July Citrus Lane Box!

It’s mid July, and as has become tradition in this household, that means it’s time for our monthly Citrus Lane box!



This month’s box was full of all kinds of neat things, so let’s jump right in!



Bynto by Goodbyn

This month, we were greeted by a huge bynto box, perfect for packing lunches or snacks, and completely dishwasher safe!  The compartments of the Bynto keep food completely separated, even with the lid closed!  No crumbs will be intermixing here, perfect for the pickiest of eaters that refuses to eat anything that has touched another food.  Oh, the horror!



Dishwasher-Safe Sticker Set by Goodbyn

What kid doesn’t love stickers?  To go along with that huge Bynto, this month’s box included a massive sticker set, with over 100 stickers that are also dishwasher safe!  Now your kids can completely customize their Bynto, and you can still throw that puppy in the dishwasher without fear of the stickers coming off!  A very cool addition to this set is an “I’m allergic to” sticker that can be filled out to alert anyone in charge of caring for your children.  Plus, stickers are just awesome!





Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Pack by Me4Kidz

This is the perfect solution for bumps and bruises while out and about.  I’m sure as moms, everyone has some sort of nifty little cold pack, just sitting in their freezer and awaiting it’s calling to help soothe a boo boo.  But as awesomely organized as we may all be, does anyone actually think to pack that ice pack with you on the go?  Of course not, that would be a pain to keep cold!  Well, here is the solution!  This pack includes two one time use cold packs that can be instantly activated out in the battlefield..er..playground, just when you need it!  Definitely a cool addition to the mommy secret stash!



Lace & Trace by Melissa & Doug

We are big fans of Melissa & Doug items in this house, so we were really excited to see this packed into our box this month!  Sturdy, wooden made, fun panels with color coordinated laces, perfect for making learning fun!  The pieces are nice and big, making them easy for little hands to hold, and the fun designs make the kids excited to learn, which is always a big bonus.  This is a set that I know will get a lot of use in our family, and I feel good knowing it’s teaching my kids while they have fun.  Love the adorable farm animals!



Mighty Shield Bug Repellent Lotion by Episencial

Tis the season for bug bites!  Boo!  Rest easy using this repellent though, because it is safe and effective for the whole family!  No harsh, nasty chemicals here, just natural plant nectars and essential oils in a lightweight formula that is not greasy at all and can be layered with sunscreen.  We avoid the heavy, chemical laden sprays in our house, and in fact, I sent my boys off to Boy Scout Summer Camp with home made bug/tick repellent, so this is a welcome addition to our pest line of defense!


Postagram by Sincerely Inc.

This is an awesome little app that lets you make printed postcards straight from your smartphone!  This month’s box included a code for 10 free prints!  What a perfect way to share some of those fun summer memories with loved ones!  And come on now, who doesn’t love getting mail?!



We were very happy with our box this month, as usual!



We have been getting Citrus Lane boxes for over a year now, since March of 2012.  I pay for my boxes myself, so all of these monthly reviews are completely honest!  I still believe that Citrus Lane is an awesome value and an awesome service.  We have been introduced to some amazing new companies and some really neat products.  I appreciate the fact that they truly go out of their way to pick items that are safe and fun for the whole family.  There have certainly been some boxes that were just over the top amazing, and a few that while a little less exciting, still proved to be a great addition to our growing stash of awesome.  I love getting that happy little box of sunshine on my doorstep each month!

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Patience is a virtue….

The Origins of Virtue

The Origins of Virtue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One that I have never claimed to possess.  Here we are, five long months after our house hunting officially began.  The good news is, we found a house!  Again!  Hey, and this time, it’s not in a flood plane!  It even has light fixtures and flooring!  And door knobs!  We put our offer in mid May and it was accepted the very next day.  Since then, we have been waiting.  And waiting.  Annnnnnd waiting.  Ugh!

All of our papers are in order, all of the inspections, appraisals, pest checks, you name it, have been long done.  We have written checks, so many checks, so much money!  And now we are simply at the mercy of the underwriter, the one that is backed up and taking their sweet time.  Awesome.

We sold our current home, and if we aren’t out by the first, we owe the new owner rent for the month of August.  Ummm….no thank you!

Meanwhile, there is absolutely nothing that we can do.  We have done everything in a timely manner, now all we can do is wait.  I am so not good at waiting!

The house is in a new school district, so we have school registrations coming up fast.  I had hoped to get moved and settled well before that, so the kids felt less rushed and more at ease with all the changes.  I guess I just need to stop planning things.  Pffffft!

We’re hoping to hear good news this week.  We had a closing date of the 12th, which came and went because of the backed up underwriter.  Our loan officer *thinks* we should hear something this week, he said it’s all “clean” and that we need five days notice to schedule the closing with the title company.  Abe already took off a few days next week in anticipation of closing next week, so any thoughts, prayers or good wishes that everything stays on track would be greatly appreciated!

We have a new house, just waiting for us.  For that, I feel blessed and excited.  Honestly, I do.  I just need everyone on my frantic time schedule.  🙂