No Throw Review & Giveaway!

If you have babies, then you know how much they love to throw things!  Especially their cups and pacifiers!  I can’t count how many times I have watched sippy cups or bottles or even pacifers get thrown from a stroller or shopping cart.  And there have been plenty of times these items have been thrown without me noticing, leaving us without a drink or a binky for the now crabby baby.

How about dinner time?  Do your babies love to throw their cup down as soon as you place it on their tray?  In my house, the kids are constantly helping to find the cups or binkies after they have been flung by a giggling baby who loves to play fetch with the older siblings.  It may be fun for the kids, but Mama doesn’t like to play fetch.  Not to mention think about the cooties that are on the cup or binky after landing on the floor or in the dog’s water dish.  Que asco!

Here is where No Throw comes in to save the day!

Don’t you just love the name?  I mean, how appropriate!  And what an awesome product!  Basically, these are tethers for pacifiers and bottles/cups.  They attach securely, and make it impossible for your little star pitcher to get their cup or pacifier to the ground.  Or the dog bowl.  Brilliant!

No Throw was invented by Karla and Karen, twin sisters who, through traveling to see each other, experienced one too many thrown sippy cups.  Wanting to avoid the embarrassment any more, No Throw was born.

“Oh look! A drink for me to throw!”

“Be a dear and fetch my cup for me, won’t you?”

Amazingly, once she realized she couldn’t get any distance on her pitches, she held the cup for the remainder of her meal!

I especially love that the pacifier tether is not hook and loop!  It has a very sturdy metal clip, and it attaches to the pacifier with a loop.  Believe me when I say I have gone through many a pacifier tether, and none of them have been as well made or sturdy!  Hook and loop can be pulled apart by the baby, and it wears out just from general wear and tear.

No losing of the binky during playtime!

This time of year is especially perfect for No Throw, because it seems like every weekend there are fun things to go out and do, and therefore lots of opportunities to lose cups and pacifiers.

“Hey! I tried to throw my cup across the room, what gives?”

Notice it doesn’t even touch the ground when it’s dropped! No more cooties or 5 second rule!

You know what?  No Throw is good for things besides pacifiers and cups as well.

How about attaching it to your purse or diaper bag with your keys? I’m always hunting for my keys in the deep abyss of my purse or the cavernous diaper bag. This keeps them securely in place and easy to find! Love!

Attach it to toys! Teethers, rattles, anything really! This keeps them secure to the car seat or stroller when your baby feels like throwing things out, which is all the time with my kiddos.

Wondering where you can get your very own No Throw tethers?  Well, besides their website, which you can find HERE, you can also find them at your local Walgreens, Rite Aid, or

How would you like to win a set of No Throw tethers for yourself?   These would also make an amazing gift to a new mommy!  No Throw has very generously offered to send two winners two tethers each, either for pacifiers or bottles, and in a boy or girl pattern.  Interested?

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How easy is that?

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The awesome folks at No Throw provided me with their products for free so that I could review them and share their awesomeness with you.  I was not compensated in any other way, and I really do think they have an amazing, useful product!

One Girl, Many Cups

My baby girl will be one year old tomorrow.  Holytimewarp, Batman!  It seems like only yesterday I was enjoying all the lovely perks of pregnancy, the nausea, swelling, heartburn, joint pain, symphysis pubic dysfunction, you know, all the fun stuff.  And now, right before my eyes, my tiny little baby has grown into a beautiful, albeit very strongly opinionated, little girl.

Any mama worth her weight in fruit snacks can tell you that babies are supposed to be drinking from a sippy cup exclusively by the age of one.  That’s what all the experts say in all of those overpriced parenting books.  And on some babies, that works.  Matt and Bella took sippy cups by age one without looking back.  Noah never drank from a bottle.  In fact, he was offended if you offered him one.  He was a booby baby, but he was able to transition to a sippy cup between feedings without any problem.

And then there was Sara.

Yes, we introduced the cup at around six months, as is advised.  We offer it to her often.  We have tried every sippy cup style we can find, this girl just likes her bottles.  We went through a particularly rough nursing strike several months ago and never recovered fully from it.  Most all of her Mommy Moo is the expressed variety in her favorite Playtex Nurser.  Sippy cups are fun to play with, but when she really wants a drink, you better give her that bottle, or risk the worst baby tantrum ever.

Is that terrible?

I mean, will she be ruined for life if she is still drinking from a bottle when she magically turns one year old tomorrow?  Probably not.  Won’t it be more stressful forcing her to drink from a sippy cup, listening to her scream and cry, with those sad, tear filled little eyes?  Is it really that terrible?

Nah.  I’m not worried about it.  You are talking to a mama who doesn’t wean her babies from the binky until their third birthday.  Yes, Noah still uses a pacifier.  At nap time and at bed time.  No, I don’t feel bad.  Yes, I know you are horrified.  Go ahead and ask me if I care.  (Pssst…..I don’t.)

Every baby is different.  There are guidelines, sure.  Some babies will fall happily within those guidelines, while others march to their own funky little beat.

Sara’s funky beat says, ” No sippy cups!”

Mama says, “Whatevs.”