Raw Meat is Icky

Seriously.  Blech!  I hate touching raw meat.  Not only does it feel absolutely disgusting, but I think of all the germs and scariness all up in it.  Yeah, I’m kind of a germaphobe.  But don’t get me wrong.  I love meat.  It is delicious.  If God didn’t want us to eat animals, he would not have made them so darn delectable.  True story.

We had some ground beef sitting in the fridge that needed to be used, so Mama busted out the rubber gloves this morning and did some super quick freezer cooking.  Don’t judge.  You probably want to use rubber gloves when you touch raw meat now too, don’t you?  Don’t you?  Its okay, its an awesome idea, do it.  DO IT.

Have you heard about freezer cooking?  Its all the rage these days.  Its actually kind of brilliant, especially if you have a crazy schedule with work and kiddos.  Basically, you get meals ready to go and stuff them in freezer bags, store them in the freezer, and just pull them out for quick easy meals whenever you need them.  With Abe working fulltime and Matt and Bella in school and scouts and dance, yada yada, it has been a huge time saver.

My first stab at freezer cooking was……meh.  Heres a tip.  Taste test your recipes before making ginormous batches for several meals.  Don’t blindly trust yummy sounding recipes you find online.  You will regret it and your family will start to groan when you go to the freezer for an awesome freezer meal.  Trust me, I know this from experience.  I have a few meals in the freezer still that I am avoiding like the plague.  And a few had to have such massive rescue work just to make them “eatable” that really, it took as much time as cooking from scratch start to finish.

Today’s super quick freezer meals are a family favorite that lends itself to freezing well.  Meatloaf.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy as my Bella would say.  Each meatloaf will easily be two meals plus extra for spaghetti, and I made two loaves.  Probably took me about 15 minutes total to pull everything out, whip it together and then throw it in the freezer.

Yeah, I wear gloves to touch raw meat, so what?

Mama’s Meatloaf


Ground Beef


Onion Soup Mix

Worchestshire Sauce



Rubber Gloves (MUST HAVE!!)

Basically everything just gets mushed together and put in lined loaf pans.  I lined my pans with foil and filled them, then threw them in the freezer to, you know, freeze.  Once they are good and frozen, I will take them out of the loaf pans and throw the wrapped up ready to heat meatloaves into a Ziplock freezer bag with the cooking instructions written on the bag, you know, in case Abe decides to cook, and boom!  Easy freezer meal.


Its not a glamorous recipe, I realize, but it is my mama’s recipe, so it is in my opinion, the best meat loaf ever.  My mom usually cooks hers in the microwave though.  *gag*  Mine gets thrown in a 350 degree oven for an hour or so to get that yummy thoroughly cooked flavor.  Delicious, and so much less vomiting.  Its a good thing.