And the doctor said….


I Need a Doctor

Keratitis.  She thinks I may have gotten a sudden allergy to my contacts, even though I’ve used the same brand for 18 years.  Just one of those kooky things, apparently.  I left with the teeniest tiniest sample bottle of a combination antibiotic/steroid, and a prescription to get a full size bottle from the pharmacy.  No contacts for a week, re check, and then we will discuss a new contact brand.  Should be interesting.


I have used Freshlook Colorblends forever.  I have naturally brown eyes, but with the colored contacts, I have had grey, violet, blue,  green, and my current favorite, turquoise.  I’ll be a little sad to see the pretty colors go, but holyeyepain Batman, I will be relieved to hopefully not have this problem again anytime soon.


So glasses for now, re check next week, and then new contacts that show off my chocolate browns.  Could definitely be worse.