Flushed Away

So, as Noah’s third birthday is fast approaching, I have found myself wracking my brain lately, thinking of possible Binky Fairy gifts.

You see, the Binky Fairy comes to take all of the pacifiers away to give them to babies that don’t have any, and in return for the generous, albeit germ and slobber infested donations, she leaves a small gift.  For Bella, she left a fairy book and a Tinkerbell bracelet.

We had her lay out all of her binkies on the night before her third birthday and sent her to bed looking forward to seeing what the fairy had left.  It worked like a charm, she never looked back or asked for a binky again.

I was having a hard time trying to think of gifts she may leave for Noah, but then something happened.  The terrible two’s pushed their way in and without even knowing it, Noah saved me from worrying about the Binky Fairy.  Well, until Sara is ready for her.

So what did Noah do to relieve the fairy of her visit?

It all happened so fast, and before my morning coffee even!

Apparently, Noah decided to flush a pair of underwear and his binky this morning.  In the toilet.

Yeah. So……

Honestly, I wondered how we went this long without the kids flushing things they weren’t supposed to.  Matt was the king of flushing inappropriate things.  Hot Wheels, foam bath toys, underwear, socks, you name it.  Bella never even thought about it.  Or, what she decided to flush was small enough to not require taking the toilet apart to remove the wedged items.

So since Noah decided to release his binky into the wild waters of the potty, I think it’s fair to tell him he is done with the binkies.  Maybe that was his ritual, his own way of saying good-bye to his trusty old friend.  Maybe he is just two and will lose his mind when I try and put him down for his nap without a binky.  Either way, the whole fun morning has made me fondly remember this Tiny Toons clip from back in the day.  Enjoy.

Potty Tots Giveaway Winner!

No, I didn’t forget about my winner!  We had a computer meltdown over the weekend.  Literally.  We woke up to the smell of burning plastic.  When we got up to investigate, it turns out the fan on the graphics card had stopped working, and thusly started to melt.  Not the best thing to wake up to, but, ya know.


My Potty Tots winner is……………….


Ashley K.!!!  Yay!!!


A great big congratulations to her, she will be getting her Potty Tots potty training kit in the mail very soon!

Didn’t win this time?  No worries!  You can still get your very own Potty Tots Potty training kit through the Potty Tots website!  Have your little one with you when you explore the site, there is a lot of fun, interactive stuff to do!


I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!  Can you believe it’s October already?!  My goodness, how time flies!

Potty Tots Review & Giveaway!

I will be completely honest with you all and just say that I hate potty training.  I dread it.  The Pull Ups Potty Dance?  Ridiculous.  We have books and DVDs and I even sat through Dr Phil’s Potty training in one day deal.  You know what all of these things are lacking?  Focus on the child!  This is where Potty Tots is completely different.  Everything is all about full immersion of the child into the realm of using the potty.  There are adorable characters, cute songs, fun games, even an interactive website all designed to help get your child excited to use the potty.  Brillante!

Potty Tots was invented by a mom, Jill Leech.  I love that.  Who better to know what’s best for our children?  She saw a need for this in the market and so she made it happen!  Her philosophy is to make learning fun, and she did exactly that with Potty Tots!  The characters are multi-ethnic, easy to relate to, and honestly, they really are adorable.

Through the Potty Tots website, once you go through all the amazing information and fun activities, you can order a Potty Tots kit for a boy or a girl.  Each kit is specifically geared towards your child, getting them excited to start potty training.

The kits include a potty training guide book, an illustrated potty chart, a progress chart with clings, and an animated DVD with bonus music videos!

The kit is literally jam packed with all kinds of goodies that are perfect for helping you and your little one gear up for potty training with as little stress as possible.

Something super cool and unique with this system, is the progress chart that is included.  There is a large sheet with tons of adorable vinyl cling Potty Tots that are used to show your child’s progress.  Ideally, this would be hung in the bathroom, but we use ours on the refrigerator, where everyone can see Noah’s progress and cheer him on.  The more cheering and excitement there is, the more interest and success there is, trust and believe!

Noah would literally run down the hallway to move his little Potty Tot down the field, it was cause for celebration!

And of course, he also loved the book, which not only stars the Potty Tots, but they use the very same system in the book, showing the chart in use and everything, which is even more exciting for the child because they get to do exactly the same things as their favorite characters in the book.  Kids like to imitate, the awesomeness here is just, well, awesome.  This system has worked wonders with Noah’s potty training.  We have tried several different methods, taken several breaks, even assumed the kid would wear diapers into his teens.  Well, maybe not that bad, but potty training can be a stressful time.  Anything that helps encourage your child, and you for that matter, is worth it’s weight in gold.  Potty Tots is most definitely worth it’s weight in gold!

This is a system that you will use now and then pass down to the next child or share with your friends and family.  No silly gimmicks, no complicated maneuvers, just plain, simple, tried and true methods that make potty training something that does not need to be dreaded.

Check out Potty Tots for yourself at there website by clicking HERE.  They even have diplomas that you can print out for your little one!

“Like” Potty Tots on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Follow Potty Tots on Twitter by clicking HERE.

Did you check out their website and “Like” their Facebook page?  Once you do both, leave me a comment or send me an email to let me know and you are entered to win a Potty Tots training kit of your very own!  Share this review with your friends on Twitter and Facebook, and I’ll let you have an extra entry.  Hey, I’m cool like that.

I’m telling you, this system is effective!  I really wish I had had it for my oldest two, but now I know where to go when Sara is potty training next year.  Now go enter and good luck!  Winner wlil be announced Saturday, September 29, 2012.

The awesome folks at Potty Tots provided my with a Potty Tots kit free of charge for review purposes.  I was not compensated in any other way, and Potty Tots really did make potty training fun in our house!  They are awesome!

Crappy day. Literally.

Today, the kids went back to school.  They were up bright and early and feeling extra excited to start a brand new school year.  This year, Bella is in first grade and Matthew is in fifth grade.  This is the last year that they will go to the same school together.  Well, until they are enrolled in med school together, but I digress.

They were dressed and fed and I even snapped some photos before heading to the bus stop.


I assure you she is happy here.  The sun was in her eyes, and with the dramatic flair just oozing out of her, she had to squint and make these funky faces no matter how many times I threatened to show her friends how silly she looked.  Oh well.  Are you looking at how badly our yard needs weeding and cutting?  Stop that!  Just look at the cute babies!  Sheesh!


Matthew managed to smile without the horrible squinting and whining his sister did.  Thank you, Matt.  You are the awesome kid today.  You know who is not the awesome kid today?  Dare I say, the most un awesome kid?  That title belongs to Noah.  Let me explain.

So, it was time for the bus stop, which is literally right outside our door.  Noah and Sara were happily watching the Wiggles and Noah did not want to put pants on to come outside with us.  Fine.  Deciding not to fight with a two year old, I decided he would be fine, sitting down and watching his movie for the all of five minutes that I would be outside with the older kids.

Come on, Angie.  You know better.  *sigh*  I had a fleeting moment when I said to myself that I just should have dragged him outside with me, but I decided he would be fine.  Never trust a two year old to be unsupervised.  Not even for five minutes.

I’ll warn you.  Things are about to get ugly here.  We’re talking major gross out nastiness.  You can stop reading right now and just imagine what ridiculous thing my kid did.  I wish I could do that.  Really.  Read on if you have a stomach of steel or just a morbid curiosity.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.


Wow.  Let me start by saying, some mamas would never admit what I am about to admit to you.  That makes me awesome for being honest and sharing the nitty gritty, right?  Or maybe it just shows how stupid I am.

So I walk into the house, like I said, after only five minutes outside with the kids.  I am immediately hit with a terrible smell.  My first though is the dog.  Poor dogs.  Always getting blamed for bad smells.  I did a quick survey of the kitchen and living room, not seeing any evidence of dog poo.  Good start.  Now, my mind goes to Noah.  He is currently potty training and was wearing regular underwear when I left.  At worst, I figured he may have had an accident.

That’s not the worst.  That doesn’t touch the worst with a 110 foot pole.  As I walked down the hallway, noticing the eerie quiet, I suddenly got a bad feeling.  I quickly opened the door and gasped.  I mean full on, GASPED.

Right here I could insert a photo of what I saw, because you can bet your butt I took pictures as proof to Abe of what my day was like.  I decided not to do that though.  The gross out factor was way too high.  I mean, seriously.  I’m brave, but I love you guys, I wouldn’t do that to you.  So let me paint you a picture here.

I open the door to see Sara sitting in her bouncy chair, Noah standing right next to her, both of them, completely and totally covered head to toe in poop.  Noah poop.

We’re talking on the face, schmeared in hair, all over the bouncy chair, insane.  They were holding balls of poop in their hands.  Noah’s poop.

I think I said “Oh my God!” about a hundred times.  That’s all I could say.  I didn’t even know where to start, it was just, it was just……oh my God!

I did take one picture to share with you.  It doesn’t have the kids in it, but it is gross and poopilicious.  Just to give you an idea.  Fair warning, don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see it.


It’s pretty disgusting.

Still with me?

So that bouncy chair?  Well, it had these adorable little animals hanging from a bar for the baby to play with.  They were so ridiculously encrusted with poo, I decided to cut them off and trash them.  Here is a photo of one of the toys, the foamy bit is from spray bleach before I decided to just trash them.


Are you beginning to comprehend the situation?  My stupidity?  My literally crappy day?

Oh my word, what a mess!!!!

I had to soak the babies in the tub to get them clean, meanwhile, bleach the heck out of everything poo smeared.  Big load of laundry, lots of bleach, a whole heck of a lot of “Oh my God!”  There were poopy handprints everywhere.  I had to wash Noah’s brand new SpongeBob backpack we got him for dance class because it was covered in poo.  Everything, oh my word, just wow.

It was my fault.  I’m an idiot.  I shouldn’t have left him, I should have dragged him to the bus stop kicking and screaming.  It would have been annoying, but there would have been a lot less poop.

Have I said poop enough times in this post?  Ugh.  I sincerely hope your day is going so much better than mine.  And please, let my stupidity be a lesson to you.  Never trust a two year old.  Especially one that is potty training.  Poo is bound to happen, and when it does, may the force be with you, mami!