription to Citrus Lane by clicking HERE.  Once you follow that link, enter coupon code 10TODAY to save 10%.  Or, enter code 10MONTH for $10 off one month.    When you subscribe for a full year, they also give you two months free.  Who doesn’t love free?!

We love Citrus Lane in our home.  As I have said before, the value of the products each month for the small price paid is just fabulous.  And much cheaper than a “quick” trip to Target for me.  I love being introduced to new brands and companies, and we have loved everything we have gotten so far.

Buddy Fruits

Summer is in full swing, and now that the kids are out of school, they are always asking to be fed.  What’s up with that?

We had the fun opportunity to try out Buddy Fruits, a line of 100% fruit snacks and pouches that give your kids a full serving of fruit in each package.  That is pretty cool!

On every package, it tells you exactly how many fruits were used to make the snack.  For example, in these pomegranate and acai fruit snacks:

They used 7.2 oz of fresh apple and 5.3 oz of fresh pomegranate.  The rest of the ingredients are fruits extract, apple juice concentrate, grenade juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, fruit pectin, natural flavor, glazing agent.  That’s it.  No sugar, no corn syrup, no weird chemicals.  And the snacks are good!  The kids were begging for more!

Bella chose a banana smoothie pouch, made with skim milk.  She loved it!

Matt chose apple strawberry, which he said was super yummy.

So much so, he made sure he got every last drop out of that pouch!

Another cool thing about Buddy Fruits, the packages are resealable!  Even the fruit snacks!  Now, I’ve never had a problem with Matt or Bella not finishing their fruit snacks, but Noah?  Definitely.  And I love being able to reseal the package to keep the snack fresh.  The pouches are just as easy to reseal, the top just screws right back on!  Love it!

And they are just as yummy and easy to use for the little guys too!  Noah had no problem using the Buddy Fruits pouch and he loved the taste.  That’s saying something for Noah, because he is my picky eater.  This is a perfect, healthy snack that the kids will be begging for.  Believe me, mine have been since they tried them!

The kids are happy because they are getting sweet, yummy snacks and Mama is happy because they are getting a serving of fruit with no added junk.  Yay Buddy Fruits!

Want some more good news?  Buddy Fruits are really easy to find!  In fact, I’m sure they are in a store near you!  You can find them in Walmart!  You can also visit their website for a full list of stores that carry Buddy Fruits, along with online retailers, more information on their company, and even fun interactive games for the kiddos.

Visit the Buddy Fruits website by clicking HERE.

“Like” Buddy Fruits on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Follow Buddy Fruits on Twitter by clicking HERE.

The kind folks at Buddy Fruits provided my family with samples of their products to review and share with my readers.  I was not compensated in any other way, and my ninos are most definitely hooked on their yummy snacks!


Our tomato plants are exploding out of their earth box this year!  We put one large plant and one cherry tomato plant in the one earth box, and already they look like they have far outgrown their home.  We did a lot of research this year, trying to maximize our fruit production, and so far so good!

I’m excited, I love cooking with ingredients we grow ourselves.  It is very satisfying knowing that we grow some of the food that we eat.  I like knowing exactly how the plants are treated and cared for.  No pesticides or picking unripened fruit.  And the taste!  The taste of real, home grown fruits and veggies can not be beat.  I never realized how bland and tasteless fruit and veggies from the grocery store were until we began growing our own.

I want to preserve as much as I can and make use of every single fruit and veggie that we grow.  I love to can and share our harvest with friends and family.

I am truly longing for a larger yard where we can expand our garden.  Won’t be long.  Hopefully by next growing season.

Indian Strawberries

While sitting out in the back yard this past weekend, a flash of red near one of our trees caught my eye.  At first I thought it was some sort of flower that had accidentally gotten transplanted, either by wind or rogue gardening kiddo.  Upon closer inspection, I saw this:

What the what?!

Teeny, tiny strawberry looking fruit on what appears to be a strawberry plant.  But so small!  And alien looking!

I had Abe come out and look at it, and he declared it to be wild strawberries.  Upon further research on my part, I believe these to be Indian Strawberries, also known as False Strawberries, Mock Strawberries, She Mei, and Wild Indian Strawberry.  Also often confused for wild strawberries.

The fruit is edible, but completely tasteless.  We ate them and didn’t die, but I wouldn’t eat them again.

They are a perennial herb with several medicinal purposes, but are considered by many as an invasive weed.  Their location doesn’t bother me, so as far as I’m concerned they can spread as much as they like.  Its kind of neat to look out and see the tiny strawberries growing wild.  What can I say, I’m easily amused.