Gamer Block April 2017 Review

Last year for Christmas, I bought Abe a 6 month subscription to one of our favorite old subscription boxes, Nerd Block.  It had been a while since we purchased any sub boxes, and after the fire last year, we found ourselves needing to replace a lot of our awesome, geeky, little goodies.

I have majorly slacked on reviews and postings, but will say he was pretty happy with the last several boxes he received.  A neat option for the Nerd Block subscription, is that you can switch to another one of their many boxes to try something new out for a month or two.  The first four boxes he kept as Classic Blocks, and for April he switched for the Gamer Block M for Mature box.  Next Month is his last box unless we choose to renew, and he has already switched that for a Sci Fi Block.

I thought it would be a good idea to have him take over and review the box for you guys, since I was not interested in this block at all.  Like, not even a little bit.  The print included in this month’s box majorly creeps me out, I have already requested that it not be displayed where I might accidentally see it for fear of the nightmares that would follow!

*heebie jeebies!*

Anyway, I will let Abe take over here and tell you what he thinks of this month’s box!  🙂


Hello bloggers?… bloggies? ….readers.  As previously mentioned my name is Abe and I am the old man of the family.  Dad, husband, and full time taxi service are my occupation.  I also happen to have a another job where I do IT work for a large local corporation.  I have been cajoled into reviewing this box, I am not much of a writer so my sincerest apologies before you dive into the train wreck that is to follow.


First off, unlike the Classic Block, they do not set a theme for the Gamer Block.  You can, however, can go to the Nerd Block website and they will tell you some of the brands and franchises that will be included in the block to help you decide if you want it or not. Before I switched I researched the next block and found out that it would include Blizzard and Fallout items.  It mentioned a few others that I am not a big fan of, but those two specifically were what sealed it for me.  I could just imagine the awesome Fallout or Blizzard shirt they would be including and had to give it a shot.


Unfortunately, the shirt was a Tekken shirt which, while I do recognize the game, it is not a franchise or genre I am overly fond of.  Luckily the shirt is well made, the design doesn’t scream “Tekken”, and it fits well.  Overall, I would say the shirt was one of the few wins in the box, it is one of the few non black shirts they have sent me.


While the print doesn’t give me the creeps, I will say that this is tied for the worst item in the box (more on the other later).  This is a screen from the classic game Metroid, a game I have never really played.  The quality of the print is sub-par in my opinion.  There have been many Metroid games, some even with amazing graphics and art.  It is kind of a cop out to use an old 8 or 16 bit screen cap as the “print”.  I suppose there may be some fans of this style, but it is not me.  This was quickly given away to one of the boys, and I am sure it will be forgotten and trashed at some point.


Finally an item I can get excited about!  Blizzard has always been one of my favorite video game developers and I have been an avid fan and player of their products since the late 90s.  These little blind boxes can be found in stores and they are not cheap, so I was excited to get one.  The character is not important for this review (though it was Tyrande if you are curious), but it is well made and I was happy with the way it looked. One knock I would give to at least the character I got is that would not stand up on its own which makes displaying it difficult at best.


This was probably the second best item in here for me (yes it is a sticker if that tells you anything about my overall feeling on the box).  I am a fan of Fallout and have played every game since the first.  I can always find a place for a nice, well made decal.


Every Game M block comes with a free download for a specific game on Steam. This months download is the other item that is tied for the worst in the box, a 16 bit retro style game called Camp Sunshine.  I kind of like the way they package the download in a retro style video game box, but lets be honest, these will probably be thrown away by most people and doesn’t add any real value to the box.


I have downloaded and played about an hour of the game.  My overall impression is it is a lazy attempt to ride the coattails of the wildly popular Five Nights at Freddies series and has nothing really new, innovative, or in my opinion, interesting to offer the horror game genre.  That one hour is probably all I will ever play of that game.  For reference I don’t switch games quickly and I am willing to pay up for a game that I really like.  This is not a game I would have ever bought for myself and my brief test run in it just affirmed that belief.


I am not a Halo fan and have never even played a Halo game, however I am a huge book nerd and I will most likely read this all the way through. This book seems to be aimed more at the older teen audience which is fine.  I have many books aimed at that demographic.



I am a little bummed I switched to this box for the month as there were really only 2 items in it that I really liked.  Overall I have been happy with my Nerd Block subscription, and I feel like I usually get a really good value for what they cost.  This box is definitely the exception, even if I thoroughly liked all of the items, I kind of feel like more should have been included to get the value to a point where this box would be “worth it”.  I also think they should just give you a 10$ steam gift certificate, (the supposed value of the game included) that way you can get a game you would for sure enjoy.

Breakdown of my estimated value:

T-Shirt: 10$

Print: 1$ (honestly I would probably give this 0$ I could print something out on my printer and enjoy it more)

Blizzard Blind Box: 10$ (this is what they are selling for right now retail)

Fallout Decal: 2$

Camp Sunshine: 10$ (I currently play FREE games that are 100% more fun than this)

Halo Paper Back: 10$

So this box had a total retail value of 42$ which in general seems kind of a low end value for what you get in most of these subscription boxes.  Most people consider a 15$ value above the price of a subscription box the low end of what you should expect. Even if I liked every item in the box this one just wouldn’t make the cut.

Until next time


Well, there you have it!  An honest review for the intended “nerd” recipient.  I will say, Abe was majorly bummed by this box, which very rarely happens with his Nerd Block subscription.  As with all sub boxes, each month will vary greatly, and you will definitely have boxes that you love more than others.

Stay tuned for more reviews!

As a reminder, we were not paid or compensated in any way for this review, and we paid for this subscription with our own money.  All opinions are our own and honest, letting you know what you can expect from companies before investing your hard earned cash!


March 2014 Nerd Block Review!

Hey, what do you know?!  I’m gonna post my March review in March!  Haha!  Hey, dance competition season is upon us, you gotta give me some slack!  😉

Anyway, I just received two Nerd Block’s in the mail!!  I shared with you in my last review that we added a Nerd Block Jr Girl’s subscription to our monthly routine, partly because we have two girls, mostly because I gripe that Nerd Block doesn’t have enough girly stuffs!!!  Look for my separate review of our Nerd Block Jr Girls.  (A tiny hint, it’s kind of awesome.)

Now, for this month’s loot!


*Nerd Block Exclusive Shirtpunch Darth Vader T-shirt estimated value $10.00

*Assassin’s Creed Edward Kenway Figure estimated value $17.00

*The Simpson’s 25th Anniversary Series One Collectible Mini Figure Greatest Guest Stars estimated value $5.00

*Star Trek Skele-Treks Painted Collectible Mini Figure estimated value $3.00

* The Legend of Zelda Mini Figure Collection estimated value $10.00

*Topps Wacky Packages Stickers Series 7 estimated value $2.00

A close up of the closed figures opened!


The pictures turned out darker than I would have liked, I promise brighter pictures next month!

Definitely some cool stuff this month!  I know Abe will lurve the Dark Side shirt because, duh, Vader.  Also, getting Link in the mystery package is totally awesomesauce.  I have no clue who the Trek guy is.  I was kinda excited about it, because they definitely have a sugar skull look to them, but was hoping for a recognizable character.  Don’t hate on me, Trekkies!  I’m sure this guy is wicked awesome, just not sure who he is and we are more Star Wars in this casa.  The Simpsons Figure is none other than James Brown!  Glad we got him over Hugh Hefner, because yuck, but I would have preferred a regular Simpsons character, if you ask me.  You didn’t ask?  Well, it’s my blog and I’m telling ya anyway.  🙂

Wanna get your paws on your very own awesome Nerd Block?  CLICK HERE!  They are only $19.99 each month plus shipping, and besides coming with a super groovy EXCLUSIVE t shirt each month, (that come in sizes from youth to plus sized adult!), you are also guaranteed 4-6 epic items for your nerdy little heart’s delight!


February 2014 Nerd Block Review!

Time to share the awesomeness that was our February Nerd Block!


*Metroid Shirtpunch Nerd Block Exclusive T-Shirt

*Collectible E.T. Figurine

*The Smurfs Tag-Athon Collectible Game Figure

*Star Trek MiniMates 2 pack

*Power Rangers Mash-em’s Collectible Figure

*Playful Gorilla Presents The 80’s stickers (JEM!!!<3)

*Halo Action Clix Trading Figure Battle Pack

LOTS of collectible figures this month, with a definite 80’s vibe that I enjoyed.  Nerd Block has just recently added the option to get a Nerd Block Jr, either with a boy theme or a girl theme.  Now, I have definitely enjoyed our Nerd Blocks, but I can’t help but feel like they are heavily catering more to the fellas than the ladies.  Sorry, the black Brony figure last month does not count as a girl toy.  Had it been pink or rainbow colored, then hells yeah, I’m a happy girl!  Not even any awesome Disney figures yet, mostly gamer or boy themed stuffs.  For the girls that like that kinda thing, good for you and don’t be hatin’ on me cuz I like the stereotypical girly stuff!  But it is for this reason that I added the Nerd Block for girls for March.  Technically, it is supposed to be for ages 6-11, but come on, who are we kidding here?  lol

Look for my March Nerd Block Review coming coon, along with my March Nerd Block Jr Girls Review!  In the meantime, if you are interested in trying Nerd Block out for yourself, CLICK HERE!!   Each Nerd Block is only $19.99 plus shipping, and comes with a t-shirt that you can get in a huge variety of sizes, from kids to plus size adults.  It’s also easy to switch the size every single month if you like, so everyone in the family gets a turn at receiving a new, Nerd Block exclusive tee!  The Jr boxes are only $13.99, and though they do not include a t-shirt, that leaves more room for awesome toys!

Nerd Block Review January 2014!

Have you heard of Nerd Block yet?  If you are geeky in any way, or have a loved one who is oh so geeky, then this awesome subscription box is most definitely for you!

First things first, Nerd Block is a monthly subscription box completely catered to nerds/geeks.  In each box, you find all sorts of goodies ranging from Lord of the Rings Pop Vinyl figures to Nightmare Before Christmas plush toys.  There are all sorts of neat goodies, and each box comes with a geeky t shirt as well!  You can pick from a very large variety of sizes for your t shirt, from kid sizes, to women’s and even plus size men’s sizes!  Better yet, you can change the t shirt size every single month if you like, making sure everyone in the family gets a little bit of geek.  I LOVE that!  And with partners like Nintendo, Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics and Adventure Time, just to name a few, well, you are pretty much guarantees awesome in each and every box!

The cost is $19.99 each month, plus the cost of shipping, which can vary depending on where you are located.  Nerd Block is based in Canada, so shipping to our house is just under $10, making the complete cost of our Nerd Block just under $30 a month.  But I think that is a bargain, considering the super nice quality shirts included each month that are also exclusive designs that you won’t find in stores or available elsewhere!

Whew!  This post is getting wordy!  Let’s just show the awesome January box, shall we?  🙂



*Batman Shirt Punch Nerd Block Exclusive T-shirt (estimated value: $20)

*Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splat Flyer (estimated value: $15)

*Pop! Vinyl Iron Man Figure (estimated value: $10)

*My Little Pony Mystery Mini (estimated value: $9)

*The Hunger Games Catching Fire Pre Painted Collectible Miniature (estimated value: $3)

Pretty cool stuff, right?  Each box has a little bit of everything for our family, there has not been a box yet that has been a disappointment!  Are you dying to get a box of your own?  Don’t die, just CLICK HERE!!

We pay for our boxes ourselves, no freebies here, but definitely look forward to this box-o-awesomesauce each month.  Still waiting for something Walking Dead related, hint hint!!  And there definitely needs to be more girly stuffs, but that said, we have been subscribing since September and we love it!