It’s over!


That, my friends, is the face of a very proud little boy who was taken to our local polling place to watch the right to vote exercised in person.

The kids school did a mock election, which of course brought the children home with some very interesting views shared from their friends who were no doubt repeating things they heard their parents say.  It’s a fine line, trying to explain to them what each candidate stands for without tainting them with our opinions.  I think they deserve to make up their own minds, too many people automatically support who they think they should, as opposed to who they are more in line with.

How awesome it is, to live in a country where our say matters.  People give their lives defending our right to vote.  Whatever your political beliefs are, whoever you supported, I just hope that you voted and that you realize that every single vote matters.  We are a part of history, and our children are watching us shape it.

God bless America.  And thank goodness the mud slinging election ads are over!  Whew!  I have never in my life been so happy to see a commercial for toilet paper as opposed to another ridiculous political ad!

Thank you Charmin!

Brain Quest

US Postage Issue: Abraham_Lincoln_Airmail_1960...


Matthew got a Brain Quest question pack for his birthday yesterday.  It’s 1500 questions (and answers, thank goodness lol) that are age appropriate and help sharpen their school smarts.  We had a great time playing with them last night, even Bella was chiming in with correct answers.  Smarty pants!

But one answer, well, it was just the best.  Worthy of being shared, to be enjoyed for all of its greatness.  I present that to you now.


Question: Why didn’t any women vote for Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 presidential election?

Matthew’s answer: “Because he had a beard!”


That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are.

I have to say, we learned a few things ourselves from the cards.  Nifty idea, I think I may have to venture out and collect some more.  What a nerdy family we are.