Fish Stick Snack!


Guys!  How cute are these “fish sticks”?!

I saw this adorable idea on Pinterest and made them for a recent playdate we had.  They are so incredibly simple to make and they are so impressive looking when they are finished!  And not to mention what a hit they are with the kids!

To make these is pretty self explanatory.  It’s just pretzel rods dipped in melting chocolate and then decorated with Goldfish Crackers and sprinkles.  I used the little mini pearls for the bubbles, and mixed pink and blue colored sugar for the aquarium gravel.

This would be a great Shark Week snack!  Sure, they aren’t Great Whites, but they are awfully cute and it’s an underwater theme, so that counts, right?

Happy snacking, friends!


Happy Shark Week!

IMG_6303 (2)

Are you huge fans of Shark Week like my family is?  We just love it, even if all the shows make the ocean a wee bit scary!  *cue Jaws theme*

I made this fun snuggle sack for Noah last summer, it was the perfect project for summer time, and it kept him warm all fall and winter.  It is made with Bernat Blanket yarn, so it is super plush and cuddly!

Every night when I tuck him in, I tell him to “Feed the shark!”  He giggles and then climbs right in.

You can find the pattern for the Shark Snuggle Sack from Yarnspirations by clicking HERE.

Enjoy Shark Week, and don’t feed the sharks!  Unless they are made with fluffy yarn!  😉


The Feeling

I am a huge Graham Norton fan, if you aren’t familiar with him, well, make yourself familiar because he is awesome.  Basically he is a talk show host in the UK, and his show can be found on BBC America here in the states.  He has several guests on his show, and often a musical guest at the end.  The production quality of the musical guests blows me away!  Amazing sound, lighting, camera angles, I mean, really high quality, it pulls you in!  He often has bands or singers that had you not been watching, you may have never had the pleasure of hearing.

One such band, for me, is The Feeling.  I caught them at the end of one of his shows and they sang “Turn It Up”.  LOVE that song!!  Super catchy, upbeat, and just plain awesome.  Not available on Spotify, BOO!  But I found the music video, which I will share.  I wish I had the video from the Graham Norton Show!!  The lead singer is deliciously dramatic, it is very amusing.  If you want to hunt, it’s from season 3, episode 8.  🙂

Meh to the video, it’s too dark for the melody, in my humble opinion, but I just adore the song.  Through this one little song, I explored a lot more of their tracks and several of them have made it into my regular rotation, great for cleaning house to or just belting out the lyrics and dancing around with the babies!  🙂

Rainbow Cake!

I love rainbows.  Everyone who knows me, pretty much knows this.  It’s kind of an obsession.  This weekend, for Saraphina’s birthday party I decided to make another rainbow cake.  Unfortunately, it turned out a bit dry, but it was still pretty.  In the hectic planning, it was a wee bit overcooked, but I have made this cake before with awesome results, so it’s all good.

Here is the party spread.  Rainbow out of fruit, yummy sub sandwich with fixins, Sun Chips, Broccoli Salad, Lemonade, you name it.  Those Minnie Mouse water bottles are just wrapped in wrapping paper, aren’t they adorable?

Now for the cake!

I used two boxes of white cake mix, prepared according to instructions.  Once it was all well mixed, I separated it into six bowls in six equal amounts.  Then I added the color.  I used Gel Food Coloring, because it will not change the consistency of the batter like a liquid food coloring would.  You also get a much bolder, prettier color with the gel.  Looks like finger paint in the bowls, doesn’t it?

Bake for slightly less than the box calls for, because you are using less batter in the pans.  I used 9 inch rounds for each separate color.  Once cooled, stack with layers of frosting in between.  I used cream cheese frosting.  Mmmmm.  I iced it all white to hide the magical awesomeness hidden inside.

How’s that for fancy?  It’s a big hit, especially with the first cut of the cake when everyone sees how wicked cool you are for making such a fantabulous confection.

And if you don’t over bake it, it tastes pretty amazing too.

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