Peep Cake for my peeps!

Hee hee, I think I am pretty hilarious.  *smile*

So, as I have readily admitted to, I like to impress when the holidays or special occasions come around.  I will admit I got the idea for this perty cake from Pinterest.  Oh, Pinterest, how I love thee!  We had it for our cousin playdate this past weekend, and even the picky eater was singing its praises, so I will take that as a win!  Only my kiddos ate the Peeps though…..  Even Abe and I left the lonely little bunnies sitting on our plates, waiting to be adopted by one of the kiddos.  (No worries, they all found homes in the tummies of mis bebés.)

The List O’ Ingredients:

Spring Funfetti Cake Mix

Spring Funfetti Icing

Multi Colored Peeps Bunnies

Plain Easter M&M’s

To prepare, mix the cake mix as per the instructions on the box.  I made my cake by making 2 9in rounds stacked.  Once the cake has cooled, ice it and take the peeps apart and stand them along the perimeter of the cake in any pattern you like.  Top off with the plain M&M’s.  You end up with…

Magic!  Ta da!  Now tell me that isn’t the cutest darn cake you have ever seen.  Go ahead, I dare you!  Its not the cutest cake you’ve ever seen, you say?  Well then, I declare you a liar, liar pants on fire!  It is super cute, super festive, and the kids love it.  And if your kids like Peeps, well hallelujer!  Even better!

22 thoughts on “Peep Cake for my peeps!

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  6. I made this cake last year and used coconut that I had dyed green on the top to simulate grass and used pastel colored egg shaped candies on top of that.

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