I AM The Stair Master.

This weekend was Bella’s dance recital.  She was AWESOME, of course.  And no, I’m not just saying that because I am parentally obligated to do so.  This kid just rocks.

You know what does not rock?  Climbing stairs.  Lots of them.  Steep ones.  Roughly 28 times.  Ibuprofen has been my dearest, closest friend after all of those treks up and down the stairs to the dressing room and to our balcony seats.  Mama had a workout.  A forced workout, the very worst kind.  I think I was more tired and sweaty than all the little dancers combined.  Seriously.  That sucked.


This year Bella performed “Coppelia” with her ballet class.

Is that not the cutest little ballerina you ever saw?!

And her tap class performed “Land of 1000 Dances“.

Her dance team performed their competition dance, and at the end of the show was the grand finale where everyone was on stage together, dancing and having a great time.

Bella did both the afternoon and evening shows this year.  As you will recall, I was all whiny and complaining about having to do the four different hair styles.  Well, I did them.  For the first show.  For the second show, I did them, mostly.  After all that stair climbing, Mama was done.  I don’t think it took away from the performance at all, and by the 7th hair style change, poor Bella was done as well.  We agreed it was good enough and enjoyed the rest of the show.

Today she gets her studio photos done and then the costumes will be packed away in anticipation for the coming year’s costumes and routines.

I am so proud of my Bella Ballerina!!  We have watched her dance since she was in diapers.  We watch her dancing improve every year and we are constantly amazed at her ability to just get more and more awesome.

Talented kids, I gots ’em.

The End Is Near!

It is that magical, albeit stressful, time of year when the kids activities are finally coming to an end.  They only have a few days of school left, the last Girl Scout and Cub Scout meetings are now behind us, and Isabella’s dance recital is this weekend.

As everything is winding down, it’s the rushed chaos at the end that always seems to get me especially stretched thin.  This year, because Isabella is on the dance team, she has three dances to perform, along with the grand finale at the end.  And also, because she is on the dance team, she will be performing in both shows, the afternoon and the evening.

She is super excited, dancing is her life.  She loves the stage, and the stage certainly seems to enjoy her company as well.  Mama is…..not super excited, and that is a bummer.  I don’t get to sit and enjoy the show so much this year, because I will be running back stage for costume changes.  Four of them.  She is even supposed to have different hair styles for each dance.  I don’t know if I will do that.  I may rebel.  It’s not competition, it’s the end of year recital.  It should be stress free and enjoyable.  Right?  Right?

Recital day is going to be a very long day.  After dance pictures next week, I will be very happy to put the dance gear away until next season.  Well, she will have some summer classes.  Three weeks of technique classes for the dance team.  But then, then we will put away the dance gear and relax.

Matt wants to pick up Tae Kwan Do classes again this summer.  I suppose that will take the place of dance for a while, but he gets himself ready for that, and there is no crazy required this that and the other thing to dread at the end of session.

I didn’t mean for this post to sound so whiny and woe is me.  Honestly.  I guess my stress if spilling through because of the hectic schedule both today and tomorrow.  I love watching Isabella dance.  I love watching the recital.  I think the dance school expects too much from the parents that have kids in several different dances.  One hair style should suffice.  There is so much hair spray and bobby pins to keep one hair style in place, it would be a hot mess trying to unglue one style and make a new one for each dance.  Not to mention, doing that for each dance twice because of doing both shows.

See, I think that is what is really annoying me about the whole thing.  I think I need to just stick to my guns, do the one and only hairstyle and just enjoy the show.

Yes.  Yes, I will do that.



We’ll see.

Dance Moms

Reality television is a guilty pleasure of mine.  Nothing makes me feel more sane and put together than an episode or two of the Housewives of anything.  And if my house is feeling messy or cluttered, five minutes of Hoarders: Buried Alive makes Mama feel like the queen of clean.

I have been a “dance mom” since Isabella was just barely three years old.  Just this past year she was asked to audition for the dance team, which she passed with flying colors.  This girl loves to dance.  She is in heaven on stage.  The routines, the costumes, the competitions, she lives for it.

So when I saw the promos for Dance Moms on Lifetime last year, I was all kinds of excited.  While it is absolutely nothing at all like reality, at least not ours, I find the show oh so amusing.  The kids are very talented and fun to watch, but the moms, and Abbie!!  Yes.  Yes, I do enjoy the obviously scripted drama.

My only gripe would be that they need to do all their lines behind the scenes, where the girls never hear them acting a fool.  It is hard for babies to understand the difference between angry and pretend, and I have seen lots of real tears shed by these kids watching their mamas act 10 shades of crazy.

Not cool.

Did you see the new Miami Dance Moms after the finale of regular Dance Moms?  I watched a little, but changed the channel and didn’t come back when they eluded to the teacher going outside and vomiting when he wasn’t feeling well.  See, this Mama has a crazy irrational fear of vomit.  I have a deal with Abe that I will take care of anything and everything else terrible and disgusting that our kids, and even pets ever do, but I do not, can not, will not do vomit.

Ugh.  Even typing the word has me nauseated.