Duh, it’s summer.

Too darn hot for eating outside

I realize it’s summer time, but holy crap, has it been hot!  The temperatures should be in the 80’s and low 90’s this time of year, not triple digits every stinkin’ day!

Admittedly, I’m crabby when I’m hot.  Even in the house, the a/c is having a hard time keeping up with the high temps, so we have all the curtains drawn and live in a slightly cooler dark house most of the time.

It’s depressing, hiding from the sun.  I love the sunlight, I love being outside.  The poor kids are spending their summer in the house because of the heat.

I am hoping that we actually get some cool fall temperatures this year.  Something to look forward to!

Wah, wah wah.  Another whiny post about the heat.  My apologies.

Heating Up

Very Hot Weather Warning

So, here in the lovely Midwest, we are expecting to reach 107 degrees for our high temperature today.  Umm, last time I checked, we weren’t living on the sun, so what gives?

The hot days were exciting as a kid when we were in school because we would get sent home if it got up to 100 degrees.  Now all the schools have air conditioning, so they just skip the outdoor recess on the blistering hot days like today.

Have you ever tried frying an egg outside on the asphalt in the hot weather?  I always wanted to, but I could hear my abuelo in the back of my head, shaming me for wasting food on such a silly thing.  He has a point.  Plus, eww.

Icky hot days like today also make dinner planning a pain.  Who wants to slave over the stove or turn the oven on when it’s a billion degrees outside?  Even using the crock pot sounds too hot, because who wants to eat hot food when it’s already balmy as it is?

I guess being hot makes me crabby, since this entire post is one gripe after another, huh?

Wherever you are, I hope you are keeping cool.  I think today calls for lots of freeze pops.  Or margaritas.  You know, to keep cool.