I won a giveaway!

I was completely surprised and totally stoked when a YouTuber I follow hosted a giveaway and announced my name as one of the winners!

*happy dance* 

I am a new YouTube addict, only recently watching it for more than just Toby Turner silliness or cute kitty videos.  When I realized that it was also filled with crafty goodness, I started following lots of creative people who I felt connected to in some way.

One of the very first YouTube hosts that pulled me in was Josie, over at Life at 50 and Beyond.   She is first and foremost, completely lovely.  She comes across as very sweet and kind, and just listening to her chat is like sitting with an old friend over coffee.  What got me hooked on her videos, is her super cute designs created on a budget!  A lady after my own heart!

Many of her tutorials gather supplies from Dollar Tree, another new obsession of mine, but I digress.  She creates adorable, unique home decor and gifts using supplies that anyone can afford and that look like a million bucks!  It doesn’t hurt that she also seems to be obsessed with my favorite color, teal.  Hee hee!  Match made in heaven, I tell ya!

Anyway, here is a photo of the super generous prize package that she sent me!



How cool is that?!  A beautiful notebook, glittery washi tapes, clothespin clips, pretty paper tags, antique key charms, and a gorgeous Coach wristlet!  I feel like I won the lottery!  🙂

I already have lots of plans for my goodies, and I will forever think of my sweet online friend, Josie, when I use these fun treasures!

Be sure and check out her YouTube channel by clicking HERE.  And don’t forget to click subscribe so you can be notified when she uploads her great tutorials!

Do you have a YouTube channel?  Feel free to share links, I love making new friends and being inspired by awesome, creative people!


The Feeling

I am a huge Graham Norton fan, if you aren’t familiar with him, well, make yourself familiar because he is awesome.  Basically he is a talk show host in the UK, and his show can be found on BBC America here in the states.  He has several guests on his show, and often a musical guest at the end.  The production quality of the musical guests blows me away!  Amazing sound, lighting, camera angles, I mean, really high quality, it pulls you in!  He often has bands or singers that had you not been watching, you may have never had the pleasure of hearing.

One such band, for me, is The Feeling.  I caught them at the end of one of his shows and they sang “Turn It Up”.  LOVE that song!!  Super catchy, upbeat, and just plain awesome.  Not available on Spotify, BOO!  But I found the music video, which I will share.  I wish I had the video from the Graham Norton Show!!  The lead singer is deliciously dramatic, it is very amusing.  If you want to hunt, it’s from season 3, episode 8.  🙂

Meh to the video, it’s too dark for the melody, in my humble opinion, but I just adore the song.  Through this one little song, I explored a lot more of their tracks and several of them have made it into my regular rotation, great for cleaning house to or just belting out the lyrics and dancing around with the babies!  🙂