Natures Paradise Organics Review!

I have recently discovered another awesome company that specializes in organic products, with lines for baby, beauty, household, you name it!  Natures Paradise Organics is a company that started with the founder’s great grandmother’s family recipe for skin irritations, something she cooked up herself on her stove top and gave out to family and friends to soothe their irritated skin.

This is a company that is passionate about providing it’s customers with organic, safe, and natural products.  Their recipes include no chemicals, no toxins, no petroleum, no synthetics, no parabens, no phtalates, no BPA, no sulfates and are 100% vegan!  Safe ingredients equal a safe product, and one that you can feel 100% confident in using both on yourself and on your precious baby’s skin!


I received the  Baby Organic Coconut Moisturizing Lotion for review, and I just have to say, the formulation is heavenly!  It is silky smooth right out of the bottle and the scent is just divine!  It is a very light and delicious coconut smell that leaves skin fresh and moisturized without weighing it down with a greasy, sticky mess.  It absorbs well and best of all, it works wonders on dry winter skin!

This is a product that you can feel good using on your children and yourself, along with their many other amazing products.  As the year is coming to an end, now is the perfect time to go through your cabinets, throw out the old, toxic, nasty, chemical laden products and replace them with something better both for you and for the environment.  Even better, Natures Paradise Organics is having a sale on their products!

Go to their website by clicking HERE, and enter code “blackfriday” to get 60% off!  That is a steal!  Browse through their many products and stock up now, it is a great way to start the new year and an amazing gift for the loved ones on your holiday shopping list!

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The 60% off sale has been extended to include Cyber Monday!  What are you waiting for?  Go shop!  🙂

The awesome folks at Natures Paradise Organics provided me with free product for review purposes only and I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are my own, and I really do love their products!


The DeodoMom Cream

It’s something that we all need and we all use.  There are endless choices in a huge aisle, so many different formulations and scents and powers.  So many chemicals.  What am I talking about?  Deodorant.

You probably never thought about all the junk the deodorant companies put in their products, did you?  Me neither.  Never a second thought.  Likewise, I never realized that antiperspirants use aluminum to essentially plug the sweat glands until the skin is shed.  Does that sound like a healthy way to be stink free?  I didn’t think so either.

The DeodoMom Cream has no aluminum, no alcohol/glycol, no fragrance, dye or parabens and is 100% vegan.  Instead, it uses magnesium hydroxide, a mineral safe enough to eat, and water to effectively keep you odor free.

But does it work?

There are plenty of products out there that are better for us and that claim to work just as well as the chemically ridden cousins, only to disappoint.  That is not the case with DeodoMom Cream!  I have been using it in the sweltering heat, running around, running errands, chasing kids, you name it, and not once have I been distracted by ineffective deodorant.  (Come on, you know it’s happened to all of us at some point.)

And I like the fact that it is fragrance free!  How many deodorants actually smell nice?  In my opinion, they all have a very metallic undertone to them, and if I wanted to smell like metallic baby powder….well, I don’t.  So….

DeodoMom Cream was created by a husband and wife team, specializing in toxin-free and hypoallergenic products for pregnant women.  Obviously, pregger mami’s aren’t the only ones who care about what goes on and in their bodies, so this product is awesome for anyone who is health conscious and trying to make better choices for themselves and their family.

There are two formulations of the DeodoMom Cream.  It is available in a roller, just like regular roll on deodorant, as well as in cream form.  The cream comes in a jar and is applied like a lotion to the underarms.  Men and women can use DeodoMom Cream, but men will probably prefer the roll on, what with all their arm pit hair and what not.

There are also several olive oil soaps available, each specifically catering to different body areas and conditions.

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The awesome folks at DeodoMom Cream provided me with free product for review purposes and so that I could share their awesome product with my readers.  I was not compensated in any other way, and I really do love their awesome, safe deodorant!

Dolphin Organics


If you aren’t already in love with Dolphin Organics products, you are about to be.  This company was started by a husband and wife team who wanted only the best, organic and natural products for their children.  As I have mentioned before, so many products that are out on the shelves marked as “natural” and “organic” are just using those buzz words to pull you in.  A quick inspection of the label will show a long list of chemicals and preservatives that have no business being in a natural, organic product.


There is a whole line of amazing products to choose from,  and each of them is truly natural and organic, using nothing artificial, not even preservatives.


Something very nice you’ll notice on the back of each bottle, is the complete list of ingredients.  Not only does it tell you exactly what is in the product, but it even breaks it down into rows, telling you what items are natural and what items are certified organic.  There is also an “artificial” row, but as you’ll notice, that row is oh so nicely kept empty.  Que bueno!



You’ll also notice that Dolphin Organics is very proudly made in the USA, and is cruelty free and vegan.  The Simply Citrus Lotion blends organic aloe leaf juice, organic calendula flower and certified and organic citrus products which together gently hydrate, nourish and protect sensitive skin.


The lotion smells amazing and very fresh and goes on very smoothly, not leaving any greasy residue.  I feel good knowing that I’m not putting any nasty, unnecessary chemicals on my baby’s skin, and at the same time, I am nourishing and protecting her.  Plus, I’m not being tricked into buying something I think is good for my baby, only to find out that it is riddled with nasty, harmful chemicals .  It’s good to be smart!

Want to hear something else smart and amazing about this company?  With every purchase that you make,  Dolphin Organics donates a portion to Friends of Karen, a charity that is dedicated to supporting families with critically-ill children.  Not only are you buying the very best products for your children, but you are also supporting other families that need your help, just by purchasing these amazing products!

Dolphin Organics is doing their part by being a responsible company, making the smallest carbon footprint that they can while providing safe, natural and organic products for our children.  This is a company I feel very good supporting.  They are pretty awesome.

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The awesome folks at Dolphin Organics provided me with the Simply Citrus lotion free of charge for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any other way, and I really do love this awesome company and their amazing products!

Episencial Review & Giveaway!

As I have said in posts before, I have made it a priority in our home to try and replace the chemical ridden products that we use, with my focus on finding better alternatives for the babies first and foremost.  It is very hard to trust the “natural” products that you find easily on store shelves, because while they may have some natural elements to them, they are still heavy on the unnecessary chemicals that have no place on your child’s skin.

Episencial looks at skin care as health care, and has no unhealthy chemicals.  The products are made exclusively with all natural ingredients, mostly organic, are manufactured under solar power, come packaged in recycled and sustainable materials featuring the whimsical art of Eric Carle and have lovely scents that come from juice extracts, no chemical fragrances.

This is a line that you can definitely feel good using and teaching your children about greener, more sustainable living.  Plus, they have many health benefits!  The formulations are gentle and soothing to baby’s skin, without the harsh, unnecessary chemicals that can further irritate skin conditions.

This is the popular 3 Step System, consisting of the Playful Wash, Soothing Cream, and Sunny Sunscreen.

The Playful Wash has an amazing, energizing citrus scent.  It is very fresh, and provides plenty of sudsing bubbles for washing.

Noah’s horns are showing in this photo…

The formula is completely tear free and quick rinsing which is an awesome feature when you have babies that despise having their hair rinsed off!

The Soothing Cream is creamy and unscented.  It has organic calendula, neem and probiotics for comforting, balancing and soothing baby’s skin.  These products are high quality and healthy alternatives to commonly used products.  The packaging is happy and fun for the kids to look at, and you can’t beat the quality.

Episencial has very generously sent a gift basket of products to offer as a giveaway prize to my readers!

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Lastly, go to my Contact Me tab by clicking HERE.  You will see my email address on that page.  Send me an email telling me why you would like to win this gift basket.

That’s it!  Your email will count as your entry in the giveaway!  If you share this giveaway through your Facebook page or Twitter account, you can earn an extra entry.  Easy enough, yes?  So what are you waiting for?  Go enter!

I will select a winner on Friday, July 27, 2012.  Good luck!

The awesome folks at Episencial provided me with a 3 Step System for free for review purposes and so I could share their amazing products with my awesome readers.  I was not compensated in any other way and I truly do love their all natural products!

Bum Boosa!

Can I just start this review by saying how fun it is to say Bum Boosa?  Try and say it without smiling.  Impossible!  You’ll be smiling when you hear about this awesome company too.

As parents, how many baby wipes do we go through while our little ones are growing up?  Too many to count!  Well, Bum Boosa happens to make non synthetic, tree free baby wipes.  What do they make it out of?  100% viscose renewable bamboo!  Their wipes are alcohol free, paraben free, sulfate free and are formulated with gentle ingredients that include organic aloe vera and calendula extract.  They have a very lovely, mild scent of lavender and sweet orange.

Bamboo is completely renewable and sustainable, requiring no pesticides or insecticides, things I don’t care to wipe my baby with.  And with every purchase of the 80 ct wipes, Bum Boosa, in partnership with Trees For The Future, will plant a tree, helping to restore deforested regions around the globe.  Ummm…..that is really amazing.  Buy wipes, which you need anyway, and plant a tree, rebuilding a forest.  Yup, sounds like a plan for me!

I have been enjoying the wipes with my babies, they are soft and strong, and leave a very pleasant scent.  They are also very gentle and soothing on delicate baby bottoms, which is very important especially when you have babies with sensitive skin.

Speaking of sensitive skin, Bum Boosa also has an amazing diaper rash ointment.  It is 100% natural, made with nourishing plant based ingredients. A soothing formula of zinc oxide, vitamin E, lavender and chamomile make this powerful, effective and again, very pleasantly scented.   It is also made at a factory utilizing 100% wind power!  Bum Boosa isn’t just talking the talk, they truly are giving back and doing their part to make this planet a better place to call home.

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The awesome folks at Bum Boosa provided me with a sample of their wipes and diaper rash ointment free of charge so that I could share their awesome company with all of my readers.  I was not compensated in any other way, and I really do think their products are awesome.

Hip Peas!

Natural hair products for the kiddos that are safe for both them and the environment, plus they donate 10% of all profits to child focused charities.  Awesome much?

With four little heads of crazy hair, and various styling needs, I was super excited to find Hip Peas!  This company was created by a mom who, like you and me, wanted the safest, best products for her child.  It is no easy task finding natural products that are both safe and effective!  Leave it to a mama to find the magic combo!

Rest easy knowing these products are paraben free, phthalate free, petrochemical free, sulfate free, cruelty free, smell amazing, and they work!

We dove right into the detangler with Isabella.  Her long hair is often quite the hot mess after washing, so detangler is a must for her.

Not only were there no tears during the combing, but she was smiling the whole time!  We usually get some of the best dramatic performances from Bella when we brush out the tangles.  Just a pretty smiling face with our Hip Peas detangler.

The hair balm is awesome for spiky do’s, flyaways, or even for helping to hold barrettes in place, something we sometimes have problems with since Bella and Sara have smooth, slippery hair.

And the curl tamer, I will admit, I tried on my own head of curls.  It takes very little product to achieve smooth, silky, defined curls.  And again, the products smell absolutely amazing!

Check out Hip Peas website and all of their products by clicking HERE.  They offer FREE shipping on all orders over $50!

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Monkey Balm!

This is my little monkey, Noah.  (That’s his little monkey sitting next to him there.)

Of all four of my little monkeys, Noah is definitely by far the fairest in complexion, and in turn has the most sensitive skin.  (He looks really Mexican in this photo, doesn’t he?  I’m telling you, I have no idea how this Latina mama has all these fair, blonde babies!)

At his two year check up several months ago, he was diagnosed with Keratosis Pilaris.  To simplify, he has what we lovingly call “gator skin”.  He gets these rough, dry patches on his arms, legs and his cheeks.  Sometimes, he even gets it on his little tummy.  It feels like very dry skin, almost sand paper like, and has raised little flesh colored bumps.  Nothing visible, but you can certainly feel the roughness.

Our pediatrician wasn’t concerned at all.  She said we could try lotions, but that they probably wouldn’t work.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear.  We have tried lotions, every kind under the sun, but have not found any one that works particularly well.

While doing some online research, I happened to stumble across Monkey Balm.

100% all natural relief for dry skin and eczema.  Their site claims that their product can improve eczema and extreme dry skin in just three days.  There was no specific mention of Keratosis Pilaris, but I definitely wanted to see if this product could offer some relief to my little Noey Bean.

Monkey Balm comes in these huge, lip balm like containers.  It is made with organic Sea Buckthorn oils, the very first ingredient in their magic sticks that is clinically proven to improve the symptoms of eczema, extreme dryness, burns and wounds.  It is all natural, glides on very smoothly and has a very mild, pleasant organic scent to it.

This has become a highly anticipated ritual for Noah!  He loves the monkey on the container, and the balm is very smooth and completely non irritating.  But does it work?

YES!  In less than three days, his cheeks have completely cleared up!  As a mama, feeling the roughness on my baby’s cheeks was the worst of all.  While Noah never acted as though the condition bothered him, I felt sad that his little face was affected.  There is currently not a single trace of bumps or roughness on his face.

His legs and arms are very greatly improved as well.  The roughness has greatly lessened, and while he still has the small raised bumps, his skin is absolutely in much better condition after just the few short days that we have been using this awesome product.

On the balm, it also mentions that it can improve rosacea, a fun little condition I developed during pregnancy that never really went away.  I have been using it on my trouble spots and am noticing much softer, soothed skin.  That is exciting!

And while we are experimenting, Abe has even been putting the balm on his dry, cracked feet.  Oh, his feet are terrible!  I call them “mummy feet”, they are so scary looking!  But he has been using the balm and the dry, painful itching has disappeared.

It looks like our family is now officially a Monkey Balm family!  I was completely sold when my Noah’s face cleared up, but all the extra little benefits, well, it has definitely earned a well loved permanent spot in our family medicine cabinet.  And diaper bag.  And purse.  And nursery.  You get the idea.

Please read more about Monkey Balm HERE.    You can learn more about Organic Sea Buckthorn, its many health benefits, how this product is made and more.

Go “like” the Monkey Balm Facebook page HERE.  This is an awesome way to keep up to date with the company and even to learn up to date deals they are having on their amazing Monkey Balm!  Right now, they are offering free shipping when you buy two sticks!  Give them a try, I think you are going to love them!

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The awesome people at Balmers very generously gave me Monkey Balm for free so that I could review their product and share it with all of you.  I was not compensated in any other way, and I really am in love with this amazing, organic and natural product that has vastly improved my son’s Keratosis Pilaris.  We are a Monkey Balm family for life!