New Bed! Part 2

In the excitement of the last day of school and our very first case of pinkeye, woo hoo!, I forgot to update on the status of our new bed and if I had to be rescued by my machismo hubby.  I know you were just sitting on the edge of your seat awaiting an update.  Well, wait no more!

This is how our bed arrived:

Three boxes that the Fedex guy snuck off the truck and then drove away as quickly as possible.  Notice the “Team Lift” printed on the box there?  Well, my team was Noah and Sara that day, and they just aren’t as strong as they look.  (Note to self: see about starting babies on weight lifting regimen for next “team lift” delivery)

So I huffed, and I puffed, and I got them all in.

Here Mama, you look like you could use a drink.

I opened up the smallest box and saw a billion nuts and bolts and I gave up right then and there.  I decided it was too much work, I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t have to do it, I wasn’t gonna do it.

Twenty minutes later:

I decided I had to try.  I took the “Smart Frame” out of the box and read the directions.  I have to say, the instructions, and the grainy, crappy, dark pictures sucked.  I read them over and over again before I decided to just start playing around to get the feel for what I was working with.

Aha!  Okay, the instructions and pictures still left oh so much to be desired, but I got the frame assembled and was feeling pretty accomplished at this point.  All that was left was the corner braces and the mattress.  Piece of cake.  Once I opened the mattress, it exploded open, not the slow unfolding that the directions described.  I managed to wrestle it on the frame though.

Viola!  I don’t need no stinkin’ man to assemble things for me!  Although, if he were home, I would have had him do the whole thing for me, cuz…….that’s what boys are for.  Doing things we don’t want to do.  Not that we can’t.  But if acting weak and helpless makes them feel macho and at the same time gets stuff done, well then, I call that a victory.

So the bed is assembled, and so far, so good.  We have slept on it two nights now, and I have most definitely been sleeping better.  I am not waking up sore and creaky, and I am definitely sleeping deeper.  Hallelou!

New Bed!

English: Interior of a Sam's Club in California.

Four pregnancies and many years later, our bed right now is, to put it nicely, extremely uncomfortable.  Lumpy, bumpy, uneven, just a general hot mess.  During my latest pregnancy I bought a memory foam mattress topper, which made a huge difference.  The pain and pressure in my hips from the pregnancy induced relaxin overdose was greatly reduced.

As much as it may have helped, I think the mattress is just no longer our friend.  Too many mornings are spent creaking and cracking as we climb out of bed, complaining of aches and pains.  Not a great way to start the day.  Something had to be done.  So I bought a bed.  Online.

Since the memory foam was so kind to my aches and pains in the form of a mattress topper, I decided it would be worthwhile to test out a full memory foam mattress.  We did a lot of research.  (I say we, but I mean me.  Abe, the IT professional, sucks at Googling things and research in general.  Go figure.)  While Tempur-pedic sounded luxurious and wonderful, the prices were also very luxurious and not so wonderful for a family who is pinching pennies for the dream home.

So I turned to Sam’s Club.  Why not?

They have a huge selection of memory foam mattresses, along with a lot of reviews from very satisfied customers.  Many who said that they could not tell the difference between the Sam’s Club mattress and the official Tempur-pedic model.  Lets see, $6,000.00 for a mattress or $600.00?  Yeah, I’m gonna have to go with the $600, thanks.

After ordering last week, and tracking that baby ever since, it is officially on the truck to be delivered today.  I am excited!  Waiting right now for the delivery guy to show up.  My impatience will most definitely have me ripping into the boxes, trying to assemble everything myself before Abe even comes home from work.  That’s how I roll, patience may be a virtue, but it is a foreign concept to me.

I will either be successful and proudly show off my DIY skills when hubby comes home, or it will be an epic fail, leaving me crabby and spilling colorful words until hubby comes home to rescue me from the chaos I created for myself.

I much prefer the happy ending that makes me look good.  We shall see how the day goes.  Send your good DIY vibes my way.